Spectacular Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cone is Actually Encased in Smoked Cotton Candy


We’re not entirely sure how one “smokes” cotton candy — the stuff is practically air, does the process effectively change it to “smoke” candy? — but damn us if the concept doesn’t sound interesting as hell.

Starting Friday at the OddFellows Ice Cream Co. shop in Williamsburg, New York, s’mores cotton candy ice cream makes it debut as the new king of dessert hybrid trifectas. According to Grubstreet, the deceptive treat consists of s’mores ice cream (smoked marshmallow ice cream, graham crackers, chocolate, and burnt marshmallow bits), a chocolate dipped sugar cone, and a gorgeous outer shell of smoked cotton candy.

Supposedly a new flavor of cotton candy cone will pop up come October, hopefully with a new flavor debuting every month until we’re able to make it out to New York to try the gastronomic wizardry ourselves.

Your move, Dominique Ansel.


Foie Gras Ice Cream Will Give You the Most Expensive Brain Freeze of Your Life


You may know that Sam Mason, former wd~50 pastry chef and founder of Empire Mayonnaise is a sucker for crazy flavor combos.  After all, his newest ice cream shop, OddFellows Ice Cream Co. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, quickly made itself known for maple-bacon pecan and chorizo cornbread ice creams.

OddFellows has become delightfully weirder since opening. But apparently strawberry tomato, burnt marshmallow, and manchego pineapple just wasn’t haute-couture enough for the elite ice cream consumer.  And so, the foie gras, cocoa, and peanut butter flavor was born, announced in high style on OddFellows’ twitter page.

The decadent desert is only available for purchase in-house and in a single scoop, making this one exclusive treat.  Because nothing says fancy like duck liver on your slow-churned, small-batch, locally sourced ice cream.

H/T GrubStreet + PicThx Odd Fellows