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Watch This Devious Octopus Break Into A Fisherman’s Trap To Steal Crabs

The octopus is known to be one of the smartest creatures in the world, with an incredibly complex brain that can allow it to navigate through a maze.

One clever octopus showed off its full mental capacity when it outsmarted a crab fisherman to score a free meal.

The above video from BBC shows a Giant Pacific Octopus using its brain to get at some crabs that unwittingly wandered into a metal trap on the ocean floor. The octopus’ first attempt to get at the crabs didn’t go so well, as its attempt to smother the trap failed.

That didn’t deter the cephalopod, however, as it calculated a new method of approach and launched itself into the metal trap with the precision of a CIA strike team. It then easily caught and eliminated the crabs inside from the human food chain before making a daring escape as the trap was lifted back out of the water.

Anything that has enough brain power to pull off that feat definitely has me thinking twice about a potential career as a crab fisherman. No wonder the crustaceans are so expensive these days.

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7 Times Seafood Made Us Terrified To Go In The Water

The ocean can be a terrifying place. In the vast depths, the denizens that dwell beneath can sometimes be even more terrifying.

We dug around and found seven instances where seafood has simply made us fear the water.

So the next time you enjoy your fresh seafood platter, take a second to appreciate the work it took to get your food plated in front of you. As you can see from the seven tales presented below, you can bet your seafood put up a fight.

Spider Crabs Molting

Watching a creature molt and casting aside its current shell for a stronger skin, can make a person uneasy. Now imagine if you were exploring undersea life and come across THOUSANDS of these vicious spider crabs molting at the same time. Makes you want to rethink the crab fest at your local crab shack, right?

Eel Man

While the only tale that doesn’t take place in the water, it still makes us fear a bare-bottom encounter with a live eel. This dude in Asia decided it was a good idea to put a live eel up his butt to help clear out his constipation. The terrified eel did some damage to the man’s stomach and had to be removed through surgery after it died.


The takeaway from all of this? Eat more fiber.

Shrimp v Dragon Fish

When’s the last time you had some fresh shrimp and fish ceviche? Well if you never want to see how the sausage is made, you’ll definitely want to steer clear of this video.

OK, this isn’t really how ceviche is made. It is, however, a graphic video of a shrimp tearing open the stomach of a dragon fish to pull out an even SMALLER fish. A cut scene straight out of Mortal Kombat, this is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Hungry Clams Beach

Imagine you’re chilling at the beach and thousands of hungry clams emerge from the sand like a scene straight out of a horror movie? This terrifying footage captures exactly that.

A haunting sight for some, and the freshest seafood buffet for others. It’s all about perspective.

Spider Crabs Tearing Apart Octopus

This octopus was going about its day, heading home from a long day of flipping algae burgers, when it was confronted by a cast of crabs. Spider crabs to be exact.

The cast of crustaceans tear this innocent octopus apart, making short work of the cephalopod mollusk. Check out the brutal video at your own risk.

Clam Digging

Footage of this peculiar clam tunneling its way into the sand may appear whimsical at first. However, imagine if this were the reverse. You’re standing on the shore, barefoot, when a giant clam digs its way out of the sand like a scene straight out of Tremors.

Not so cute, huh?

As Foodbeast’s resident man of science Constantine Spyrou would say:

I ain’t saying she’s a clam digger.

Jimmy Johns Man

Sometimes the greatest sea monster isn’t from the sea. Such was the case with this guy that strongly resembled Jimmy Johns’ founder Jimmy John Liataud who had a photo go viral where he was allegedly shown humping a dead shark.

Not the proudest moment for land lubbers, that’s for sure.

We later found that it wasn’t actually Liataud, but an NYC police officer named Shawn.

Stay classy, officer.

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Watching Hundreds Of Spider Crabs Tear Apart An Octopus Is Terrifying

There are untold horrors that can be found leagues under the ocean. Whether it’s hungry clams emerging from the beach, or a sand striker preying on some fish, we should always respect and fear what lies beneath… no matter how delicious seafood can be.

One particular video, captured by a diver, featured hundreds of spider crabs fighting over a poor octopus like it was the last piece of prime rib at an under-stocked buffet.

Watching this makes us want to reconsider any scuba diving excursions in the the near future, that’s for sure.

Elite Daily reports that the spider crabs migrate to Australia’s Port Phillip Bay in the early summer. The long journey left the crabs starving and ready to devour any creature in their way.

Definitely not a video for the squeamish. Or octopus lovers.

If that doesn’t rattle your bones, here’s some footage of thousands of spider crabs molting at the bottom of the ocean floor. Freaked out yet?


We Ate the 12 Most Bizarre Things You Could Find in LA, Silkworms and Crickets Included


Staring down a silkworm

Full transparency, Acura covered the costs for a day trip so that our writing team could blow money in Los Angeles finding the craziest, most adventurous eats the city had to offer. In return? They asked us to drive around in their new Acura TLX model in between dangerous and crazy food spots.

Food in Los Angeles is near synonymous with tacos, In-N-Out burgers and whatever froufrou place my foodie friends heard about at their most recent Yelp Elite circle jerk meetups. On this day, we were on the search for the underbelly of LA’s food scene. We wanted the crickets. We wanted the live squid. We wanted the stuff that other cultures claim as delicacies, but make our Los Angeles colleagues cringe.

First off, let’s pick up that shiny new Acura:


Riding in the new 2015 @acura #TLX for a bizarre and wild food segment today in #LA. Already ate blowfish, live octopus is next. #foodbeast #acuratlx #thrillkits

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First off, some deadly BLOWFISH

Korean Blowfish II-6715

First battle on our daylong journey was with some illustrious Blowfish. Known in Japan as Fugu (Japanese for pufferfish), the fish can be lethally poisonous if prepared incorrectly. The poison tetrodoxin, found throughout its organs, is 1,200 times stronger than cyanide.

For us, we found a trusted spot in the form of Dae Bok, a Korean restaurant in the Westlake part of Los Angeles that served the bad boy up with a host of traditional Korean sides. We didn’t die, and it’s definitely a dish we would order again. It was served grilled and covered in a delicious marinade.



Rattlesnake Hot Dog

Rattlesnake Hot Dog-2

Wurstkuche is an awesome exotic sausage grill joint where the rattlesnake dog is a banger!



Raw Abalone

Abalone II-6729

 This is what raw abalone looks like, before it’s cut up into what you see next

Abalone I-6762

At first glance, abalone can look a bit like female genitalia. Abalone is a name often given to a group of sea snails that vary in size. Masan restaurant serves them raw, sliced as pictured, and paired with a slew of Korean sides.

It might have been my initial perception or my experience with escargot in the past, but there was definitely some hard chewing involved.



Rocky Mountain Oysters

Bull Testicles-6814

…or the testicles of bull calves. Easily one of the most palatable options of our day once you mentally set aside what it is you’re eating. Available at a homestyle Chinese restaurant called Hop Woo. They have a “secret menu,” but they’ll laugh and give you a confused grin if you refer to it as such.



Live Octopus

Octopus I-6723

Octopus III-6759

The video we put up of this poor guy moments before his timely demise definitely raised some eyebrows with our Facebook and Instagram families. Prepared fresh at the same restaurant where we tried the raw abalone (see above), watching this guy get massacred live from foot to head was the most eye-opening experience of the day.



Singapore-style Scorpions on Shrimp Toast


An unlikely host restaurant to a trio of insect varieties, Typhoon is tucked away in a lookout of the Santa Monica Airport and serves scorpions, crickets and silkworms. Seen above is a rather tasty and crunchy Singapore-style scorpion fried into a piece of shrimp toast.



Silkworm Pupae

Silk Worms-6829


Thanks for the suggestions of weird shit to eat today y’all. These are silkworms with four dipping sauces: chocolate, chili paste, peanut sauce and mayo. Honestly, silkworms taste like dirt/hummus/potato/someshityoushouldneverputinyourmouth. Side note: this restaurant is tucked away in the Santa Monica Airport.

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As mentioned, Typhoon also serves up silkworms with four dipping sauces: chocolate, chili paste, peanut sauce and mayo. Trust me when I say none of these sauces will make the worm palatable. It could be disposition to creepy crawlies, but the soft silky outside is but a film that holds together a dirt-flavored pussy interior. You can guess that I won’t be eating these things ever again.



Venison Stir-Fry


Another off-menu item at Hop Woo in LA, absolutely delicious


Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird Nest Soup II-6787

Another delicacy in Chinese cuisine, Bird’s Nest Soup comes from dissolving expensive birds’ nests until they form a gelatinous texture in soup. Everyone put down at least one spoonful before calling it quits, while Rudeluv rather enjoyed the experience and finished his bowl, then licked the spoon clean.

The expensive dish ($19.99) is not on the menu, and it took multiple asks of our server at the Regent China Inn before he would serve it to us.



Chicken Feet & Frog Porridge

Chicken Feet & Frog Soup-6800

Available at Hop Woo in LA



Taiwanese Crickets Stir-Fry


Available at Typhoon at the Santa Monica Airport



Non-bizarre Palate Cleanser: Toasted Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich with Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


Beer Ice Cream-6882

The bar at our last stop for the day, Wurstkuche, was kind enough to just hand us one of these awesome ice cream sandwiches. Thanks, homie.

If you guys want to bum around LA like we did, we actually curated a #ThrillKit courtesy of Acura that we’re giving away to a lucky reader so you can live like a flossy #foodbeast for a day. That kit includes a 10-piece premium cookware set, a digital camera, a smartphone so you can geolocate all those dope spots you want to visit, a six-month, ready-to-prep meal subscription and an ultra-portable 13-spice package for those dishes you find need that might taste booboo out of the box.

Enter to win here!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. The Acura TLX “It’s That Kind of Thrill” Sweepstakes is sponsored by American Honda Motor Co., Inc., 1919 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, California 90501. Open to legal residents of 50 U.S. & DC, 21 & older. Begins 12:00 am PT on 09/25/14 and ends 11:59 pm PT on 11/2/14. For Official Rules, visit


This Really Grumpy Octopus is Really Grumpy

Hey, I’d be miserable too if my sole purpose in life was to keep you from burning your silly hands. I mean, an octopus can get lonely too, and I’m sure the fellow pictured above misses frolicking in the deep sea with his buddies. But no, he’s now a coffee cup cozy — left to spend his days idling in countless coffee shops while you spill you mocha latte on him. No wonder this grumpy octopus looks so grumpy.

H/T Laughing Squid + Picture Thx Twinkie Chan


Epic Meal Time x Deadmau5 Collab on a Giant Octopus Bacon Burger

As part of Epic Meal Time‘s least appealing food recipe to date, the band of renegade YouTube chefs have put together an homage to Cthulhu, an octopus, dragon and human hybrid caricature. Their version, involves layers of extremely oversized burger patties (stuffed with fast food burgers), layers of grilled octopus, and several bacon weaves. The final chow down occurs live at what appears to be a Deadmau5 concert.

I recall reading an interview someone had with the fellows over at EPT, and at the time, they had yet to incorporate seafood into any of their dishes. Maybe they could use some direction?


Craving: Bizarre Food In Hawaii

In the spirit of spring break I decided venture to one of the hot spots for all spring breakers, Hawaii! Check out some of the out of the box foods they eat over their in the Pacific Ocean!


Video of the Day: Eating Live Octopus

A couple decides to try out live octopus. I guess the question must be asked: Can your fish be too fresh?