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Coca-Cola Is Making Bottles Out Of Plastic Recovered From The Ocean

Research estimates that nearly 8 million metric tons of plastic enter our ocean every year. While some of that is now being cleaned up thanks to efforts like the Ocean Cleanup Project, there’s still the continual cycle of new plastic bottles being produced that can end up in the sea.

Coca-Cola is taking a big stride to close that loop with a novel bottle that’s made from the plastic that has been recovered from the ocean.

The new bottles aren’t 100% made from the recovered plastic, but they still represent a significant effort towards making beverage containers that are completely fabricated from that material. Coca-Cola just announced that in terms of current progress, the samples they’ve made have a composition that includes 25% ocean plastic. The particular material they used was recovered from the Mediterranean Sea and several beaches.

A process called “enhanced recycling” is responsible for making these bottles possible. In that method, impurities in plastics are removed that allow them to go back to being useable from a food grade standpoint. Companies like Ioniqa Technologies, Indorama Ventures, and Mares Circulares (Circular Seas) worked with Coca-Cola to make this initial effort possible.

While the technology may still be in its infancy, Coca-Cola is going to push it to scale, hoping to release the first batches of bottles made (at least partially) with the recycled ocean debris sometime next year. In doing so, they’ll be making a concerted effort to stop adding to the plastic bottles that already make their way into the world’s oceans.





This Massive Spider Crab Left Its Group To Chase A Scuba Diver And The Footage Is Terrifying

There are only five things I’m terrified of on this planet, three I’ll share with you right now: Jeff Goldblum’s Brundle-Fly, crippling loneliness , and the vast undiscovered depths of the sea.

Denizens of the deep, like these spider crabs, are probably just crustaceans trying to hustle in this underwater world of theirs. Still doesn’t make the footage you’re about to see any less terrifying.

A video posted by Pink Tank Scuba captures a group of enormous spider crabs scuttling across the ocean floor. One of the crabs notices the scuba diver and leaves the group to confront the diver head on.

Check out the unnerving footage, in high definition, as the creature cuddles up to the cameraman.

Luckily, the entire cast of crabs didn’t follow suit. Now that would have been an experience that would have chilled me to my core.

Animals Hit-Or-Miss Video

Watch Carnivorous Sea Creatures Feast On A Giant School Of Sardines

The ocean is filled with uncertainty and survival is never guaranteed. If you’re someone who fears the ocean, this video will give you another reason to stay out of the water.

The award winning series Planet Earth has always captured the most incredible natural phenomena in stunning high definition, with pristine detail. Now, thanks to a recently uploaded clip found on the BBC Earth YouTube page, the Internet got to witness a feverish feeding frenzy, that provided a first hand look at what goes on beneath the surface when the locals get hangry.

This aquatic battle started with some sea lions, trying to corner a school of thousands of sardines, which swim in circles, close to the surface, to avoid being caught. Interestingly enough, the sea lions can’t get the upper hand, without the help of additional predators.

Soon, tuna, diving sea birds, dolphins, and sharks start to join the party — quickly turning this necessary ritual of survival into an oceanic episode of Game of Thrones. Then, at the peak of the battle a giant whale comes into frame — swallowing countless sardines in one swift gulp.

The intensity of this clip showcases the instinctual efforts animals will put forth to work together to help ensure survival, proving that hunger’s grip on any creature will induce varied sorts of frenzy.

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7 Times Seafood Made Us Terrified To Go In The Water

The ocean can be a terrifying place. In the vast depths, the denizens that dwell beneath can sometimes be even more terrifying.

We dug around and found seven instances where seafood has simply made us fear the water.

So the next time you enjoy your fresh seafood platter, take a second to appreciate the work it took to get your food plated in front of you. As you can see from the seven tales presented below, you can bet your seafood put up a fight.

Spider Crabs Molting

Watching a creature molt and casting aside its current shell for a stronger skin, can make a person uneasy. Now imagine if you were exploring undersea life and come across THOUSANDS of these vicious spider crabs molting at the same time. Makes you want to rethink the crab fest at your local crab shack, right?

Eel Man

While the only tale that doesn’t take place in the water, it still makes us fear a bare-bottom encounter with a live eel. This dude in Asia decided it was a good idea to put a live eel up his butt to help clear out his constipation. The terrified eel did some damage to the man’s stomach and had to be removed through surgery after it died.


The takeaway from all of this? Eat more fiber.

Shrimp v Dragon Fish

When’s the last time you had some fresh shrimp and fish ceviche? Well if you never want to see how the sausage is made, you’ll definitely want to steer clear of this video.

OK, this isn’t really how ceviche is made. It is, however, a graphic video of a shrimp tearing open the stomach of a dragon fish to pull out an even SMALLER fish. A cut scene straight out of Mortal Kombat, this is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Hungry Clams Beach

Imagine you’re chilling at the beach and thousands of hungry clams emerge from the sand like a scene straight out of a horror movie? This terrifying footage captures exactly that.

A haunting sight for some, and the freshest seafood buffet for others. It’s all about perspective.

Spider Crabs Tearing Apart Octopus

This octopus was going about its day, heading home from a long day of flipping algae burgers, when it was confronted by a cast of crabs. Spider crabs to be exact.

The cast of crustaceans tear this innocent octopus apart, making short work of the cephalopod mollusk. Check out the brutal video at your own risk.

Clam Digging

Footage of this peculiar clam tunneling its way into the sand may appear whimsical at first. However, imagine if this were the reverse. You’re standing on the shore, barefoot, when a giant clam digs its way out of the sand like a scene straight out of Tremors.

Not so cute, huh?

As Foodbeast’s resident man of science Constantine Spyrou would say:

I ain’t saying she’s a clam digger.

Jimmy Johns Man

Sometimes the greatest sea monster isn’t from the sea. Such was the case with this guy that strongly resembled Jimmy Johns’ founder Jimmy John Liataud who had a photo go viral where he was allegedly shown humping a dead shark.

Not the proudest moment for land lubbers, that’s for sure.

We later found that it wasn’t actually Liataud, but an NYC police officer named Shawn.

Stay classy, officer.

Hit-Or-Miss News Restaurants

Man Dines And Dashes Straight Into The Sea After Eating Hundreds Of Dollars In Seafood

If you can’t afford to pay for dinner, you probably shouldn’t order hundreds of dollars in food. We feel this should be pretty common sense by now.

An Australian man and aspiring rapper found himself in hot water after he ordered $621 in seafood from Omeros Bros Restaurant in Main Beach, reports ABC Australia. Items he allegedly devoured included one baby octopus, two lobsters, 17 oyster shooters, and a lot of beer.

Not wanting to pay for such a lavish meal, Terry Peck (aka 2pec) decided to partake in the age-old art of dining and dashing.

What sets this particular dine-and-dash tale apart from countless others is that this guy decided he could make a clean break straight into the ocean. Check out this footage of his beach arrest.

Like Poseidon himself, the patron ran into the ocean.

Unfortunately for the dimwitted diner, authorities jumped into a life guard boat and pursued him.

So why did 2pec decide to take off into the ocean like the devil himself was chasing him? Peck claimed that he only left the restaurant to help a friend who was giving birth on the beach.

Could that friend of his possibly be Princess Atlanna of Atlantis? Either way, Peck says that he was arrested by authorities before he could find his friend.

He is currently facing charges of stealing and two counts of assault of a police officer.


Oregon Coffee Habit Leaves Fish Swimming in Ocean of Caffeinated Waste. Literally.


The espresso-soaked streets of Oregon’s cities are often hailed as a mecca for coffee fanatics, where the plaid-clad residents enjoy everything from Starbucks lattes to locally brewed artisan coffees. But Oregon’s caffeine addiction has created an entirely new category of unwillingly caffeinated residents — the marine wildlife off of the Oregon coastline.

Scientists studying water pollution have discovered elevated levels of caffeine in the Pacific Ocean around the Oregon coast,  thanks to water-disposal systems that flush the wastewater from Oregon’s cities into the ocean.  Researchers used caffeine levels as a benchmark of pollution because caffeine is both artificially manufactured and easy to track, making it the perfect way to measure human impact on offshore environments.

Though the existence of a caffeine sea might be a dream come true for human coffee lovers who would jump at the chance to marinate in their favorite beverage, scientists interviewed by National Geographic aren’t too sure about the effects that the caffeine could have on the animals living in what hydrologist Dana Kolpin calls “a soup of low-level contaminants.”

Points to Kolpin for finding the nicest euphemism for “thousands of gallons of caffeinated urine,” but it still looks like Oregon’s residents should reevaluate their latte consumption and water treatment methods before a sea of pissed-off fish start demanding a line of underwater Starbucks.

H/T National Geographic


Craving: Baked Lobster Sushi

I just took Elie to my favorite sushi spot, and we had a multitude of different rolls. One of them was a Baked Lobster Roll, and man was it amazing. So amazing that I’m now sitting at home editting the photos and craving it again. Ode’ to Lobster, I love you.