Science Says Those Who Instagram Their Food are More Likely to Be Obese


Next week’s talk: Those who Instagram their food are less likely to be obese.

Because it’s been a hot second since anyone’s given us a logical reason to stop being such tremendous douche-nozzles every time we go out to eat, Dr. Valerie Taylor, the mental health chair for the Canadian Obesity Network, has just delivered a talk on how “people who post pictures of almost every meal they eat to social media may have a deeper medical issue,” according to CBC.

“Deeper medical issue” meaning obesity and not overbearing narcissism, of course.

According to Taylor’s research, food has taken on a more “psychological role” in people’s lives, which she believes is one of the primary causes of obesity today. People are no longer just eating food for the nutritional value. In other words, because we actually enjoy and appreciate good food, we’re all going to die from high blood pressure and diabetes. Thanks mom!

Of course, CBC’s short summation doesn’t specify when exactly a regular eater’s Instagram feed begins to resemble that of a disordered person, and I’m sure that for some, compulsive food photography could very well be a telltale sign of a deeper medical condition. Still, I’m guessing Taylor’s talk caused more than a few conference-goers to not to whip out their smartphones at dinner that night. “I swear I don’t have a problem, I can stop whenever I want!”

H/T + PicThx CBC