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12-Year-Old Starts Clean Water Fund To Help Communities With Contaminated Water

On April 25th, 2014, looking to save money, state officials switched Flint, Michigan’s drinking water supply from the Detroit city system to the Flint River. The switch resulted in city-wide contamination of the Flint, Michigan water system. Improperly treated and highly corrosive lead-filled water began leaching out from aged pipes into thousands of homes. Soon following, complaints of dark, foul-tasting and smelly water began surfacing. Complaints grew further with reports of skin rashes and hair loss. Tests found significant water samples with lead levels well above “action level,” with some more than 100 times the action level. Until now the contamination has affected Flint residents of all age groups and has yet to be fully addressed by the state, leaving locals to fend for themselves.

In response, many celebrities and notable figures voiced their outrage in an attempt to raise awareness. With a lack of initial action from the state, citizens partnered with the NRDC (National Resources And Defense Council) and the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) to bring the local government before a federal court. This action resulted in no state compliance although they did not ask for monetary damages. In 2017, after pressure, a settlement was reached with the state government that required them to locate and remove all lead from the water systems by 2020. Up to $97 Million was allocated to the effort. The battle for clean water is still ongoing.

Enter Little Miss Flint,  Mariyanna Copeny, who was just 8-years-old when she decided to pen a letter to President Barack Obama in order to bring awareness to the Flint Water Crisis. Moved by the letter, Obama visited the city in 2016. Witnessing first hand the devastating impact water contamination had on the community, Obama declared a federal state of emergency, thereby bringing the crisis to national attention. As the efforts urge onward, Copeny has continued raising awareness through speeches, free water bottle distribution and various community efforts. 

Now 12, Copeny’s latest move finds her partnering with water filtration company Hydroviv H2O to bring water filters into the homes of Flint citizens. To achieve this, she started a GoFundMe with an initial goal of raising $100,000. The page highlights not only Flint, but water issues in Newark, NJ, Pittsburgh, PA, and New York City as well.

A donation of just $1 provides the equivalent of 160 water bottles. With so many issues facing the world today, sometimes it can be overwhelming and seemingly hopeless. Yet, Copeny shows us that every little bit helps.

As of September 29, 2019, the GoFundMe surpassed the $100,000 goal and is now at a goal of $150,000, with $124,796 donated in total so far.

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss

Unusual Eating Habits Of 10 Incredibly Successful People


Entrepreneurs and politicians are people, just like us. Sometimes we see them post a photo of In-N-Out or some other fast food spot and we think to ourselves, “Hey, I can relate to that.”

Successful people do have their quirks when it comes to food, however, and some can be the pickiest and most eccentric of eaters.

Unum created an infographic compiling a list of unusual eating habits of some of the most successful people to ever walk the planet, DesignTaxi reports. We find out facts like exactly how much Winston Churchill ate for breakfast every day to Bill Gates’ passion for ‘cheap cheeseburgers’ and spray cheese.

Check out the infographic below.





Celebrity Grub

Photo Journey Of President Obama Eating Throughout His Presidency

Photographers have the innate ability to capture some of the most beautiful and riveting moments possible when it comes to photographs. The same goes for the White House photographer who, as I’m sure you can imagine, must be pretty friggin’ remarkable at his craft in order to both earn and retain such a prestigious job.

Pete Souza, Director and Chief Official White House Photographer, put together a collection of the best photographs from the previous year of Obama, and they all certainly met expectations. Although many of them were not food-related, I decided to pick out the best ones that were.


Obama takes a bite of fruit while perusing the produce section of a Kroger’s grocery store after a town hall meeting. Predictably, this heinous crime is reprehensible and can not go unpunished, hence why many are calling for his imPeachment.


Denver, CO – President Obama shares a pizza dinner with a handful of people that wrote letters to him before his visit to Denver. The delicious-looking cheese pull he’s got going on comes directly from The Wazee Supper Club.


President Obama tips the scales in his favor when it comes to his trip director, Marvin Nicholson. President Obama jokingly tries to send a message to Marvin about his diet lately, and as you can see in the background, the rest of his administration has no probelm with the POTUS’s playful and humanizing proclivity for pranks. 


Obama enjoys a meal with Veteran Army Ranger Cory Remsburg and his family in their home. Obama met Remsburg in 2009, then Remsburg was seriously injured in a roadside explosion a year later while in Afghanistan. Since then, Obama has met with Cory and his family several times, never forgetting to thank him for his enormous sacrifice.


President Obama looks on with concern as Vice President Joe Biden promises to glaze the smiling emloyee’s donut hole at the famed Gingerbread House Bakery in Kokomo, Indiana.


“The President shares a laugh while having lunch with Rebekah Erler at Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Erler, a 36-year-old working wife and mother of two pre-school aged boys, had written the President a letter about the economic challenges of raising a family. When a trip to Minneapolis was scheduled, the President invited Rebekah to have lunch with him. He later met her family and the following day, Rebekah introduced the President at his economic speech.”


“Call it the Shake Shack slide. As he is wont to do, the President normally does a group photo with restaurant staff when he stops for lunch or dinner somewhere. After having lunch with Vice President Biden at a Shake Shack in Washington, D.C., the President asked me where he should stand for the photo. Before I could even reply, the President jumped on the counter and slid onto the other side. The Vice President soon followed.”


“Sometimes you get lucky as a photographer. The President was greeting the crowd outside Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque in Kansas City. As he began talking to a young boy, actually giving him some life advice, someone’s smart phone briefly illuminated the President’s face. Without this light, the photograph wouldn’t have been nearly as successful.”

The pictures I’ve included obviously revolve around food, since, you know, Foodbeast and all. However, if you’d like to see all of them (and I highly suggest you do, they’re very well done), you can check them out here.



Photo Credit: Peter Souza, Official White House Photographer

Celebrity Grub

Obama’s Credit Card Was Declined at a Fancy NYC Restaurant During Dinner with the First Lady


Most people have experienced having their credit card declined during a purchase — some of us have even suffered the embarrassment of experiencing it during a date. It seems our beloved president is not immune to this either.

Last month, President Obama was dinning with the first lady at a fancy restaurant in downtown Manhattan when his credit card was declined.

“I guess I don’t use it enough, so they thought there was some fraud going on,” he told CNN. “Luckily, Michelle had hers.

Obama then defended himself to the waitress.

“I was trying to explain to the waitress, you know, I really think that I’ve been paying my bills,” Obama said. “Even I’m affected by this.”

Sound familiar? Start the video at 3:00.

On Friday, Obama signed an executive order to help protect consumers from identity theft.

Article written by Sebastian Dillon for NextShark


Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act, Get Ready for A Riot


We just got word that despite past promises to promote GMO transparency, Obama signed HR 933, which contains the Monsanto Protection Act, into law. According to The Austin Chronicle, the measure protects genetically modified seeds from litigation by “allowing the U.S. Department of Agriculture to override judicial rulings and grant temporary permits for conventional farmers to plant and grow genetically modified crops while pending review.” Hence the “Monsanto Protection Act,” a name given by activists against biotech giants avoiding GMO labeling.

After Obama signed HR 933, and thus the provision, into law on Tuesday,  many have argued that the biotech rider was purposefully slipped in as the larger bill progressed and thus, wasn’t given proper review by Judiciary Committees.

Prior to the measure, courts had the ability to suspend the farming of GMO crops in the face of health or environmental risks. “It sets a terrible precedent,”  stated the International Business Times. “Though it will only remain in effect for six months until the government finds another way to fund its operations, the message it sends is that corporations can get around consumer safety protections if they get Congress on their side. Furthermore, it sets a precedent that suggests that court challenges are a privilege, not a right.”

It seems as if the pleas of more than 250,000 Americans who have since signed a petition asking the president to veto the measure, may fall of on deaf ears.

H/T + PicThx Digital Journal


America: Vote Today & Get Free Fries!


Voting isn’t just good for the country, it’s good for your stomach. Today, when you go vote (and you better go vote) don’t forget to grab one of those “I voted” stickers, and then haul your ass down to the nearest White Castle for a free small order of their new waffle cut sweet potato fries. Like 7-Eleven’s Election cups, White Castle is doing their part in encouraging voter turnout by offering anyone who brings in their voter sticker free waffle cut sweet potato fries with their order on Election Day, November 6th. You can also get a free order of their newest item through a coupon via their Facebook page, however, I suggest you do it the American way and vote.

So vote today, and then treat yo’ self to some fries, ‘cause this is America.

photo courtesy White Castle


What Your Favorite Food Brands Say About Your Politics


Did you know that Red Bull fans are more likely to vote for Obama and that Chick-fil-A die-hards are more likely to vote for Romney? At least, that’s what the data shows in these charts offering a political breakdown of what our food preferences say about our political sentiments.

Utilizing data gathered from its Trendsetter app, Engage will be working with BuzzFeed to map out cross-references between polling information and Facebook “likes” and influence. What we get is a visual chart connecting our favorite brand name foods and restaurants to who we’re most likely to vote for this presidential election.

“Whether you support Obama or Romney, that support is more often than not a manifestation of where you live, what you watch and where you fit in culturally,” explained Patrick Ruffini, president of Engage.

Mind you, this is just just the beginning. Engage plans on creating 12 new infographics further depicting how other cultural influences (from television to games), shed led on our politics.

See more food get political at Buzzfeed.

Fast Food

Poll Shows More Amercians Would Rather Eat a Burger With Obama Than Romney


Oh America, the only place that will serve deep fried nacho cheese and determine our presidential candidates’ worth based on hamburger polls. So while Obama and Romney are busy campaigning across the nation and kissing babies, Smashburger — a burgeoning restaurant joint — asked Americans the most contentious question yet: Which presidential candidate would you choose to eat a burger with?

Apparently, out of 2,094 adults ages 18 and older, 59 percent would rather sit down and grab a burger with President Barack Obama, while 41 percent would choose to sit with Governor Mitt Romney. Smashburger enlisted the help of Harris Interactive to conduct the online survey, which further revealed which former U.S. President Americans would prefer to have a burger with. The results: 22 percent for Clinton, 15 percent for Abraham Lincoln, 14 percent for John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, 5 percent for Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and 4 percent for George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter.

7-Eleven Election Cups? Burgers? Next up: Which presidential candidate would you trust as your beer pong partner?

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