IHOP’s New French Toast Is Double Dipped In Oatmeal And Corn Flakes


Breakfast fans will be pleased to hear that IHOP is creating a hybrid of three iconic breakfast dishes. The new Double-Dipped French Toast features oatmeal, cornflakes and (you guessed it) french toast.

IHOP’s new menu item is made with brioche dipped in a vanilla batter and dipped a second time in corn flakes and oatmeal. The french toast is then fried on the griddle. Patrons can choose between a Lemon Strawberry (lemonade cream and glazed strawberries) and a Cinnamon Sugar (cinnamon sugar springs and whipped cream) topping for their dish.

The Double-Dipped French Toast will be available through Sept. 20 at all participating IHOP locations. It can be purchased in stacks of two for a combo or a full stack of three.



What 24 Pizzas From The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon Look Like IRL


As a kid, I loved watching the ’90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. Who didn’t? One of the things that stuck was all the ridiculous pizzas Michelangelo and his brothers would order throughout the series. As the years passed, I started to think some of those pizzas could actually be pretty delicious if done right. Though it did take a solid 22 years for anchovies to grow on me.

Like his Renaissance namesake, who would have thought Mikey was ahead of his time. Using some hunger-fueled imagination I recreated 24 of the most disgusting pizza orders from the TV show and turned them into something you could order at a restaurant. Cowabunga.


Tuna fish, peanut butter and grape jelly


Tuna ahi poke on top of a bed of seaweed salad and drizzled some hot, melted peanut butter and grape jelly on top. Went more for color than taste. Ending up tasting great so that worked itself out.



Peanut butter and clams


Drenched the pizza in a cajun peanut butter sauce with four fresh calms. The heat from the sauce really made the clams, no pun intended, pop. Crawfish for garnish.



Peanut butter, avocado and extra pickles


A bed of guacamole topped with avocado slices, melted peanut butter and some sweet dill pickle chips. This is actually a sandwich I make on many an occasion.



Marshmallow and pepperoni


Pepperoni and cheese pizza topped with roasted marshmallows. The marshmallows look like haunting little lifeboats on a sea of pepperoni.



Marshmallow and asparagus


Asparagus and cheese baked directly into the crust and topped with toasted mini marshmallows. Had to many different versions of this one before I settled on this. Couldn’t be happier.



Guacamole and Marshmallow


A generous heap of freshly made guacamole and topped with a single marshmallow lit on fire. Kids, don’t try this at home. Grownups, go nuts.



Butterscotch, onions and anchovies


Onion and anchovies caramelized in brown sugar and a butterscotch sauce. Tasted great but stunk up my kitchen like nobody’s business. Do turtles have nostrils?



Tea and toast


A buttered slice of toast on top of tomato sauce and sprinkled with tea leaves, parmesan cheese and more tomato sauce. The original concept for this had chunks of toast drenched in tea. NOT. APPETIZING.



Chocolate sprinkles and clam sauce


A cheese pizza made with a hearty clam sauce and chocolate sprinkles and garnished with green onions. Not easy to make clam sauce pop on a pizza. Had to tweak it into a chowder. Master Splinter would be proud.





Chocolate chips baked into the pizza and drenched with a generous amount of hot fudge. It’s essentially a cookie.



Chocolate fudge with extra garlic


A generous amount of fried garlic on top of a pool of melted chocolate fudge. Definitely not something you’d order on a first date, but then again, are any of these pizzas?



Chocolate fudge, sardine, chili pepper, whipped cream


A cheese and whipped cream pizza topped with shaved chocolate fudge and red chili flakes. Served with a fried sardine filet in chocolate fudge sauce. Any nutrients that piece of sardine contains is neutralized by that mountain of whipped cream. I guarantee it.



Anchovies and hot fudge


Hot chocolate fudge drizzled over anchovy filets on a sauceless white pizza. Until the day anchovies turn into giant mutated fish that eat people, they’ll forever be my favorite fish.



Pepperoni and hot fudge


A classic pepperoni and cheese pizza drizzled with a little chocolate fudge. Just a little. We’re not animals.



Pepperoni and pickles


Cheese and pepperoni pizza with sweet dill pickle chips. The pickles add a crunch that can be heard all through the New York sewer systems.



Jelly bean and sausage


A spicy pork chorizo and sour cream pizza topped with queso fresco and fresh cilantro and served with a jalapeño jellybean gastrique. The jelly beans had us stumped but luckily Reddit came to the rescue.



Salami pizza with double yogurt


Two servings of vanilla yogurt topped with fresh salami slices and drizzled with blackberry jelly. If you can get over the idea of salami and yogurt, it goes down pretty tastily.



Shredded coconut and sweet pickles


Pizza is topped with shredded coconut, drizzled with hot mustard and topped with sweet pickle chips. Shredder would be a crazy handy guy to have in this situation.



Strawberry with anchovy sauce


Caramelized strawberries served with an anchovy butter sauce and topped with whipped cream. This one was the most difficult to come up with. Thankfully, whipped cream saved the day.



Hot oatmeal


Hot, buttery oatmeal topped with brown sugar, honey and fresh strawberries. It’s another side to breakfast pizza.





Truffle oil popcorn with parsley flakes and parmesan cheese. There’s a pizza somewhere under that mountain of popcorn.



Anchovies and banana


Caramelized rum bananas and anchovy filets. The pizza that inspired this post. The bananas and anchovies were the perfect balance of sweet and salty.






Hot goulash served with crumbles of queso fresco. After a quick Google search of what exactly goulash was, it was pretty easy to make.



Granola and licorice 


Vanilla yogurt topped with granola and shaved red licorice. It was a bitch to hand shred licorice, but doesn’t it look pretty?



Video for verification

Packaged Food

Curry-Flavored Oatmeal is a Savory, Questionable Breakfast Choice


What’s the first thing you think when you roll out of bed, groggy and half-awake? Perhaps a hot cup of coffee as you stumble into the kitchen? Or a big bowl of cereal? Or maybe even a bowl of oatmeal?

Well, we can almost guarantee that none of you answered “curry” — unless you’re a badass, and into that kind of thing (respect). If so,  then this curry-flavored oatmeal by Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods is probably right up your alley.

The “Curry Up” savory breakfast meal comes packed with sweet raisins, cashews and curry spice. Reminder, by “curry spice” we don’t mean sugar and just cinnamon. There’s a good amount of coriander, tumeric, mustard, cumin, paprika, cayenne, cardamom, ginger and cloves (among other things) that go into this this vegan-friendly, curry-flavored oatmeal.

“Our gourmet oatmeal in a cup has been such a tremendous success the past two years, that consumers have requested we come up with new flavors and products,” says Patricia Bartelson, the company’s co-owner. “We want to try to accommodate our ever growing community of supporters and rapid market expansion with a variety of options for a delicious gourmet meal on the go.”

In other words, they are not f*cking around.

You can swoop one up for about $2.75 – $3.50 (SRP).

Fast Food

Jack in the Box’s New Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal Probably Tastes Amazing – Well at Least the Top


The thing about muffins is that they taste incredible, but only for the first couple of bites. After that, they’re nothing but a precarious mountain of crumbs, just daring you to take another bite, lest they unleash their wrath on your precious kitchen table. But while the obvious solution is to make each muffin with two tops instead of a top and bottom – I mean obviously – it looks like the closest we’re gonna get is something that just tastes like blueberry muffin throughout, like this Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal here.

The first of its kind from Jack in the Box, the new breakfast item is, like all Jack food, available all day, and features a blueberry muffin-flavored oatmeal topped with dried blueberries and mixed with a swirl of streusel, which I’m guessing is where the “muffin” part comes in.

Plus, since your average Starbucks blueberry muffin weighs in at around 400 calories, this 249 calorie darling is actually healthier for you. Score.

Now if only they could make a French Toast Sticks flavor. Goodness knows I’ll probably die of diabeetus if they don’t.

H/T WSJ + PicThx GrubGrade

Fast Food

Starbucks Helps New Year’s Resolutions with New Blueberry Oatmeal at 280 calories

Do your New Year’s resolutions involve eating a more nutritious breakfast? As long as you weren’t planning on giving up coffee, check out the new Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal released by Starbucks, a blend of steel-cut and rolled oats topped with fresh blueberries, a dash of agave syrup, and a nut and seed medley. With 7 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, 280 calories and a prep-time of 5 min, you can quickly grab the fuel you need to start the day without pushing pause… so long as that Starbucks line isn’t an eternity long. Airports, we’re looking at you.

Prefer traditional toppings instead? You can still ask for Starbucks Classic Oatmeal, which comes with brown sugar, dried fruit and nuts.



Sriracha Lip Balm Could Have Disastrous Consequences

Without the proper lip care, eating spicy foods in winter can be a very dangerous undertaking. All it takes is absent-mindedly going out to your favorite Cajun seafood house, ordering a pound of spicy, lemony, garlicky crawfish and going in for a bite when sssssssshhhiii—hottttttt! Suddenly your dry, cracked lips are almost literally on fire and no amount of napkin-wiping or water-drinking is going to put them out.

But be warned: if you use this Sriracha Lip Balm from J&D, it could be a million times worse.

Not only will you have to work up the courage to bring something that smells so much like that iconic chili sauce close to your mouth again (remember what happened last time?), but you could end up liking it so much you forget Sriracha’s normal form is actually extremely bad for your lips.

Imagine, one day you’ll get so used to Sriracha as lip salve that when you happen to run out or lose your stick while eating at a Vietnamese restaurant (it happens), you’ll be all, “Chill, it’s all good. I’ve got all the balm I need right here.” And it won’t be until you’ve fully moistened your choppers with that gorgeous red rooster sauce that you remember, no, Sriracha is not your friend during winter when your lips are incredibly dry.

Oh, but it hurts so good.

Sriracha Lip Balm, SPF 15: $4 @ J&D’s

via Incredible Things


Duane Reade Debuts Fro-Yo Bar and Freezee Station

Duane Reade Logo

Duane Reade, the largest drug store chain in New York City, recently announced new offerings at its 52nd and Broadway location including a new frozen yogurt bar, a slurpee-esque Freezee station, its Good & Delish oatmeal station, self-serve juice/smoothie offerings and the Sushi Station for fresh custom ordered sushi.

The Fro-Yo Bar will include the following flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Original Tart, Blueberry Tart, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango, Coffee and Peach. Toppings will include various candies, fresh fruit, cereals and Ghirardelli sauces. Price is a bit steep at $5.99 per cup, but that’s the premium you pay for the city that never sleeps.

What do you think FOODBEASTS? Would you buy self-serve yogurt or oatmeal from your local Walgreens, CVS or Duane Reade? Is Duane Reade ahead of the curve or stepping onto territory that should be left to those who specialize in it?



CRAVINGS: Baked Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Autumn is officially here. Do you know what that means? Pumpkin recipes glory, that’s what! Start your day right with this Baked Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal recipe, a welcome change to those post-Thanksgiving breakfast meals consisting of left over pumpkin pie slices (that’s not so bad, is it?!). Our friend Beth has taken all the savoriness and sweetness of pumpkin pie and translated into a more welcome, digestible breakfast form.