Calories vs Physical Activity Posters Might Be a NYC Reality, Let the Crying Begin

Calorie Posters

Since NYC mayor Bloomberg is losing his battle against banning large quantities of sugary drinks, the city has come up with an idea that might get a similar message across. The poster-based campaign would basically share caloric information of popular foods and drinks alongside how much physical activity it would take to burn it all off.

So let’s say you’ve got a hankering for a Sausage Double Beef Burger. If the city has its way, you’ll also be aware it’ll take approximately way too much exercise to reverse that calorie bomb intake. Woof.

While it’s definitely important to make conscious and healthy decisions, sometimes you gotta just say YOLO, and go for a mound of grease. Few things in this world would stop us from downing mounds upon mounds of donut poutine. Sorry, Bloomster.

H/T + PicThx Scientific American


This NYC Dive Bar Offers Patrons Free Midget Porn, Yay


Have you ever wished you could enjoy a good beer, solid food and worry-free sexual gratification all at the same time? Let me introduce you to the Double Down – which is actually not some weird, kitchen-based sexual position. At least, not this time.

No, the Double Down Saloon, which has locations in both Vegas and NYC, calls itself a “straight up boozatorium” and is known for its $4 “Ass Juice,” bacon martinis and yes, the hours of kitschy porn looping across its several television screens.

Here are some of the NYC location’s best Yelp reviews:

Three Stooges.
Bad Horror Flicks.
More Porn.

Ass Juice.
Reasonably Priced Drinks.
Attentive Bartenders.
More Ass Juice.

Porn-Painted Walls.
Photo Booth.
Pool Table.
More Painted Walls

I think I’ve covered it.”

Helen L.

“The place is laid back and not too rowdy unfortunately, towards late in the evening, the guys pointed out the midget porn on the screen and I was like OMG! That was definitely not on my radar when I came in looking for more booze and french fries.”

Neline S.

“The porn was strong on the next visit. Full blow jobs, money shots, Grand Ma action, and hentai.”

Mike O.

“Liquor and midget porn, you my only friends.”

Peter D.

According to Gothamist, the East Village staple has been offering up the best in free porn for years and most people love it. Though we’ve got to wonder how much longer all those “straight-laced” after work folks can get away with the old “I had no idea this was that kinda place I swear!”

Honey, we won’t tell if you don’t.

H/T Gothamist + PictThx Double Down


Thanksgiving Pizza

Dear Thanksgiving…you are truly one of the best holidays, if not the best. New York-based Pizza by Certe’ just announced their equal appreciation for the holiday with the launch of a Thanksgiving Pizza. You’re reading right…a pizza topped with turkey meatballs, mashed potatoes & giblet gravy, butternut squash, cranberries and fresh Mozzarella.



Bodega: A Dale Talde x DQM Family Meal

If you’re following this season of Top Chef All Stars on Bravo, then you probably have a decent idea of who Dale Talde is. What you probably didn’t know is Dale is a Hypebeast [holler?] at heart, which you may have caught glimpses of throughout the show.

DQM (Dave’s Quality Meats for all of you that neglect the NYC streetwear industry) decided to turn their offices into a one night pop-up restaurant for friends and family, with Talde holding it down in the kitchen. Both pork belly ramen and a rack of venison were on the menu for the night, as well as a potato chip and pretzel tart with salted caramel chocolate ganache. In typical DQM fashion, they made special edition tees available to all that attended the event. Check out some of the photos from the night after the jump from Hypebeast‘s coverage: