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New York’s Famous Chelsea Market Is Expanding To Other Locations Worldwide

The building housing Chelsea Market, a longtime fixture for New York City, was just bought by Google. Instead of perturbing the future of this iconic landmark, though, the acquisition could actually help Chelsea expand to other locations worldwide.

chelsea market

Photo: Steve Isaacs // Wikimedia Commons

The Wall Street Journal reports that the building Chelsea Market was housed in was purchased for $2.4 billion. The 1.2 million square foot office building includes the market plus 300,000 square feet of development rights. Google gets all of that from the building’s previous owner, an investment management firm called Jamestown. However, Jamestown will be keeping the rights, branding, and ability to operate the downstairs market.

In addition, the influx of cash from the sale is allowing Jamestown to consider other spots to open up new locations of Chelsea Market. The firm is currently scouting “emerging neighborhoods” around the globe, and hopes to announce at least one place to set up a new market in by the end of 2018.

This won’t necessarily mean that we find iconic NYC food destinations in somewhere like Belgium. However, it opens up the opportunity for folks in other parts of the world to come into an established brand, set up their own food business, and hopefully, flourish as a result.

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We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off New York’s Most Beautiful Lasagna

The phrase “feast your eyes on this” can be quite cliche in the food world. When Instagram-worthiness is given great consideration when creating certain dishes over quality and taste these days, it can be flat out concerning. So when we come across a dish that covers all bases when it comes to visual appeal, taste, and high quality ingredients, we make sure to give it some due props and recognition.

Enter the “Lasagna for Two” at New York’s Don Angie Italian-American restaurant in the West Village. This unique rolled lasagna has quickly become an Instagram darling and quite the icon in NYC’s dining circles. What with it’s stunning aesthetic and one-of-a-kind presentation, the Don Angie lasagna drew inspiration from the most unlikely of things: cinnamon buns.

Chef Angie Rito was inspired after seeing cinnamon buns on Instagram, compelling her to create a rolled lasagna that was cut on its side. The result has been a fast track to likes, shares, and raves the likes of which only the most viral of dishes have experienced in the New York dining scene.

The Don Angie “Lasagna for Two” features even more unique characteristics such as fresh bolognese sauce made daily by Chef Scott Tacinelli, bechamel sauce, dollops of extra creamy robiola cheese, and 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano, similar to lasagna one would find in Bologna, Italy.

With a dish that tastes just as good as it looks, the “Lasagna for Two” is a hot ticket item that will find a fitting spot on your timeline and your appetite.


Photo: @canwegohere
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This Pigs In A Blanket Pizza Is The Perfect Thing To Devour For The Big Game

The Big Game is only a week away and you need to start thinking of all your game day menu options while cheering on your team.

Krave It Sandwich Shop & Eatery, created a pizza that may very well be the ultimate game day party food. It’s essentially a pigs in a blanket pizza and we’re not mad about it at all.

Called the Battle of the Pigskin (get it?), the pizza is topped with Chili con Carne, Fritos, scallions, white onions, bacon, hot dog slices, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, Monterey jack cheese, and chipotle Sriracha mustard, all cooked on a pigs in a blanket crust.

Boy, how we’d love to wrap ourselves up inside this pie. Kind of wish there was a Krave It in California so I can order one for Royal Rumble this Sunday as well. Perhaps one day.

The Battle of the Pigskin is available now until the day of the Big Game at the Bayside, NY, restaurant. Any NYC readers feel like mailing us a slice?

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NYC’s Most Impressive Lineup of Brunch Sandwiches Is At The Horny Ram

There’s a new kid in town and it’s serving up two syrupy and succulent brunch sandwiches that will have you coming back for more. The Horny Ram, younger sibling of the equally naughty-named Flying Cock, is making a statement with their comfort food creations.

First up, we got the Chicken & Waffle Sandwich. Not like your typical sweet and savory favorite, this sandwich offers cornflake-crusted fried chicken topped with a fried egg, cheddar cheese, avocado, and is with drizzled maple syrup in between two buttermilk waffles. Trust, every bite will be like a gift from the brunch gods.

If you’re on the fence between ordering a burger or pancakes for brunch, The Horny Ram also delivers the best of both worlds with their Pancake Burger — a juicy Pat LaFrieda burger patty with melted American cheese, topped with bacon and fried egg in between two pancakes as the bun.

But the hits don’t just stop there, as The Horny Ram’s lineup of brunch sandwiches also features a Pork Belly Croque Madame and a Brunch Burger that’ll satisfy your midday munchies. Midtown East residents, after-work happy-hour seekers, and brunch lovers alike can head over to The Horny Ram for their brunch, dinner, and cocktail menus, filled with more delicious offerings.

So if your appetite is feeling as bold as The Horny Ram’s name suggests, then treat it to New York’s most impressive lineup of brunch sandwiches and thank yourself for the nap time after.

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NYC’s Famous Katz’s Deli Is Launching Global Shipping For Its Beef

Regardless of where you come from, one of the most iconic stops you’ll likely flock to when visiting New York City is Katz’s Deli, long-known for its amazing corned beef, pastrami, and other fine meats.

Well, if you don’t live in the United States, there will soon be a way for y’all to enjoy what everyone at Katz’s is having. According to the Wall Street Journal, the iconic deli will be opening up a 30,000 square foot facility in New Jersey to produce and ship their beef all around the world.

While Katz’s was already in the shipping business for United States customers, this is the first global expansion the company has ever performed. They plan to begin shipping to Canada and Mexico by the end of this year, and then full-on global services the year after that.

Apart from the newly expanded delivery service, Katz’s is also looking at expanding its retail locations to more places in the United States. They’ll be opening up a new location in a Brooklyn food hall soon, and are considering Washington D.C., Phildaelphia, and Boston as other potential sites for offshoots of the original location.

This might be the most exciting thing to happen to Katz’s since Sally had that fake orgasm, and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing that world-famous pastrami heading to all corners of the world.

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‘Brontosaurus Rib’ At NYC BBQ Joint Will Trigger Your Inner Carnivore

Take one gander at this hulking beef rib at Mighty Quinn’s in New York City and you’ll understand the prehistoric comparisons. Headed up by Pit Master Hugh Mangum, this meat centric paradise is an amalgamation of Texas and Memphis style barbecue techniques, resulting in what he calls as ‘NYC BBQ’.

One of the feature items at Mighty Quinn’s is the Brontosaurus Rib, a massive 6-pound beef plate short rib cut that’s rubbed with Hungarian paprika, salt, and pepper. To get the Jurassic-sized portion to become fall-off-the-bone tender requires 12 hours in the smoker, cooked low and slow.

The outcome? One giant excuse to eat like a Flintstone for a day. The duality of the Brontosaurus Ribs’ sheer size and its resulting supple meat makes for an unforgettable dining experience already. Pair that up with Mighty Quinn’s other excellent bbq offerings and you’d swear you were farther down south in the U.S.

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Stranger Creates Crowdfunding Campaign to Give Street Vendor a Vacation

On the morning of Tuesday, April 18th, Jennifer Nelson leafed through her copy of The New York Times like she would any other dayAs the eight-year manager of Brooklyn bistro, Buttermilk Channel, Nelson always made it her business to read the “Food” section of every Times she got — it is literally her business, after all.

But this morning, one particular story stood out to Nelson. It was titled “The Day in the Life of a Food Vendor,” written by Tejal Rao, and it appropriately followed one New York City food vendor through a typical day in his life.

The food vendor in question? Kabir Ahmed, a 46-year-old immigrant who came from Bangladesh 23 years ago. Ahmed now runs a halal food cart near the World Trade Center, mainly selling chicken and rice-based dishes.

Photo: Tejal Rao

The photo above was taken by Rao and posted on Twitter. It shows Mr. Ahmed proudly holding the Times article — the article that gave a very real look into his life, and by doing so, gave us a feel for how the near 10,000 food vendors in NYC live day-to-day.

It was that deeply personal insight that stuck with Jennifer Nelson.

More than anything, Nelson was struck by a brief conversation that Ahmed had with his wife, included towards the end of the Times piece.

“His [Kabir’s] wife mentioned that they should go on a Caribbean cruise with their six kids this summer, basically saying how nice it would be to take a real vacation,” Nelson recalls. “But Kabir told her that they couldn’t afford it. That really struck a chord with me. I just thought, ‘It would be so nice if we could make that happen for this family.'”

Like so many of us do when we read a story that touches us, Nelson decided to share the piece on Facebook. She included with the post her wish that she could somehow raise the money for this family vacation.

Within hours, Nelson’s Facebook friends had rallied around the idea. She remembers the post getting flooded with comments, all encouraging her to take action.

“Friends began commenting that they’d contribute if I decided to raise the money, and I started to realize that I could do this,” Nelson said. “I mean, how many crazy ideas do you push aside in a day? But I decided to just go for this one.”

That was how the GoFundMe campaign, “A Caribbean Cruise for Kabir Ahmed,” was born.

Nelson made the campaign, shared it all over social media, and went to bed, hoping that within a week or so they could raise a couple thousand for the Ahmed family. When Nelson checked the campaign the next morning, she was baffled to see $2,300 had already been raised.

By the end of the day (Nelson remembers they were preparing for the dinner rush when she received the notification) she saw the campaign had earned over $3,000 in less than 48 hours. Now, a little over a week after its inception, the campaign has raised over $6,000 for Kabir Ahmed and his family.

Photo: GoFundMe

And the good deeds just keep on flooding in.

A friend of Nelson’s who formerly worked at Royal Caribbean cruise lines offered to personally book the family an amazing vacation package. Some of Nelson’s friends even offered to man the food stand during the cruise, an issue which was making it difficult for Ahmed to get away.

After speaking to both Ahmed and Rao, Nelson has confirmed that the family will be using the money to take the Caribbean cruise they’ve always wanted. She is unsure, however, when they’ll take the long-awaited vacation.

But at the heart of the story, it doesn’t matter when the Ahmed family is going on vacation or if Nelson knows about it. She puts it best herself:

“I don’t think this story is about me or about Mr. Ahmed,” She said. “It’s about hundreds of strangers on the internet, many of whom have never met Kabir, deciding to do something totally random and kind. I’m not sure if I’m more touched by the people in my life who have supported the campaign, or those total strangers who decided to do something good.”

It’s stories like these, ones that show our innate kindness and generosity, that give a glimmer of hope to what would otherwise be a newsfeed of seemingly endless bad news. And no matter who’s to thank, we’re grateful for that.

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Uni ‘Banh Mi’ Is Hors d’oeuvres Done Decadently Right

hanoi house_uni banh mi toast

New York City is a town no stranger to fine dining done in inventive ways. The most creative of food items pop up with frenetic speed and make the news cycle on a daily basis. So it goes without saying that only the most genuinely unique new dishes end up distinguishing themselves as noteworthy. Even at the smallest of bites, hors d’oeuvres and appetizers like to resist the confines of conventional and every now and then and traipse into memorable territory.

Enter the uni “banh mi” at East Village Vietnamese eatery, Hanoi House. Much of the menu here is Chef John Nguyen’s way of combining Vietnamese classics, like banh mi, with a twist, like using the uni.

hanoi house_uni banh mi toast

Though the concept for this nouveau take on an hors d’oeuvre isn’t exactly a banh mi, it’s essence is capture well via a toasted baguette, pate, and pickled veggies. The uni is just the decadent topping to catapult this bite into flavor nirvana.

hanoi house_uni banh mi toast


Photos: Janet Kang