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Ballsy Restaurant Staff Sings “F**k Tha Police” To Dining Cops

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Last year, a gutsy employee at a Houston BBQ joint played NWA’s classic song “Fuck Tha Police” while officers were eating in the restaurant, serving them a big middle finger alongside their grub.

That dishwasher was fired for just playing the song. Another group of employees at a barbecue joint in North Carolina, took that sentiment up to another level of expression.

A large group of restaurant staff, including a manager, at a Smithfield’s Chicken n’ Bar-B-Q in Garner, North Carolina, allegedly sang out the entire song to a group of cops out of nearby Raleigh that were eating in the restaurant.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, the Raleigh Police Protective Association blasted the restaurant in a recount of the events, calling for the suspension or firing of the employees involved. While it’s still unclear as to whether what exactly happened, Spectrum News reports that the franchise owner, David Harris, released a statement vowing to terminate any employee “that doesn’t share our respect of ALL law enforcement,” a call to action that likely leads to those employees who participated to be out of a job.

Harris is now working with Raleigh Police to resolve the matter.

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Savory Spam Fries Are The Most Ingenious Bites At MEAT STREET

The guys who brought you the Teriyaki Cheesesteak Burrito are at it again, this time changing the way we eat Spam.

Ninjas With Appetite in Santa Ana, California just cooked up some Spam Fries for Foodbeast’s upcoming festival, Meat Street Presented by the Makers of SPAM Brand at MainPlace Mall.

The fries are thick-cut pieces of Spam, battered and deep-fried in panko flakes, then topped with a healthy heap of teriyaki aoli drizzle. This is what it would look like if your beloved chicken katsu were replaced by Spam — so Spam Katsu, if you will.

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These bad boys cannot be found on their menu, unfortunately, but they will be one of the exclusive items found in Meat Steet’s VIP section this Saturday, April 22, in Santa Ana, California.

For more information, visit, and grab some tickets to try all the exclusive dishes you can handle.

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The Teriyaki Cheesesteak Burrito: California’s Answer To The Philly Cheesesteak

Sometimes, something as simple as adding cheese to any food can make a huge difference.

Ninjas With Appetite in Santa Ana, CA is known for their teriyaki bowls, tacos, and burritos. But as of a couple of weeks ago, they added a Teryiaki Cheesesteak burrito to their menu.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I walked into their restaurant for lunch and couldn’t decide what I wanted. I wanted to try something different and was indecisive, when store owner Marc Vergel de Dios, who always likes experimenting on the spot, suggested I try their teriyaki steak burritos with added American cheese.

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The end result was a beautiful Teriyaki Cheesesteak that melted my heart.

Their burritos were already pretty fire, so adding cheese just made it that much more enjoyable.

While Philadelphia is famous for its Philly Cheesesteaks, maybe California will be known for the teriyaki cheesesteak one day.

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Ballsy Employee Bumped ‘F*ck Tha Police’ While Officers Ate Lunch

NWA’s ‘F*ck tha Police’ is about as blunt of a song as there is in music. There’s no flowery lyricism, with metaphors that elude to a certain feeling. It was pure rage from the legendary hip-hop group who felt discontent with law enforcement.

It’s not exactly a theme that’s restaurant-friendly, so it probably wasn’t an accident that the song was blaring through the speakers while a group of police officers ate at Going’s BBQ & Steak Co., in Crosby, Texas.

The Facebook post has since been deleted, but according to the Houston Chronicle, Deputy Shane Cates posted about the incident, saying:

“The guy washing dishes was singing the song and pointing out towards the eating area. He turned and noticed me standing there and started laughing. I was completely shocked and thought surely no one was doing that as a dig on cops.”

The dishwasher was fired, and Going’s BBQ publicly apologized through Facebook:

Deputy Cates then apologized for accusing management of not caring about the situation. He said a language barrier led to miscommunication, but they have since worked things out:

If this worker pointed and cursed at me, there definitely would have been some problems, so good on the officers for not losing their cool. As far as the dishwasher firing, there’s probably more effective forms of protest out there. He literally achieved nothing by doing this, and will probably struggle to find a job going forward.

The dust has settled, however, and there are no hard feelings between the police and the restaurant.

It’s crazy to see NWA is still causing a ruckus 28 years later.

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This (Isn’t) What Teriyaki Ninja Nachos Look Like

I guess it takes a true ninja to run a teriyaki food truck that’s so conspicuous it’s inconspicuous, but that’s exactly what Marc of Orange County, Calif.’s NWA — Ninjas with Appetite — food truck is doing.

Last month, the rest of the office got their first taste of arguably So Cal’s only authentic rolling teriyaki, but by the time we got to them, they’d run out of their infamously gangsta, fusion-inspired chips. Luckily, I managed to track these ninjas down and  let me tell you, these are definitely nacho sensei’s nachos.

Picture two layers of melted cheese, chopped spring onions, sour cream, sriracha and whole chunks of juicy chicken teriyaki, all wrapped up in a bright red, cartoon-emblazoned, tokidoki-inspired truck (or you know, just check out the photo above).

Follow NWA Truck on Facebook and Twitter; website and full menu coming soon.

Bowl so hard.

Food Trucks

The ‘NWA’ Food Truck is a Real Thing, and They ‘Bowl So Hard’

I had to double take when I saw a photo of this truck enter my Instagram feed.

It’s called the NWA Truck, otherwise known as Ninjas With Appetite. Yes, that’s the name — yes, it’s a play on words from a Compton-based rap group of the late 80s — and yes, I’m laughing, nodding my head in approval and pretending to be offended, all at once.

Yes, new food trucks are a dime a dozen, but this OC based truck with teriyaki-based products permeating throughout their menu definitely has humor on their side. Their truck wrap is pretty eclectic, with tons of references to friends and family scattered throughout. For example, check out this awesome “Stache Can” for throwing away all those napkins:

The wrap is the draw, but the food is the mainstay. They weren’t serving up their Teriyaki Nachos that familiar NWA-ers may rave about, but their bowls, tacos and burritos were absolutely noteworthy. Here’s a party shot from my friend Wally:

The sauce used is a variation on the truck owner’s family blend, a delicious glaze that finds its way on to a number of the truck’s offerings. No menu has been posted yet, but the truck’s owners promise the website is launching soon. But until then, you can stay up to speed on their whereabouts by following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook.

Continuing in the theme of ignorance, here’s a shot of our very own Rudeluv #WhiteRickRossin’ in front of the NWA Truck:

All Photos, unless otherwise noted, shot by: Amanda Martinez