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Nutella Is Finally Opening Their First Restaurant In The United States

Holy hazelnuts! Dreams do come true!

No, that headline is no joke because Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, is opening up their first owned and operated restaurant in the world! The Nutella Café is opening up in Chicago, and it isn’t a pop-up joint either. This cafe is here to stay!

This full Nutella experience will feature a plethora of delectable curated items on the menu. Crepes, gelato, pastries, breakfast classics, fondue — it’s all there and isn’t just limited to dessert. The Nutella Cafe is a full-on restaurant complete with savory paninis, salads, soups, and coffee.

The grand opening of the Nutella Cafe is on Wednesday, May 31st at 10:00 AM sharp! In addition, the first 400 ‘nuts’ (You can replace with Nutella lovers) there will receive special surprises while supplies last, so mark your calendars!

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Here’s Why Nutella Won’t Change Its Recipe Despite Cancer Scares


The world found out this week that Nutella uses a controversial ingredient in its spread called palm oil. A recent European study linked palm oil to cancer, if not produced properly, and it prompted Nutella lovers to freak out.

Stores around the world started pulling Nutella off shelves, and everyone’s favorite spread looked to be ready for a change.

Nutella isn’t changing a damn thing, though, and here’s why.

Palm oil is so integral to Nutella, that getting rid of it would probably change it for the worst, as they claim the ingredient provides the creamy texture, and “enhances” the taste we’ve grown to know and love.

“It is the best ingredient for giving Nutella the right smoothness, guaranteeing its special spreadability,” the brand said through its website.


If you’re thinking that they should be concerned about the consumer’s health, Nutella addressed it, deeply defending itsuse of palm oil.

Nutella said:

“The vegetable oil used in Nutella is sustainable palm oil, 100% certified segregated RSPO. This means that the palm oil used in Nutella is kept separated from conventional palm oil along the whole supply chain. Ferrero’s achievement of the RSPO certification has also been praised by Richard Holland, Director of WWF’s Market Transformation Initiative.”

So Nutella believes their use of palm oil is perfectly healthy, and giving in to the study’s claims would basically ruin Nutella.

It’s also good to note that palm oil isn’t banned in the US, and is used in lots of products we use, including Pop-Tarts, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and even Girl Scout Cookies.

It’s up to Nutella lovers to decide whether they believe the hazelnut spread is fine, or if they’ll demand a change that would alter its appeal forever.

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This Salon Is Using Nutella To Dye Hair [WATCH]

When I heard that a beauty salon was putting Nutella on their patron’s hair, I thought maybe it was some new weird way to condition, or moisturize it, but they’re actually claiming the hazelnut spread can act as a dye.

Abed & Samer Beauty Salon in Beirut, Labanon, scoops spoonfuls of Nutella directly onto hair, then drizzles condensed milk over it for a delicious change in color.

In the video demonstration, the dessert is applied on a blonde woman, with the results being an effective switch to a lighter shade of caramel.

If you’re questioning the validity of this dying method, there’s actually a chance this could be legit, according to hair colorist Aura Friedman’s knowledge.

Friedman told Cosmopolitan, “I imagine that just as chocolate would stain if you got it on your clothing, it might do the same on hair. I’m sure the oil from the hazelnuts would somewhat condition the hair, though it might be a hassle to get it out of the hair after.”

The salon owner Abed Allahitani said that the lighter Nutella treatment can last up to three weeks, but if he makes the color a bit darker, it will last even longer.

So if you’re looking to experiment with a new color, Nutella, per usual, might be your best friend.

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Krispy Kreme Debuts A Doughnut That’s A Nutella Lover’s Dream


Are you a hardcore fan of Nutella, and wonder why there aren’t any more Nutella-based fast food options to get you through the day? Worry no more—Krispy Kreme has got it figured out.

The Krispy Kreme Doughnut brand has partnered with Nutella to create a new doughnut made with—you guessed it—everybody’s favorite hazelnut spread. Krispy Kreme’s new Nutty Cocoa Ring is essentially a Nutella-flavored donut. The breakfast cake is dropped in hazelnut spread, topped with crunchy pieces of hazelnut, and topped with a drizzle of chocolate icing.

Let’s take a second to embrace all the love the underappreciated hazelnut is about to get with the release of this new menu item.

The Nutty Cocoa Ring is available now at all participating Krispy Kreme Doughnut shops across the United States.

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An Australian Restaurant Is Serving Nutella-Stuffed Fried Twinkies

It seems like every year, Australia tries to put us to shame with their larger than life dessert creations, and the trend keeps chugging along with these Deep-Fried Nutella Twinkies.

Piccolo Me in Sydney created these ambitious little Twinkies, injecting them with Nutella, breading them with crushed Weetbix (An Australian cereal), and deep frying them, of course. Then they drizzled more Nutella, topped it all with crushed Oreo cookies, and served it with a scoop of ice cream.

Yeah, we know, it sounds amazing.

This isn’t Piccolo Me’s first time making headlines with its Nutella creations. In January, the restaurant introduced the Maltella, a fried ice cream and Nutella-filled ball that made us drool.

A video posted by foodbeast (@foodbeast) on

The restaurant will have these Nutella-filled Twinkies on its menu starting next week.

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The FDA Wants to Know Your Nutella Eating Habits, Here’s Why

How much Nutella do you eat at once? Are you eating it as a sandwich, on top of ice cream, or some other way?

These are just some of the questions that the FDA wants you to answer as it has opened up public commenting on how this beloved chocolate hazelnut spread should be categorized.

Quartz reported that Ferrero Rocher, the company responsible for Nutella, recently petitioned the FDA to change Nutella’s classification as a “dessert topping,” which is where it and other nut cocoa-based spreads currently fall in the FDA’s new guidelines for serving sizes and nutrition facts labels. The company would rather see Nutella in a new category specific for flavored nut butter spreads, or even moved to “honeys, jams, and jellies” as a spread similar to them.

Under the category of “dessert topping”, the serving size of Nutella is greater and would require Ferrero Rocher to report 2 tablespoons as its serving size on nutrition labels. This classification was made 25 years ago based on data that consumers primarily used Nutella as an ice-cream topping.


Photo: Cooking Shooking

Ferrero Rocher claims it doesn’t belong in that category because Nutella isn’t primarily used as a dessert topping anymore, but is now used a spread and should be classified as such. In this FDA category of “honeys, jams, and jellies”, Ferrero Rocher could cut their reported serving size in half – which would be great for them because half the serving size means half the added sugars that they would have to display based on new labeling guidelines.

To prove their point, Ferrero Rocher surveyed over 700 women and found that three-fourths of them use Nutella as a spread for toast and sandwiches.The FDA agreed with this data and is now considering creating a new category of “flavored nut butter spreads” to established serving size recommendations.


Photo: Renato Brandi

Ferrero Rocher has requested that the serving size in this new category be a tablespoon, but the FDA wants to know more on how much Nutella we are using to make that decision. To help determine the serving size for this new category, the FDA has opened up public commenting on the issue to see how many consumers are eating Nutella as a spread, and how much Nutella they are putting on their bread.

Commenting closes on January 3rd, 2017, so if you want to have an input on this, click here and leave your stat-backed opinion on how the FDA should regulate Nutella!

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Watch An Entire Jar of Nutella Melted By A Blowtorch

Just when you thought you couldn’t find another use for Nutella, the folks over at Let’s Melt This decided to torch the popular hazelnut spread in one of the most hauntingly beautiful videos we’ve ever seen.

In their latest upload, an entire jar of Nutella is given the blowtorch treatment and melted to ashes.

What’s fascinating is the nearly three-minute process the jar undergoes as it’s exposed to extreme heat. Transitioning between beautiful macroscopic shots and wides, we see the entire breakdown of the sweet spread, from the bubbling plastic to the chocolate igniting.

You may also remember these same guys were the ones that threw sulfuric acid on a Big Mac just to watch it burn.

While our moms would whoop our rear ends for wasting a perfectly good jar of Nutella, we commend Let’s Melt This for taking the chance on this and other popular food items in the name of discovery. Although, we don’t envy their clean-up process.

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This California Donut Shop Serves DONUT FRIES

Tucked away in the heart of Koreatown in Los Angeles is the sweetest little place. California Donuts, a staple in the community, just added a brand-new item fast food lovers with a sweet tooth will definitely want to get their hands on. 



On a recent crawl through LA with fellow Foodbeast Reach, we stopped by the 24-hour donut shop to check out the fries for ourselves. Served in a custom California Donuts fry container, each order comes with about six pieces. 

The donut fries also come in two flavors: Nutella-dipped with sprinkles and powdered sugar. They’re only available early in the day as they are made in limited batches. 

You can get the Nutella donut fries for $2 and the powdered sugar fries for $1.50.


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