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This Is The Closest To Nutella M&M’s We’re Ever Gonna Get

M&M’s newest chocolate candies are probably the closest we’ll ever come to experiencing a true Nutella-stuffed M&M. They’re now filling the candy shells with a hazelnut spread.

Photo courtesy of M&M’s

The hazelnut spread is joined together with milk chocolate inside of each M&M’s candy piece, creating a flavor combination reminiscent of Ferrero’s signature spread.  While Mars, the parent company to the iconic treats, just announced the new Hazelnut Spread M&M’s, they won’t hit stores nationwide until April 2019.

Photo courtesy of M&M’s

That’s not the only new product coming out from the candy giant, though, as five milk chocolate bars crammed with M&M Mini’s and other small snacks will debut this December. The five varieties include Milk Chocolate, Crispy, Almond , Crispy Mint, and Peanut.

Both products are intriguing, but we’re really curious to see how close to Nutella the Hazelnut Spread M&M’s get, tastewise. We’ll see when they drop next spring.

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This Acai Topped Waffle Is The Superfood Breakfast We Need

Foodbeast and Hubert’s Lemonade are bringing together brunch lovers from all over to celebrate the newest food festival to hit Playlist Live in Orlando: BRUNCHFEST.

For anyone ready to introduce more superfoods to their diet: meet the Acai-topped Waffle with Nutella.

Created by Purple Ocean Superfoods, the sweet new item features a homemade buckwheat waffle topped with a generous scoop of acai — known to carry plenty of antioxidants. The acai is drenched in coconut oil and surrounded by an assortment of fruits before the finishing touches of nutella, powdered sugar, and honey are added.

Paired with Hubert’s Pineapple Ginger Lemonade, the sweet new dish truly lives up to the title of “Superfood.”

The Acai-topped Waffle can be found exclusively at Foodbeast’s Brunchfest, presented by Hubert’s Lemonade at Playlist Live. Brunchfest will be running in the Food Truck Area from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, April 28th, and Sunday, April 29th.

Tickets to the event, happening at the Orlando World Center Marriott, are still available.

Photos by Michael Priestley

Created in partnership with Hubert’s Lemonade

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Costco Just Introduced Its Own Version of Nutella and It’s Way Cheaper

Photo: via

In a Reddit post that may well break the Internet, or, at the very least, your willpower, it was recently revealed that Costco is selling its own version of Nutella “hazelnut spread with cocoa” at the price of $7.99 for two 35 ounce jars under its Kirkland brand (note: if you buy it online with two-day delivery, it will run you $9.99). If you’re a fan of what some refer to as “heaven in a jar” (and don’t even try to pretend that you’re not—because why else would you be checking out these 30 mouthwatering recipes you can make with Nutella?), you might know that buying two 33 ounce jars of it at Costco tallies up to about $14.

Customers have claimed that the Kirkland version tastes virtually the same as the original, which is made by the Ferrero Group, and by “virtually,” what we mean is that some say the Kirkland version has a slightly less “rich” mouthfeel. The difference may be attributed to the fact that the Kirkland version uses sunflower oil in place of the palm oil that is in Nutella.

But therein lies the good news. You see, sunflower oil is a healthier choice than palm oil, according to Harvard Health Publishing’s Newsletter. Indeed, the American Heart Association has recommended that Americans decrease their consumption of palm oil and other saturated fats, and replace them instead with oils that have higher levels of polyunsaturated fats, including sunflower oil. Find out when to use which cooking oil here.

If you were disturbed by the viral photo that deconstructs Nutella, layer by layer, into its six essential ingredients because it depicts Nutella as mostly sweetened palm oil, then you’re in luck. The Kirkland version of Nutella has half the saturated fat of Ferrero’s, in case you’re keeping track (and if you have high cholesterol, the American Heart Association says you should be). In any case, whichever version of “hazelnut spread with cocoa” you decide to go for, we’re certain you’ll be pleased with the results when you use it to make these Nutella stuffed strawberries and these orange Nutella cookie cups.

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Article by Lauren Cahn from Taste of Home. View the original article here.

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Watch French Customers Lose It When Nutella Goes On 70% Off Sale

I know you love Nutella, everyone does, but would you be willing to fight someone for it?

A French supermarket by the name of Intermarche, decided to mark down their stock of Nutella by 70 percent off its retail price, and a literal riot ensued.

Footage shot by Kheira Dak, and posted by CNN, showed 15 seconds of the chaos, as people toppled over each other and argued like Sinbad and Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to get a Turbo Man doll on Christmas.

Reports say there was hair pulling, some bloody incidents, and even a box chucked at an elderly lady.

Ferrero, the owners of Nutella, stayed the hell away from this one, saying they had nothing to do with it, and the sale was completely at the discretion of Intermarche.

According to ABC, Nutella usually costs about 4.5 euros ($5.60), so the sale brought down the price to 1.4 euros ($1.74), saving them $3.86 for their violent troubles.

Human beings almost tore apart each other in order to save about $4.

Worth it.

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Ferrero Reportedly Buying Nestle For A Whopping $2.8 Billion


It was just last December that news broke of Nestle trying to sell off its U.S. confectionery unit, and while it seemed that Hershey’s might be the favorite to buy its rival’s popular chocolates, an unexpected player has swooped in, and looks to be crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s on a deal.

Ferrero — yes, the Italian company that makes Nutella and those delicious little hazelnut Ferrero Rocher chocolates — is closing in on a $2.8 billion acquisition of Nestle U.S., according to Bloomberg.

We could hear official news of the sale as soon as Sunday, and would seemingly help both companies, as Ferrero wants to build its confectionery presence in the U.S., while Nestle is trying to back off and focus more on its coffee, drinks, and basically every other product that is not candy-related.

Ferrero’s impending purchase of Nestle U.S. is huge news, if only for the prospects of having Nutella infused in some of our favorites sweets, such as Crunch, and even Butterfinger bars.

If Ferrero wants to dominate the chocolate world, and throw Nutella on everything, we won’t be mad at them. Do your thing, Ferrero.

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Nutella-Like Oreos Are Real And Coming Early 2018

If there were ever a flavor combination that made almost too much sense, it’s Nutella Oreos. While rumors spread of that the cookie flavor was coming, it is now official, as Oreo has confirmed a Chocolate Hazelnut flavor is coming in 2018.

It’s not an official collaboration with Nutella, unfortunately, but they’re basically Nutella what with the whole chocolate hazelnut flavor, and will be on store shelves starting January 1, along with a Spicy Hot Cinnamon flavor.

The Chocolate Hazelnut will have a Nutella-like creme, with a golden cookie sandwiching it. The Hot & Spicy will be kind of like a Hot Tamale candy, and will keep the classic cocoa cookie on the outside.

Both of these limited edition flavors hit the rumor mill when  food review blog Junk Banter posted a couple of photos back in October. Junk Banter is usually spot on with these Oreo sneak peeks, so it was only a matter of time before it became official.

Along with the new flavors, Oreo announced that in 2018, it would be bringing back its pink saliva-inducing Marshmallow Peeps flavor, along with the crackly Firework Oreos.

That’s a lot of big news coming from the Oreo camp, as 2018 is already looking pretty fantastic.

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These Hungarian Chimney Cakes Are The Steamy Dessert You’ve Never Tried

Newly opened in Anaheim, Calif., House of Chimney Cakes is bringing a delicious traditional Romanian pastry to Southern California, just in time for winter. So, get ready to push the donuts and churros aside and make room for chimney cakes!

Chimney cakes

Evan Lancaster/Foodbeast

These slightly crispy, flaky cylinder-shaped pillars of dough are referred to as “chimney cakes.” As it cools, these cone-shaped pastries let steam out from the top, creating the smoking chimney effect.

This Romanian dessert is made from Hungarian sweet bread that’s baked in a rotating oven, then coated with a sweet glaze.

Sporting a consistency between a donut and a churro, House Of Chimney Cakes in Anaheim gives guests full-control of toppings, but serves a variety of cakes rolled in cinnamon and sugar, crushed Oreos and even Fruity Pebbles cereal.

Chimney cakes

Chimney cakes can also be filled with Nutella, or soft serve ice cream, and topped with customizable flavors like s’mores. You could also just load it up with fresh fruit, either way, it’s going to be delicious.

So, for all you pastries lovers out there, just follow the smoke signals and head over to House Of Chimney Cakes.

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Here’s What The Internet Would Do With 20 Tons Of Nutella Hazelnut Spread

Last week, about 20 tons of Nutella were stolen from a truck in Germany. Authorities were baffled as to where all that hazelnut spread could have gone, or why so much was needed. The Nutella heist happened some time between Aug. 12 and Aug. 13. in the town of Neustadt, which resides about 120km from Frankfurt.

According to CBS Chicago, the stolen spread is valued at about $82,000. Neustadt police warn locals to be wary of someone offering them large quantities of chocolate through “unconventional channels.” Instances like this should be reported it to the authorities immediately.

User The-Potato-Lord posed a question on Reddit, in the wake of history’s biggest Nutella caper, asking:

If you suddenly came into the possession of 20 tons of Nutella, what would you do?

As a result of the call to action, we’re left with some pretty impressive options. Because who doesn’t dream of getting their hands on this plethora of sweet Nutella?

Here are all the clever and creative suggestions the Internet had to offer as to what to do with 20 tons of hazelnut spread:

And the #1 suggestion for the massive surplus of hazelnut spread: