ICYMI: LA is Getting a Nutella Bar! Probably


Just a sweet little update for all our West Coast readers: fancy-shmancy Italian food court Eataly is finally making its way to Los Angeles, bringing along with it all manner of fancy shmancy Italian pastas and cheeses and meats and fishes. Oh, and a Nutella Bar!*

*(We’re assuming, since the other two U.S. locations have one. And if we’re not getting a Nutella Bar, we’ll just, you know, burn the place down or something.)

Set to open in Westfield Century City by 2017, the new Eataly LA is part of a $700m upgrade for the 422,000 square foot mall, reports Eater. Though the official list of restaurants has yet to be confirmed, we expect our future Nutella Bar to offer a decadent spread of chocolate hazelnut glory, including Nutella croissants, Nutella crepes, and even Nutella cookie sandwiches made with hazelnut cookies, like its east coast counterparts.

Now if only we could get a Dominique Ansel Bakery.

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Dominique Ansel Celebrates CroNutell-iversaries with Nutella-Stuffed Cronut Holes


A year ago, Dominique Ansel’s Cronut wrecked the food industry, siring legions of sloppily named copycats and at least five new synonyms for “frankenfood.” 50 years ago, Italian chocolatier Ferrero SpA first introduced its chocolate and hazelnut-flavored crack spread to the world. Next Monday, the two diet destroyers will be partnering up to wreak sweet havoc on New York’s Eataly complex (where the new Nutella bar just opened) by selling hundreds if not thousands of Nutella-stuffed Cronut holes to celebrate their birthdays. We give it about a minute before the whole borough just implodes.

From 10 am to 2 pm (or probably 6 am to 11 am if past events are any indication), Ansel will be slinging tiny, sugar-dusted and Nutella-stuffed Cronut middles at the pedestrian pavilion by Madison Square Park. According to Grub Street, the sampling event will also serve as the kickoff party for Nutella’s upcoming 16-city national tour.

That said, Ansel has kept quiet on whether the Cronutella holes will make their way to official bakery shelves, though, when you have waffles made out of ice cream, who needs Nutella?


Nutella Bar Opening in NYC Monday


Last Fall Eataly Chicago debuted a Nutella Bar that made the country drool with envy. Coming Monday May 12, Eataly New York will be following suit with the grand opening of their own bar fully stocked with that chocolate hazelnut gold.

The move comes after Eataly Vino violated manufacturing laws and was prohibited from selling booze until October. The Nutella Bar has taken the wine shop’s place in the mean time, however there’s no word if the Nutella Bar is a temporary installation until the shop can start selling alcohol again.

The new Nutella Bar will feature a full menu of Nutella-licious items including a buttery croissant filled with Nutella, Nutella mini tarts, and of course crepes filled with, you guessed it, Nutella. The sweets will run you between $3-$6 but can you really put a price on that Nutella goodness?

In honor of its grand opening the Nutella Bar will be offering free pieces of bread smothered with Nutella from 5PM-9PM. The Nutella Bar will be open daily at 10AM.

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Chicago Gets Full-Blown, Bona Fide Nutella Bar


Oh, Chicago, how we envy you. Eataly Chicago, a 63,000-square -foot project spearheaded by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianic, opens its doors to the public on Monday, December 2. The 8-restaurant enterprise will feature a fully-stocked and staffed Nutella Bar, Eater reports.The bar will offer an array of bites, such as crepes and other sweets, decked out in the famed chocolate hazelnut spread.

Eataly boasts an expansive layout that’s 30 percent larger than its NYC predecessor and will also house a butcher and market. We imagine it will be the sort of place to enjoy a frou frou Nutella sandwich over your morning coffee. Sigh, we’ll be over here day dreaming and scooping ice cream out of half-eaten Nutella jars.

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