Sailor Moon Bibs for Adults Let You Cosplay at the Dinner Table


There are some things I can live without. Deep Fried Soup? I can live without it. Hot Ginger in a Can? Nope, don’t need it. Bacon Doritos? Ugh, well I guess it isn’t a life essential…

But Sailor Moon Bibs?! This is one thing I cannot compromise on. Japan is once again taking on the role of big fat tease and offering adult-size, Sailor Moon-themed bibs. The bibs were spotted by RocketNews24 at that the flagship Isetan department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo, which is also selling other Sailor Moon merchandise, such as socks fashioned after the knee-high sailor boots.


For those die-hard fans who collected the shiny, glittertastic cards and begged their parents to let you dress up as your favorite Sailor Scout for Halloween, this is big news. The bibs are available in five different designs, one for each of the series’ OGs (Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus).


Unfortunately, they’re only available in Japan until Isetan stops selling them on September 24 and will run you 1,575 yen (US $15.75) each. They’re also made of paper, meaning one bib is good for only one meal, so don’t try throwing them in the wash.

Like I said, I’m not comprising on this novelty swag. See you in Shinjuku, folks!

PicThx RocketNews24

Packaged Food

Cheesy Lobster-Flavored Lay’s Exists, Now We Can Die Happy


When I think of a lobster covered in cheese, I think flaky bits of hot pink flesh melting into bubbling layers of havarti. Never once has it crossed my mind to consolidate these colossal flavors into one, tiny potato chip. However, it seems that Lay’s is determined to make the impossible happen.

Marvo over at The Impulsive Buy recently received some novelty swag, aka Cheese Lobster-flavored Lay’s, thanks to a benevolent friend. According to Marvo, this is a regular flavor in China, and the packaging promises a “Classic Great Taste.” Unfortunately, this is where our hopes of potato chip decadence die.

Despite being “not as gross” as he expected, the cheese tasted oddly like butter and carried a sweet aroma, as opposed to a pungent smell. Yet the worst part was that the taste of lobster was barely distinguishable, making the entire bag of chips nothing but a greasy sack of disappointment. That’s not to say that I’ve given up hope. C’mon Lay’s, I have faith in you. If they can make Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos palatable, you can do anything.

H/T + PicThx The Impulsive Buy


Timmy’s Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls: A Mouthful of Heat

Now I like like a mouthful of Super Hot Candy Balls as much as any other guy, but will my mouth be able to handle Timmy’s Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls? These candies are reported to hit over one million SHU of heat on the Scoville Scale. To put that in terms of everyday spicy things we put in our mouths: A jalepeno only hits 8,000 on the SHU scale at most and the infamous habenero pepper maxes out at 350,000. That’s not even anywhere close to these candy balls.

Each box of Timmy’s Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls comes with 30 pieces of “The hottest balls you will ever eat.” So ask yourself, are you brave enough to put a ball in your mouth? Maybe even a mouthful of balls? If you think you’re game, the candy is available now at ThinkGeek for $7.99 a box.


Novelty Birth Control Gum

Anyone else smell a lawsuit in the making? I mean, I know that to the average human being, this would appear to be a blatantly obvious farce. Then again, you just know that someone, somewhere, is going to try and use this gum for its “intended purpose” and try to get litigious on the makers of this product.

The tag line the gum pushes speaks volumes — Specially formulated for single ladies in their 30’s.

Apart from some grammatical issues that arise with that sentence, the winking female caricature could be poking fun at those single ladies who are actually trying to either (a) pretend to themselves that they are on birth control, or (b) pretend to their man that they are on birth control. Maybe they really want a baby, want a baby-daddy, and want all that comes along with it.

Out of  fear of any ensuing legal repercussions, I would like to state now that this product does not, in fact, provide any birth control to its users. It’s gum. It’s gum with a mildly humorous gimmick. That is all.

($1.50 @ Amazon)