Depressingly Accurate Dino Coffee Mug Recreates Extinction In Your Hands


What really killed the dinosaurs? You can relive the tragic even in history with a mug that accurately chronicles how the thunder lizards died off. More or less.

Before hot liquid is added to the mug, a lush landscape is illustrated featuring the mighty dinosaurs. After you fill it with hot coffee, tea, water, or anything with a high enough temperature, the scene shifts completely showing everything dying off.

A perfectly melancholic way to start your day off.

You can find and purchase the cup on Amazon for about $16. We’re sure our bladders will thank us once the novelty wears off.


Hands-Free Pouch Holds Your Pizza In Case Of Emergency

Have you ever been stuck a a convention, or some kind of event where food wasn’t accessible until you sat through a boring presentation? Don’t worry, there’s a pouch that’ll solve your problem. A Pizza Pouch.

Exactly what it sounds like, this triangular pouch acts as a miniature container for your slice of pie. Now, whenever you’re craving a quick-fix, all you have to do is reach down into your pouch and pull out a pizza.

Easy lunch.

The pouch comes attached to a lanyard you can pretty much take wherever you go. You can purchase it at online retailer Stupidiotic for $8. We might have to grab a couple of this. Maybe enough to fit an entire pie around our necks.


Photos: Stupidiotic


These Sexy Panties Are Exclusive Only To Water Bottles


It’s crazy how often one sees a completely naked bottle of water out in public. Luckily, Japans is offering a solution.

Novelty producer Kitan Club created a unique line of underwear designed specifically for water bottles. The panties are made variety of different designs including stripes, polka dots, leopard skin, strawberries and plain.

For those that think this is simply another useless novelty, the panties actually act as glorified coasters. They’re able to absorb beads of water as the cold bottles begin to moisten and prevents tables from getting ruined.

Available online, the panties can be purchased for 200 yen ($1.60 US) through the club. Unfortunately, you can only get them for 500ml bottles.



These Whiskey Flasks Are Designed To Look Like Classic Game Cartridges


Usually when someone is seen carrying an old video game cartridge, they’re labeled as a vintage gamer. Now that this series of whisky flasks cleverly designed to look like retro games exists, they can also earn the label of drunk.

Designed by Matt Cornell of Ink Whiskey, the drinking flasks were inspired by his fondness of vintage video games. Each flask is a spoof on a classic video game including Mega-Man, Duck Hunt, Final Fantasy and many others. However, they all feature an alcoholic theme.

Check out some of the witty designs below.


The flasks can be found at Ink Whiskey for $20 each where complete collection can be viewed. It should also be noted that the whisky flasks should not be inserted into a vintage game console. Especially in a drunken state.


This Giant Pizza Beach Towel Will Keep You Dry and Onlookers Wet


When spending a day at the beach, one of the slightly minor annoyances is having to look for your towel spot after wandering too far away. So imagine if all you have to look for is a giant pepperoni pizza.

Pizza Towels has released a new beach variant for fans to enjoy. The new 4 foot, 11-inch beach and bath towel is pretty much a giant replica of a pizza. Made with a customized pepperoni print, the oversized circular towel will definitely turn a few heads when you’re at the beach.

If a giant pizza towel doesn’t sound awesome enough, the entire thing arrives in a pizza box.

The towel is available at Pizza Towels for $50. Definitely makes for a great gift.


This Wine Bottle Hoodie is So Cute it Makes My Head Hurt


It’s gotta be tough keeping your wine from getting too chilly on a cold winter’s day. You wouldn’t want it to catch anything. Thankfully, someone came up with a sensible solution to prevent such an inconvenience: Wine Bottle Hoodie.

The miniature hoodie zip-up comes in gray. Much like its life-sized counterpart, the product features everything a real hoodie would have. Well, except arm holes. Because having wine sit out in your household can get pretty boring, why not spend money to add a sense of novelty to your alcohol?

The Wine Bottle hoodie is available through retailer Urban Outfitters for $20. The snug jacket is a blend of cotton and polyester and should be machine washed.

H/T Design Taxi


TOASTIE: A Step-By-Step Guide to Taking a Selfie with Toast


For anyone sick to death of seeing selfies posted on their social media feeds, here’s a way raise the bar. Apparently, it’s possible to take a selfie of yourself on a piece of toast. Provided you have the time and equipment, or enough internet savvy to place an order at Burnt Impressions, home of the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp.

CEO and President Galen Dively explained the process for creating images of people on toast  to Mashable. Dively bought a CNC Plasma Cutter, a computerized metal cutting machine that creates requisite plates. The company makes novelty toasters with various logos, including the famous Jesus face. Now you can submit your own photos, for a price, get your custom toaster made and shipped.


Designing the Image


A digital photo is first uploaded onto the Vermont Toaster website.  There, the image is thrown on Photoshop and touched up. A hi-res image over a white background, however, is the preferred option as it speeds up the process.

Once edited, the photo is uploaded to a computer aided design program. It creates a relatively close duplicate of the face on toast by eliminating unnecessary lines.


Cutting the Plates


The image is sent to the Plasma Cutter which combines compressed air and electricity to create an incredibly hot plasma that can cut through metal. Once the plates are cut, and it looks good, the team makes the second plate.


Final Touches


The plates are polished throughly to get out all the rough edges.


Adding Custom Toaster Plates


Finally, the finished plates are added to a custom-made toaster with built-in rails to hold the plates inside. Each side of the toaster gets one plate with a face embedded onto it.


Boom. Selfie toast.



Picthx Galen Dively

Fast Food

Taco Bell Rolling Out XXL Steak Taco, Their ‘BIGGEST’ Taco Yet


Following the return of their XXL Steak Nachos, Taco Bell is giving their standard crunchy taco the same lovin’. Claiming it’s their “BIGGEST taco ever,” the chain’s new XXL Crispy Steak Taco packs double the steak with lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, avocado ranch sauce and reduced fat (unnecessary) sour cream fixings.

The fast food super taco will feature  a new, crispy shell and rolls out nationwide Thursday, February 27 at $2.99 each. If you want to opt of the steak and swap in shredded chicken or ground beef, it’ll run you$2.79 and $2.49, respectively.

Although, seeing as one simple crunchy taco costs $.99, we’re not sure if the XXL is worth it deal-wise. Unless you’re eating for novelty, which always (see usually) gets a gold sticker for effort.