Tasty Sushi Notepads Come in Tuna, Tamago and Salmon ‘Flavors’


Writing down notes can be tedious, especially if it’s a to-do list full of things you don’t actually want to do. Cutesy notepads and stationary can be perceived as slightly unnecessary but there is something to be said for sprucing up the daily grind with something that takes the edge off monotonous tasks. Notepads resembling sushi might provide a nifty little solution to this quandary. The only downside is, looking at them might make you hungry and, you can’t eat them. Sorry ’bout that.

Each sushi notepad pack comes with four kinds of mini memos — tamago, salmon, tuna, and fatty tuna — and eventually, after working your way through the colorful ‘fish’ on top, you’ll be left with a stack of plain white sheets. These notepads should really peel from top-to-bottom (the multicolored side), so you can imagine eating a piece of sushi with each piece of paper you rip off. Although since you’re not actually eating sushi, that might be more of a cruel joke than it is appeasing.

Yours for $19, the sushi notepad quartet can be purchased here.




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This Tax Protester Leaves Angry Anti-Tax Note Instead of Tip


Yikes. There are a fair amount of tax payers out there who are all a flurry over the recent passage of Prop 30 in November. Apparently, some of these tax payers are so upset that they’ve taken it upon themselves to print out little cards of protest.

Like this patron (see the above). Originally spotted on Reddit by user nickshambo, he explains that a “Friend got this as a tip. I’d be livid.”

While Biz Insider’s Kim Bhasin cautiously notes that the card may be fake, let’s assume it is genuine and check the situation real quick: The guy or gal who left the card in lieu of an actual tip claims that as “a direct result of Propostion 30” s/he finds that they “must cut back on discretionary spending and gratuities.”

Note: While Prop 30 does raise sales taxes, this patron is most likely complaining about the tax increase for individuals in California with an annual income of $250,000. Buddy, we understand your passive aggressive fury. Although, next time, instead of spending cash printing out infuriating cards, stay home, save your money and pop a hot pocket in the oven.

H/T Biz Insider + PicThx Reddit