Fast Food

KFC Japan’s ‘Kentucky Chicken Rice’ Takes the Double Down to Another Level of Insanity



KFC Japan once again takes fast food to another level of insanity by adding a rice patty infused with mayo and ketchup to the already gluttonous Double Down — resulting in the Kentucky Chicken Rice. 

Note, your “standard” KFC Double down is a sandwich featuring two chunks of chicken instead of buns, melted cheese, “secret sauce,” and bacon. While the new Kentucky Chicken Rice (450 yen ~ $4.95) substitutes the bacon with its rice patty, we doubt it’s any less heartier than the original. In fact, it’s probably like eating an entire chicken and rice dish in one huge bite of awesome.

Although, before you get your hopes up let me remind you that the Kentucky Chicken Rice is only available in Japan. We know, we’re jelly too.

H/T Inventor Spot + PicThx Huffpo