This 11-Month Live Stream Of Caviar Aging Is As Exciting As You Think


Live streams of food cooking can be incredibly relaxing to watch. Arby’s, for example, streamed 13 intense hours of brisket cooking. Norwegian food company Mills is now doing something similar with their caviar and it’s super exciting.

Not really.

Documenting the 11-month aging process of caviar, Mills threw a camera in front of several caviar-filled barrels in a warehouse.

The process began on Aug. 19, 2015 and will continue through July 19, 2016.

So what you’re looking at is hours upon ours of blue barrels sitting there sealed. The only thing that actually moves is a tiny clock that lets you know you’re not staring at a still image for hours.

The video was inspired by the “Slow TV” movement where the most mundane things (12 hours of knitting, a fire being built) would be live streamed for folks at home to watch.

If you’re already on the edge of your seat watching this caviar age then get ready, sources say the barrels will be flipped upside down in a few months.

Can’t wait.