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KFC Trolls McDonald’s While Reminding Us We All Might Die Soon

There’s nothing like a restaurant using the real-life threat of nuclear war to put up a perfectly timed tweet that not only takes shots at a major competitor, but conveniently advertises its menu.

KFC UK and Ireland took direct cues from a President Donald Trump tweet where he basically told North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un that the U.S. has bigger nukes than they do, in the most terrifying game of chicken you’ll ever see.

Aside from making light our certain dystopian future, KFC used Trump’s tweet format to take a shot at McDonald’s, saying:

“McDonald’s leader Ronald just stated he has a “burger on his desk at all times”. Will someone from his big shoed, red nosed regime inform him that I too have a burger on my desk, but mine is a box meal which is bigger and more powerful than his, and mine has gravy!

McDonald’s has not responded to the tweet because they either feel they don’t need to, or they’re afraid of an attack from KFC, led by Colonel Sanders and his military prowess.

There’s nothing like memes and gravy to diffuse a nuclear situation.

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Defected North Korean Soldier To Get Free Choco Pies For Life

You might think that someone who just defected from North Korea might want asylum, protection, or something more security-related upon waking up after their successful escape. One soldier who crossed over, however, just wanted Choco Pies, and will now get a lifetime supply as a result.

choco pies

Photo: Steven Tom // Flickr

According to Fox News, the defector, Oh, had been through two surgeries after being shot five times in his attempt to escape into South Korea. Upon waking up, he asked doctors for a Choco Pie, the Korean Herald reports.

Those unfamiliar with Choco Pies can best compare them to Moon Pies, as both are layers of cake and marshmallow coated in a veil of chocolate. Apparently, Oh and others got hooked on the sweet treats while they were being produced at the Kaesong Industrial complex. Located across the demilitarized zone, South Korean firms can manufacture products using North Korean labor here. Operations for Orion, the company that makes Choco Pies, had ended in the area in early 2016. However, North Koreans had already become addicted to the snack cakes while Orion was up and running.

When Orion heard about the defector’s request, they stepped up to the plate, delivering more than 100 boxes of the treat to the hospital he was staying at. They’ve since agreed to give him a lifetime supply of the treat he so craved upon his escape.

“We sent the Choco Pies as a welcoming present to Oh, who came to Korea after going through hardship,” an Orion spokesperson said to the Korean Herald. “It was not an act for publicity.”

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North Korean Refugees Try American BBQ For The First Time [WATCH]

We’ve written about DigitalSojuTV in the past. These are the dudes behind such videos as Korean Girls Try authentic Mexican food for the first time and the three iconic types of American pizza for the first time.

While the reactionary videos are no doubt amusing, the popular YouTube channel has decided to dig a little deeper into their newest piece of content.

For their latest, a panel of four North Korean refugees are taken to a restaurant in South Korea where they get to try American barbecue for the first time in their lives. Trying barbecue for the first time is truly a life-changing experience in itself, so the producers didn’t want to give them anything less than amazing, authentic food.

To do so, they tapped pitmaster Augustin Flores of Sweet Oak in Wonju, South Korea. Flores, half Korean himself, is a classically-trained chef who was also taught to barbecue by celebrity pitmasters Harry Soo (winner of BBQ Pitmasters season one), Myron Mixon (four-time barbecue World Champion), and the late Konrad Haskins (BBQ Institute, Texas).

Among the meats they try are pulled pork, a pulled pork slider, beef brisket, burnt ends, beef ribs, Texas-German sausage, smoked chicken, a plethora of classic BBQ sides, and popular sauces. In short, this was a glorious crash course into the world of American BBQ.

As the group eats, they recall stories of life in North Korea and the hardships they had to endure. This includes everything from minuscule rations, eating dog meat, and the possibility of being executed for consuming beef.

Check out the incredibly beautiful video to hear some heartbreaking stories of life in North Korea while learning more about the flavorful culture of American BBQ.

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This Guy Tried Dog Soup In Korea And Loved It

Eating dogs is still a thing, and will likely remain as long as there are hungry people in the 11 countries that still eat dog meat. As disgusting and appalling as it might sound to us, eating our canine companions is no more strange to billions of people than eating beef or chicken.

One user on Imgur known as chrisron posted a picture of his meal during his visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, aka North Korea. According to chrisron, his lunch consisted of mostly unrecognizable things, as is pretty common in a fairy tail country like North Korea.

But his main course was the dog soup, and according to him, he loved it! “I saw it on the menu and absolutely had to try it. It was fantastic, best thing I ate in the DPRK. I would describe dog as tasting like very tender lamb. Would eat again.”

Would you try it?

Dog soup



Photo Credit: 2 Cute Animal Pics, Imgur


South Koreans Activists Send North Koreans Choco Pies Across the Border — With Balloons


The hallmark of a good friend is that they’ll always have your back, whether that means helping you move, hiding a dead body, or even sneaking illegal snack foods across military borders.

Previously offered as treats to North Korean factory workers, the South Korean chocolate and marshmallow sponge cakes known as Choco Pies were banned in North Korea back in May for being a “symbol of capitalism,” reports The Guardian. Now, in an act of sweet tooth solidarity, South Korean activists have launched approximately 10,000 Choco Pies to their North Korean brethren across the border Wednesday morning. And they did it using helium balloons.

According to CNN, Choco Pies have been sold on the North Korean black market for as much as $10 apiece. Factory owners have been told to replace employees’ snacks with other, less explicitly South Korean, rewards, such as cup noodles or instant coffee, a change that has been met with positive feedback. Still, activists insist they will continue their balloon launches, despite threats of bombings from North Korean capital Pyongyang.

“We will continue to send Choco Pie by balloons because it is still one of the most popular foodstuffs, especially among hungry North Koreans,” activist Choo Sun-Hee said, reports The Guardian.

Best. Supports. Ever. Just one question: how do they control where the balloons land?


North Korean Officials Shut Down ‘Cheap Beer’ Brewery


We have a lot of faith in beer as a political peacemaker, but North Korea might prove to be the exception. Just ask Harry Kim, a Chinese citizen of Korean descent who invested $32,000 to set up a brewery in North Korea — only to be shut down when North Korean officials refused to approve the project.

The entire country of North Korea has fewer than a dozen breweries, which makes beer a popular but expensive luxury. Kim’s plan to introduce cheap beer was so popular that employees were willing to go without sleep to make it happen — when power cuts made it impossible to electronically monitor the brewing process, employees “got chairs and sat there looking at gauges, not sleeping, one person at each position.”

Although Kim’s brewery was a success, North Korean officials never gave him permission to expand and Kim “eventually gave up” and returned to China. Here’s hoping that Kim’s brewery attempt won’t be the last, and that North Korean officials will see that locally brewed beer is a pretty great way to achieve national unity. Or at least to take the edge off of those nuclear war threats. Just a thought.

H/T NY Times + PicThx Kim Jong Il Looking At Things


North Korea Halts Nukes for 264,000 Tons of Food

Can food be the way to world peace? In recent news, apparently it can be. For now at least, North Korea has suspended it’s nuclear weapons program in exchange for 264,000 tons of food. Seems great right? Well considering that the average person consumes about a ton of food a year this peace offering may only last a few months, which shows that the belly is the ultimate beast.

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