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Pork Crusted Pizza Will Change The Way You Look At Pizza Forever

With only hours before FOODBEASTs’ first-ever meat festival, MEAT STREET Presented By The Makers Of SPAM at Main Place Mall kicks off April 22, all we can do to prepare ourselves for the looming full-day meat retreat is preview what’s in store for those of you that are already salivating. Somewhere between the fried calamari fries, the Texas Chop Sandwich, or FOODBEAST’s Bucket-O-Ribs, Norigami Pork has managed to create a tender, juicy pork pizza that’s anything but ordinary. In fact, it’s extraordinary.

Norigami’s Pork Crusted Pizza is a thick cut slice of pork, rolled in panko and deep fried until golden brown. Some Sriracha Barbecue sauce is added for a super-spicy kick. Finally, this pork crusted pizza is topped with shredded mozzarella cheese, chopped red and green onions, and, of course, BACON!

Norigami Pork will be serving up these delicious pork pizzas in the VIP section of MEAT STREET, which is ALL-YOU-CAN-CONSUME food and beer. So if you’re positive you don’t want to miss this action, head over to and grab a VIP ticket for you and a friend. Because with a food vendor line up this intense, you’re going to need some backup. Well, that and you can have them get you seconds once you’re too full to walk.

Hope to see you there!