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This Bottle Service Includes A MASSIVE 15 POUND Lobster

Bottle service at the club tends to be a rip off. Spending a quick $2000 only to have two measly bottles of alcohol and some sparklers show up is absolutely shameful. Luckily, Foodbeast is here to take a stand.

At Foodbeast’s upcoming noodles festival, Nood Beach, which takes place on September 1st in Huntington Beach, CA, bottle service is an all-encompassing affair. You can not only get bottles delivered to you and your friends’ table, but also a massive 15lb lobster.

Fif-teen. Just look at how big the claw is.

In case you’re still hungry, it’s served over a bed of luscious noodles, cherry tomatoes, and bok choy, all sauteed in garlic sauce. 

The service doesn’t skimp on the alcohol, either. The default can be Dom Pérignon – two bottles of it on ice – but ultimately, the choice is yours! It all has the same effect anyways, right?

If you’re interested, email for pricing here at Prices range depending on the package you choose. 

So, if you want to eat a 15 pound lobster, see a 15 pound lobster, or just be in the spiritual presence of a 15 pound lobster while you eat at one of the other 20+ noodles vendors, make sure to head out to Nood Beach in a couple weeks.

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Japanese Fried Chicken and Noodles Are Squad AF In This Crazy Ramen Waffle Cone

We already know chicken karaage and ramen to be a fire combination. Making that portable with a chicken karaage ramen cone, however, is pushing the iconic pairing to the extreme bounds of deliciousness.

Catering company The Milky Way is putting together such a cone for Foodbeast’s AYCE Asian food festival, NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Original Cup Noodles on January 27th in Santa Ana, CA. You can find this particular noodle-laden item inside of the Marketplace area.

Now, fried chicken in a cone was already a pretty popular item on Instagram in 2017. For 2018, though, The Milky Way is pushing the bounds of that fad by making the actual cone out of ramen itself. The ramen “waffle cone” is crammed full of chicken karaage and even more noods. Kimchi adorns the top of this ramen-ception for a perfect finish.

karage chicken ramen cone

The Milky Way’s epic fusion of chicken karaage, ramen, and chicken cones, is sure to make a splash in the NOODS NOODS NOODS Marketplace. If you want a piece of the action on this item, be sure to snag some tickets to the Marketplace here. There’s also two all-you-can-consume VIP sessions, if you’re interested in maximum indulgence — which we’re always advocates of.


These Nachos Will Change The Way You Look At Lasagna Forever


Forget what you thought you knew about lasagna, because the Italian dish just got remixed into nacho form, ready for you to eat with your hands.

Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza in Newport Beach, California, cooked the lasagna noodle itself to a crisp, letting it act as the chip, while all the familiar ingredients of mozzarella cheese, Italian meatballs and marinara sauce still layer it over top.

The exclusive dish can be found at the Foodbeast’s Noods Noods Noods festival, presented by Cup Noodles, January 14 in the eSports Arena of Downtown Santa Ana, California.

Sgt. Peppereroni teamed up with Foodbeast before, serving up some bombastic Pizza-Wrapped Meatballs during the 2016 Ooozefest.

If you want to give this a try, Sgt. Pepperoni will be inside the VIP section of the noodle festival, during both the 1 p.m., and 5 p.m. sessions.

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We Need To Talk About This Cheesy Drunken Sailor Ramen

You might remember salivating a while back over Mess Hall Canteen’s insane soft-shelled crab mac n’ cheese tater tots. Now, the Southern California-based food truck has come up with an exclusive menu item that’s sure to titillate any noodle-lover in the region.

Mess Hall Canteen’s new Drunken Sailor Ramen is set to make its debut at NOODS NOODS NOODS, an upcoming Asian fusion and noodle event presented by Cup Noodles and hosted by yours truly, the Foodbeast fam. The dish features ramen noodles covered in a copious amount of creamy cheese “broth” and served with bacon, lobster, and snow crab. The hearty dish is then topped with masago aioli and shredded nori to bring the ramen noodle concept together.

If you happen to be in the Orange County area on Jan. 14, you can actually try the dish at NOODS among a plethora off mouthwatering Asian-inspired dishes. You can snag your Marketplace tickets (buy as you go), or VIP (all-you-can-consume) through this link. Hope to see you there!