Every Food You HAVE To Track Down At Nood Beach

On September 1st, Huntington Beach, CA, will turn into a nood beach — and not exactly the kind you think. That’s because Foodbeast will be throwing their Nood Beach food festival there! There will noodles galore, with over 20 vendors offering their own unique interpretations of Pan Asian-influenced dishes and noodles. To get a jump start on what to target there, here’s a comprehensive list of what you can expect to chomp on at Nood Beach!

The Coconut Truck

Orange County’s The Coconut Truck will be pulling up to serve Vietnamese- style garlic noodles topped with braised oxtail, crispy shallots, and black garlic confit.


Ellie’s, an Italian kitchen in Irvine, CA, will be serving up a spicy carbonara with a twist. Made with English peas, this classic dish is dyed green and topped with a sunny side up egg.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen will be spinning out a dish called The Tornado. This cup comes full of ramen noods cooked in XO sauce (a spicy sauce made with assorted chilies and spices like cumin, tumeric, and tamarind), as well as a fried egg, Asian broccoli, and slow-cooked, candied pork belly.

The Golden Marrow

The bone marrow maestros at LA’s The Golden Marrow will have both noods and non-noods dishes. Pictured above is their new Strawberry Shortcake Bone Barrow. A dessert bone marrow? Unheard of! After being grilled, they top this hearty chunk of marrow with a vanilla glaze, fresh strawberries, a strawberry reduction sauce, gold dust, mint leaves, and a piece of French toast. They’ll also be serving up their garlic marrow with noodles, and a truffle marrow with noodles.

Hug Life

Even the deserts are noodle shaped at Nood Beach. Hug Life will be serving a Smurfberry S’mores with a nood-shaped version of their blueberry anti-dairy ice cream. Served in a chocolate dipped waffle cone, the bowl comes with roasted marshmellows, coconut, dark chocolate chips, and cinnamon graham crackers.

LaoMazing Eats

LaoMazing Eats has got an ode to our avian counterparts. Served on a banana leaf, the Bird’s Best Nest comes with a bed of crispy noodles, quail eggs, chunks of beef, and sauteed veggies, all cooked in a savory Lao gravy.

Lettuce Eat

Coming all the way down from Sherman Oaks, CA, Lettuce Feast will be featuring their plant-based comfort food. This fried chikn mac n’ cheeze sandwich with a hot honey glaze will be available at Noods Beach for all our vegan Foodbeasts.

Lia’s Lumpia

Lia’s Lumpia will be combining a Filipino staple and a Japanese staple with their Pork Belly Ramen Lumpia, which is filled to the brim with Maruchan ramen noodles, pork belly, bok choy, ginger, mushrooms, green onion, and calamansi mayo. They’ll also have their famed Lola’s Lumpia and chicken adobo wings available for purchase.


Huntington Beach’s own LSXO will be slinging a big bowl of vermicelli noodles topped with lemongrass beef, curried prawns, Vietnamese herbs, cucumber, a nuoc cham sauce, and crushed peanuts.

Mealtop Cafe

Not everything needs to be nood. Mealtop Cafe is sticking with what they know best: their delectable bingsu. This classic Korean desert is piled high with shaved ice and red bean paste, then drizzled with condensed milk and matcha.

Mess Hall Canteen

Mess Hall Centeen is bringing the beef with their kalbi brisket noods. After marinating the brisket in a kalbi marinade for 24 hours, it’s then braised for 10 hours and smoked. After being cooled and sliced, it’s tossed in a sous vide to ensure maximum tenderness. Then, it’s crusted with togarashi and Mess Hall’s kalbi BBQ sauce and thrown on noodles bathed in a spicy sauce and topped with kimchi, spiced pickled carrot, and daikon.

Miss Mini Donuts

Irvine, CA’s Miss Mini Donut will have ginormous stacks of cinnamon sugar mini donuts drizzled in chocolate and delivered in a takeout box with crispy noods tossed in cinnamon sugar.

Monster Energy & After’s Ice Cream

After’s Ice Cream, innovators of the legendary Milky Bun, will be premiering their collaboration with Monster Energy. Their new Java Monster-flavored ice cream will be available, along with a couple other classic After’s flavors.

Mussels and Pearls

Mussels and Pearls are rolling out grilled oysters topped with garlic, shoyu, their own cheese blend and crispy noodle strips. These massive Pacific oysters are all 6-8 inches in size, and can be purchased in a sampler pack with the aforementioned oysters along with some of their more well known oyster recipes.

Nitrolado Cafe

Nitrolado Cafe will be premiering their Doodlenut, a savory doughnut made entirely of ramen. Doughnut options include the Tokyo Style Doodlenut, which comes with cheese, sukiyaki beef, pickled radish, and furikake, and the Hawaiian Style Doodlenut, which is topped with cheese, Spam, pineapple, okinomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, and furikake.

The Sandwich Society

The Sandwich Society is based in the belief in our beloved carbohydrates. So they doubled down for Nood Beach. They’ll be serving a grilled cheese stuffed with gochujang (a Korean chili paste) tossed noods.

SeaLegs at the Beach

SeaLegs will be hosting this lovely event. The home court favorites will be dishing out a coconut shell with coconut curry noods aptly crowned with a giant prawn.

Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza Store

Noods are a worldwide favorite. Continuing with the theme of combining national cuisines, Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza Store will be serving a sheet pan pepperoni pizza where the entire crust is composed of ramen noodles.

Shomi Noods

Shomi Noods is no stranger to the nood game. They’ve got their recipes down, and are focusing on presentation. Take for instance their jiggle ramen, which is tossed in their house Crack sauce, topped with fried garlic, sautéed red cabbage, shredded carrots, green onion, red radish, shredded nori, and roasted chashu, and served in a vacuum sealed cup ready to be shaken and consumed.


Slapfish will be serving a Lobster Bucatini tossed in toasted brown butter and a dash of lobster bisque. Finished at the last minute with a lobster claw, whole butter, fresh parmesan cheese, a squeeze of lemon, and a handful of herbs, this dish is sure to grab attention.


Tastea will be working double duty during the event, serving both food and drinks. On the libations side, they’ll have a guava hibiscus spritzer, only available at Nood Beach, and their PeachMe Sweet Tea, which is black tea with real strawberry and peach bits. Food-wise, they’ll be serving their crowd favorite popcorn chicken.

Ten Asian Bistro

This may look like your average fair food, but it’s not. At all. Ten Asian Bistro is doling out a slow braised pork belly, wrapped in Chinese style egg noodle, which is then fried crispy, dipped in Nashville hot butter, and sprinkled with parmesan. Sheesh.


If any of these options caught your eye, make sure to head out to Nood Beach, this Sunday, September 1st! Tickets can purchased at

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Every Single Newsworthy Item At Foodbeast’s NOODS NOODS NOODS Fest

This weekend, Foodbeast is hosting its second annual Asian food festival: NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Original Cup Noodles. The event on Saturday, January 27th will have some of Southern California’s dopest chefs, restaurants, and breweries lining the street with food and merriment, with a bustling Super Smash Bros. tournament unfolding inside the Esports Arena.

As tradition has it at Foodbeast festivals, chefs and restaurateurs have taken to create 20+ different and exclusive menu items across the all-you-can-consume VIP and buy-as-you-go Marketplace sections. Some restaurants, like festival regular Bruxie, often use the festival as a playground to trial items that may later appear on their permanent menu.

In between stuffing your face with iconic noodle dishes and craft brews from some of the area’s most sought after brewers, attention will also be on one of the largest Super Smash Bros. tournament in the area. Inside the walls of the Esports Arena, hundreds of competitors will duke it out over a cash prize pool listed in the thousands. If you’re interested in a last minute signup to strut your Smash Bros. skills, sign up on the website!

Those of you checking out the intense Super Smash Bros. tournament at the Esports Arena and perusing the NOODS marketplace will want to have a guide to take you through the gauntlet of noodle deliciousness in store.

The all-you-can-consume VIP section is filled with so many unique eats you’ll want to pace yourself to really achieve full satisfaction. Luckily, we’ve got all the deets right here for y’all to peruse. This list right here showcases every exclusive eat that’ll be available in the Marketplace and VIP sections of the festival.

Official event information and tickets are available on We also recommend following the Noods OC Facebook Event Page and our regularly updated @NoodsNoodsNoods Instagram.


A lot of the following Marketplace vendors will be selling more than one item, we are just highlighting the exclusive menu items only available at this event.

Norigami Tacos

jumbo cheesy ramen eggrolls

Norigami’s menu will be featuring these cheesy seafood ramen eggrolls. Bacon, imitation crab, cream cheese, and ramen are all stuffed inside of these on-the-go bites. Norigami’s exclusive item is a creative mashup of crab rangoons, ramen, and egg rolls.

The Mad Dumpling Truck

Mad Dumpling is serving up a hefty portion of pan-fried bulgogi beef dumplings in the NOODS marketplace. They’re served in a bed of sesame gochujang noodles and garnished with scallions, kimchi, and sesame seeds.

Drizzle Inc.

Matcha Kit Kats and Pocky crown Drizzle’s epic dessert, a sesame ice cream funnel cake cone. Coconut jelly, sprinkles, whipped cream, and condensed milk round out the toppings on this sweet tooth-busting treat.

The Milky Way

Catering company The Milky Way is selling a karaage chicken ramen cone that’ll leave you starstruck. The actual cone is a ramen-infused waffle, and even more noodles come stuffed into the cone with the Japanese fried chicken. There’s also kimchi on top to turn up the heat on this trendy fusion of fried chicken and ramen.

The Tri Tip Man

California barbecue meets Chinese noodles in the Tri Tip Man’s sweet and spicy tri-tip lo mein. The meat and noodles are drenched in two different sauces: a sweet and spicy plum sauce and a zesty sesame drizzle.

Ninjas With Appetite

On top of a brand new teriyaki surf and turf ramen that’ll be making its exclusive debut at NOODS, Ninjas with Appetite will also be selling their internet-famous teriyaki cheesesteak burrito, giving you a chance to try one if you’ve been missing out on the opportunities so far.

Haute Sandwich Hut

Haute Sandwich Hut will be serving up a special surf & turf burrito in the NOODS Marketplace. They’re made with shrimp, steak, lettuce, tomato, onion, cilantro, Top Ramen, sour cream, black beans, shredded cheese, and pico de gallo.


A whole fresh soft-shelled crab is served up in Megadon‘s Marketplace offering. The deep-fried shellfish is served on top of a bed of curry udon noodles, made with carrots, onions, and garlic butter.

Red Envelope

noods marketplace

A nest of fried noodles is the final resting place for an entire Cajun lobster before it makes its way into your mouth. Known as Red Envelope‘s Cajun Lobster Nest, it also comes with corn, cilantro, and a Cajun XO Sauce.

And for the thirsty, there will also be three special beers on tap for sale in the Marketplace:

The Bruery will be serving up their ‘Mischief’, a tropical and fruity Belgian-style Ale. The Good Beer Company will have ‘I Got This’, an American-style Pale Ale, on tap. Finally, Smog City Brewing will offer up ‘Little Bo Pils’, one of their brewed Pilsners.


Bruxie: Kickin’ Kimchi Ramen Waffle

With a noodle twist on their classic fried chicken and waffle sandwich, Bruxie’s VIP item consists of a ramen waffle bun, kimchi cheese sauce, pork belly, and their kickin’ chicken.

Ninjas With Appetite: Teriyaki Cheesesteak Ramen

Ninjas With Appetite created an epic Teriyaki Cheesesteak burrito that went viral in 2017. In that same vein, their teriyaki cheesesteak ramen will consist of teriyaki steak, and cheesy ramen noodles.

Belly Bombz Kitchen: Firecreacker Chicken Ramen Quesadilla

Belly Bombz is going crazy with a quesadilla made with ramen crepe batter. Stuffing it with their firecracker chicken, corn, cheddar, onion, and green onion makes their noodle mission complete.

Haute Sandwich Hut: Neapolitan Ramen Waffle

The exclusive dish from Haute consists of fried ramen noodles that are waffle-ized and topped with bits of Chinese chicken sausage, green onion, forbidden rice, and a sweet & sour drizzle.

Cali Tacos: Carne Asada Cup Noodles

Cali Taco’s owner, Josh Torres, has developed a special Carne Asada ramen that heralds his signature restaurant. The noodles come with carne asada, shredded cheddar, cabbage, pico de gallo, and cotija cheese, all topped with Cali Sauce.

Ten Asian Bistro: Spam, Eggs and Parmesan Cup Noodles

Ten Asian Bistro’s Andrew Molleda has given a breakfast-like twist to Cup Noodles. Spam, scrambled eggs, veggies, and ramen noodles are tossed together in a house Yakisoba sauce and Sriracha. That all gets topped off with quail eggs, more spam, and nori.

Starry Kitchen: Chili Crab Noodles

Starry Kitchen starts off with a live crab to make these noodles happen. The crab is fried then cooked in a spicy Chinese chicken stock. That sauce gets an egg scrambled in before getting ladeled over a pile of garlic noodles.

Clever Leaf: Stuffed Crab Claw Garlic Noodles

A traditional Chinese dim sum item gets elevated in this exclusive Clever Leaf item. Garlic noodles are stuffed into a shrimp patty, which is deep-fried with a soft shell crab claw sticking out of it.

Miyabi Uni: Miyabi Uni Ramen Bowl

Miyabi’s special Seafood Ramen Bowl is topped with uni, aka sea urchin. It’s made with a seafood ramen base and served with a spicy sauce that’ll make your tastebuds tingle.

Supernatural Sandwiches: Scallop and Bacon Mini Roll

scallop roll

An explosion of seafood flavor, this mini scallop roll comes with a plethora of toppings. Romaine lettuce, bacon, aguachile ponzu, and black garlic squid ink aioli all turn this sandwich into a mouthwatering, unique bite.

Mama Kristy’s: Mama Kristy’s Chicken Soto Ramen

A take on Indonesian Chicken Soto, a herbal broth made with onions and other aromatics is served alongside chicken and egg to make this Chicken Soto Ramen a prime option.

The Pie Hole: Yakisoba Pot Pie

The Pie Hole is putting a unique Japanese twist on their classic pies. Their Yakisoba Pot Pie consists of yakisoba noodles, steak, cabbage, and yakisoba sauce packed into a mini pie crust.

Megadon: Mini Poke Bowl

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If you’re looking for a quick refreshment from all of the starchy noodles, Megadon will have some fresh poke bowls available in the VIP section as a neat palate cleanser.

Red Envelope: Summer Spring Rolls

Sure it’s not summer anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sink your teeth into Red Envelope’s vibrant Summer Spring Rolls. The rolls are wrapped with ingredients like steak strips, peppers, onions, cilantro, vermicelli, strawberries, and avocado inside.

Sgt. Pepperoni’s x Oak & Coal collab: Pizza Dough Dumplings

Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza store teamed up with Oak & Coal in Costa Mesa to make a pizza dough dumpling filled with organic pork belly, chicken, tofu, kimchi, and mozzarella cheese.

En Tu Boca: Ramen Crusted Chicken Wings

Wings are the ultimate party food. What better way to kick off the festivities than to crush a few dozen of these ramen-crusted chicken wings from En Tu Boca? Remember, there’s no wrong way to eat a chicken wing.

We haven’t seen what these babies look like yet, but if they’re anything like the name indicates, we’re going to have a good time.

Jinny’s Pizzeria: Cheesy Corn Pizza

If you need a brief break form the noodle action, you can grab a slice of pizza, because who can say no to pizza? Jinny’s Pizzeria will have cheesy corn pizza slices on deck for the masses.



The Dirty Cookie: Ube and Matcha Cookie Shots

Not only will TDC bring its Matcha Green Tea Cookie Shot, but it will be making an exclusive Ube Cookie Shot, as well.

The Loop: Lil Loop Churros

The Loop will be bringing its popular churros to Noods Fest, but in mini form. Fans can choose between an ube glaze churro with shredded coconut, a cinnamon churro with pineapple glaze, and a matcha glaze churro with almonds.

Creamistry: Choco Pie Nitro Shake

Creamistry’s signature nitrogen infused “NitroShake” will be garnished with Choco Pies, marshmallows, and whipped cream.


Hint Water will keep everyone hydrated in VIP!

Pass the hint please 🤜

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There will also be five breweries inside the VIP section offering up a variety of unique beers. Twenty Eight, Towne Park Brewery, Bruery Terreux, The Good Beer Company, and Smog City Brewing will all be on tap. Bruery Terreux will have their Fredereick H., The Good Beer will serve a Fiesta Farmhouse Ale, and Smog City Brewing will have a beer known as Sabre Toothed Squirrel.

If you haven’t gotten tickets yet to the Marketplace or VIP section and want to get one (or all) of these items, make sure to snag some before heading to NOODS NOODS NOODS!