‘Roscoe’s’ Fried Chicken and Ramen, Because This is Japanmerica

For those of you who witnessed the glory that is “Clam Chowder Udon” last week, here’s yet another Asian fusion-y soup item that is equal parts evil genius and starving college student.

Five words, are you ready?

“Roscoe’s” Fried Chicken. And Ramen.

Granted, breaded chicken in salty soup isn’t an entirely new concept – many restaurants have been doing it for years. But butter, hot sauce and maple syrup-soup? Is this real life?

Hats off yet again to the brilliant minds at Cleveland’s Noodlecat, this time for proving that butter does indeed go with everything.

Now if only it came with a side of waffles.

[Photo via Foodspotting]


This is What Clam Chowder Udon Looks Like

Earlier this week I had a chance to fly out to Cleveland, Ohio for Certified Angus Beef’s 2012 Culinary Ideation and Trends Session. The post for all that is coming soon, but while I was there, I also caught wind of at least one food item I never thought I would hear about, ever.

I im’ed my editor immediately:

“Clam. Chowder. Udon.”

This explosion of East meets . . . further . . . East comes from Cleveland-based restaurant Noodlecat, which opened in August 2011. Branded as a “slurpalicious Japanese-American mash-up from Chef Jonathon Sawyer,” much of Noodlecat’s menu looks like what happens when a college student decides to go to culinary school and comes back to make the exact same foods he made before, only a million times better.

To be honest, the whole menu is jaw-dropping, so expect this to turn into a continuing series of posts, but to kick us off, the Clam Chowder Udon pictured above is a fusion-inspired soup made with udon noodles, potatoes, onions, celery and bacon, in a creamy clam and bonito broth.

Truth be told, the official menu actually says the bacon is “optional,” but if you’re a regular Foodbeast reader, you should know by now that bacon is never optional. And if you’re a regular Foodbeast reader from Ohio, neither is paying Noodlecat a visit. Like, right now.

[Photo via Noodlecat]