You Can Actually Buy A Working BANANA PHONE

A phone with appeal.

No better pun could describe what potentially will be the most sought-out food-themed gadget to hit the markets: the banana phone.

Created by a group aptly named Banana Phone, the device is shaped like the bright yellow fruit beloved by monkeys and humans alike.

The phone is actually a bluetooth enabled handset that connects to your smart phone. Once paired with your device, it’s able to receive and make phone calls. Through Siri/Google Assistant, you won’t even have to dial.

One percent of phone profits will to towards Gearing Up For Gorillas, a nonprofit that focuses on the conservation of the rare mountain gorilla in Virunga National Park.

The banana phone is estimated to cost a suggested retail price of $50 once it goes on sale, but you can back it for $40 on the company’s Indiegogo page, where you can also find more information about the product.

Feel Good News

This Campaign Lets You Feed The Hungry By Deleting Instagram Food Pics


We’ve all taken photographs of our foods. In a social media-enriched culture, showing off your meal has become second nature to a lot of Instagrammers. Myself, included.

Land O’Lakes and The Martin Agency partnered with non-profit Feeding America to start a campaign called “Delete to Feed”.

Here’s how it works: every time you delete a photo of food on your Instagram account, 11 meals will be given to those in need. According to executive creative director Andy Azula of the Martin Agency, it’s to “help raise awareness of the food insecurity problem in the United States.”

However, you can’t just delete a random photo and expect to feed the hungry. To participate, you have to connect your Instagram account to Delete to Feed’s website. Once you’re linked, you can start deleting your food photos and giving out free meals.

Up to 40 images can be deleted per account. That’s 440 meals you can offer to those who need it without ever leaving your phone.

We definitely have some food photos we wouldn’t mind getting rid of on our feed. Anything to help, really.

Land O’Lakes does have some cautionary words though:

Make sure that your photos have food-related captions or hashtags so that those images are pulled over to select for deletion. Otherwise, the interface will pull over your most recent Instagram shots.

The campaign will run until mid-October or until 2.75 million meals are served. Whichever comes first.