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HOP WTR Adds Sour Power With Lime

If you enjoyed Dry January, but you still want to be a part of the party, why not try HOP WTR and its latest flavor — Lime?

Joining its lineup of Classic, Blood Orange and Mango flavors, Lime applies the proprietary blend of hops, adaptogens and nootropics that burst with mood-boosting benefits.

Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic and Azacca hops deliver a citrusy, piney flavor that evokes a tasty lager or IPA. Combined with the stress-busting stack of adaptogens and nootropics, including ashwagandha and L-Theanine, HOP WTR is formulated to help consumers unwind and destress, providing guilt-free, hop-filled relaxation without the alcohol, calories, carbs, gluten or sugar.

“Lime is a universally appealing and refreshing flavor in its own right and can be easily adapted to an array of mocktail creations — we’re looking at you, michelada,” said Nick Taranto, Co-Founder of HOP WTR.

“Lime holds the largest volume share in the flavored sparkling water category and yet has seen little innovation within non-alcoholic beer until now,” added Jordan Bass, co-founder of HOP WTR. “Consumers will get that same satisfaction cracking into a can of HOP WTR Lime as dunking a wedge into their favorite Mexican lager.”

Consumers can find HOP WTR at retailers nationwide.

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Stella Artois Introduces Liberté Non-Alcoholic Beer

Introducing Stella Artois Liberté, a new 0.0% non-alcoholic option designed to give you more. Stella Artois is raising the bar and giving fans a new reason to savor. 

After the year we’ve had, it’s safe to say that people are eager to go back out and grab a beer with their loved ones, those they haven’t seen in over a year, or even the simple opportunity to meet new people — and everyone deserves to raise a toast. Stella Artois Liberté gives everyone the chance to truly savor life to the fullest without sacrifice.

As people start traveling and going out more, Liberté gives you the freedom from missing a beat enabling you to stay in the moment longer and later, the option to say yes to one more round and the confidence to be present. Gone are the days of limiting yourself  — Liberté allows you to quench your thirst while keeping your cool all night and savoring life, together.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer fans our classic Stella Artois lager as a non-alcoholic version of the brew. It’s the perfect addition to round out our Stella portfolio. With this new innovation, we want to provide people the liberty  to enjoy more of life’s special moments with those that matter most,” said Peter Van Overstraeten, Vice President of Premium and Super Premium USA at Anheuser-Busch.

Stella Artois Liberté will come in the classic 11.2oz glass bottle and a redesigned blue label, containing a full-flavored premium alcohol-free lager with a well-balanced flavor of malt sweetness, crisp hop bitterness, and clean finish. The new product is being introduced this September and will be pouring into select markets including New York, Washington D.C., Miami, and Philadelphia.


12 Noon to Midnight [DRINK]

In our continuing coverage of new beverages, we bring you a new entry into the “sophisticated beverage” group with the introduction of 12 Noon to Midnight. Available in two flavors, Original and Rouge, this gourmet inspired non-alcoholic beverage was developed by American chefs David Burke and Alfred Portale. The drink touts itself as a “delicious and healthy alternative to soda, wine, beer and sparkling apple and grape juices”.

Utilizing a base of organic white, green and black teas, the drink is then mixed with a mix of herbs, spice and citrus essence. Their newest flavor, Rouge, utilizes the trio of teas listed prior, with the addition of pomegranate, red grape and sparkling water. The bottles are made of a a sheik frosted glass and each 8 oz. serving sets you back 60 calories. The bottles are priced at $7.89 each, and are available online and at participating locations including Whole Foods Markets.