YouTube’s Co-founder Just Created An App That Livestreams Food


At SXSW, two of YouTube’s founding fathers unveiled an app that may change the way we look at food. Called Nom, the app is capable of live streaming cooking, USA Today reports.

Through Nom, users can post videos of the dishes they’re currently cooking or from the restaurants they visit. Viewers can also send photos, GIFs and videos to the creators themselves with their thoughts on the featured dish.

Steve Chen (YouTube’s co-founder) and Vijay Karunamurthy (YouTube’s former lead engineer) were the developing minds behind the app. Nom was partially inspired by meal breaks in the Google Venture dining hall where chefs would share recipes with one another.

The point was to create a platform for chefs to work with one another and inspire each other.

Nom has already received $4.7 million in funding and a pretty impressive team of culinary masterminds.


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Nom Nom Bib

It’s not easy to look unbearably adorable when you’re getting your nom on like a true FOODBEAST. I’m pretty sure that’s why they invented this particular bib.

Start donning this piece of work and your cuteness factor will increase by about 12x, which would put yours truly right around a 12. Who am I kidding? I couldn’t possibly be more adorable. My mom says so every day.

Seriously though, the bib goes for about $8 for you fans of adorable sandwich designs.

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