Joe’s Crab Shack Just Became The First MAJOR Restaurant Chain To Ban Tipping


Last month, restauranteur Danny Meyer implemented a much talked-about “No Tipping” rule at his restaurants. Rather than leaving money for their servers, patrons would see a slight price increase in their meals and servers would be paid a higher hourly wage.

Now, in a major move, Joe’s Crab Shack has become the first major chain to implement that No Tipping policy at 18 of their major units. Restaurant Business reports that servers will see a starting pay bump of $14 an hour. While $14 is the base, servers actual wages will vary depending on their past performance.

Joe’s parent company, Ignite Restaurant Group, says that the pay increases will come from the 12 to 15 percent price elevation for menu items. According to Ignite CEO Ray Blanchette, the test began in August and have been implemented in more Joe’s Crab Shacks as recently as last Tuesday.

Blanchette says that the new wage model also fixes some wage problems at the restaurant locations. Waiters and waitresses at Joe’s are usually against having help when it comes to a large table because it means splitting tips. Now, no matter how large the party, tip sharing will not be an issue at the 18 test cities.

Joe’s will continue testing this new model through the end of the year.



Pranksters Show What Happens When You Don’t Tip the Pizza Boy


Not everyone believes in tipping, especially when it comes to the pizza delivery guy, so Canadian Youtube prankster group NELK created a video showing what pizza drivers really want to do, but can’t, in response.

Group member Jesse purportedly got a real job at Pizza Pizza as a pizza delivery driver to pull off the prank. For the video, Jesse was followed around for 25-30 deliveries while he surprised the people who didn’t tip him by destroying their pizzas right in front of them.

Although some people remain confident in the belief that tipping pizza delivery drivers is not a necessary gesture, others are agreeing with NELK for standing up to people who refuse to add a little extra for service.

Make sure to watch the video to the very end and see how the pizza manager responds to Jessie’s customer service.

Written by Riley Schatzle, Nextshark


Restaurant Issues Ban on Tipping, Compensates by Giving Servers 20% of Sales Per Shift


Packhouse Meats isn’t just known for their food, rather, they’re known for their very public ban on tipping. The Kentucky restaurant opened earlier this year and with it a decree that no server will receive tips in any way, shape, or form. The floor of the establishment even features a giant picture of a hand with the words NO TIPPING in bright red, in case there was any confusing regarding the rule.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, owner Bob Conway implemented the policy as he felt it took advantage of the servers. Conway did find a way to make up for lack of tip money going towards his servers, however, by creating a system where servers can make either $10 an hour or 20 percent of their individual food sales each shift. Whichever ends up being higher at the end of the night. The system was designed to give servers a reasonable incentive to make sales rather than depend on what the customer feels like tipping at the end of the meal. Customers who pay with a credit will notice that there isn’t even a line for tips on the receipts.

While the policy was made in the interests of his employees, Conway has received some backlash for it. One particular concern was that it took away any incentive to provide good service once menu sales have been made. Tips, after all, are the safety nets between servers and customers that provide a sense of security with their foods. However, as long as my food arrives hot and my drinks loogie-free, I’m happy.

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