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College Student Hilariously Trolls Dorm And Its ‘No Pumpkin’ Policy

There’s a dorm at the University of Akron that has a strict ‘no pumpkin’ policy for its tenants, but that didn’t stop one student from spreading joy this Halloween.

The dorm’s rulebook says that students cannot leave out jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, because of their tendency to rot and bring in unwanted critters to the building. However, student Alex Schwarz found a loophole, as he carved a whole pineapple and left it out in front of his room, instead.

Schwarz thought he beat the system, and while he kind of did (convincing the dorm’s Resident Assistants that it was fine as long as he threw it away after), one of them quickly disposed of the Halloween pineapple while it was left unattended.

Schwarz is a fighter, though, and wasn’t going to let “the man” win, so for his next fruitful carving experiment, he laid out an entire row of apples in front of his dorm room and left a simple message for the RAs, that said, “Gone” with a smiley face.

Schwarz played by the rules and managed to ruffle some feathers along the way. Well played, Alex. Well played.

h/t brobible