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Study Reveals Which Popular Chip Brands Have The Best Chip to Empty Air Ratio

One of the biggest gripes folks have with chips is that almost half the bag is comprised of air. Sure it makes sense for packaging reasons, and you wouldn’t want your chips to be crushed, but large part of us are still salty that there aren’t more chips to occupy all that empty space in the bag.

Which now begs the question, how much air-to-chip ratio is really out there and what brands give you more snack for your money?

Kitchen Cabinet Kings did a recent study to see exactly how much air was inside your favorite bags of chips.

To do so, they purchased 14 different chip brands that ranged from Ruffles to Fritos and measured the air-to-chip ratio for each of them.

For testing, they used the water displacement method to measure air percentage. This is where the bags are submerged to calculate the amount of air left over in the bag versus chip content.

Here are their findings:

As you can see from the image above, some chip containers are filled with as much as 59 percent air. A few, however, only boast about a little more than half.

So what chip brands will give you the most for your money?

They discover that Fritos, Pringles, and Tostitos were the brands lowest in air and highest in snack content. While knowing this probably won’t stop me from crushing a bag of Cheddar Sour Cream Ruffles, I will begrudgingly eat those chips knowing the bag’s about 50 percent empty.

The full infographic can also be seen here.


Watch These People Blow Smoke Out Their Nose After Eating ‘Nitrogen Cereal’


Imagine munching on a snack that enables you to blow impressive plumes of smoke clouds out your mouth and nose like an overzealous vape enthusiast. Or dragon? Yeah, let’s go with dragon, less douchey. Anyways, yeah, back to the billowing smoke snack. Tucked within an unassuming Korean beauty and makeup shop is Chocolate Chair, a dessert chain that specializes in frozen treats like smoothies, shaved ice, and now, the infamous Dragon’s Breath.

Hearing about an outlandish result like the ability to breathe smoke out like a fire-breathing dragon from eating an everyday snack certainly piqued our interest.

Upon arrival at Chocolate Chair, we were met with a treat that consisted of large Crunch Berry-like puffed snacks that were soaked in liquid nitrogen for a few minutes. The Dragon’s Breath is then served in a cup with a long sharpened stick, akin to the ones accompanying orders of popcorn chicken at your favorite local boba shop. The snack’s treatment with liquid nitrogen creates a hyper cold bite that when consumed, results in condensation forming in your mouth and creating the smoke effects to come out your nose and mouth. Because science.

It’s worth noting that the extreme cold from the Dragon’s Breath can lead to a little bit of freezer burn for your tongue, so here’s your warning now, just so you don’t leave Chocolate Chair with singed palates.


It was definitely a cool experience, but watch out because some of the pieces are so cold that they’ll freeze to your mouth for a little bit!

The novelty of the Dragon’s Breath snack is enough to warrant you and your friends to engage in vape contests of skill and strength, seeing who can blow out smoke in the largest and most creative ways possible. Winning prize can be Khaleesi’s approval and endless adoration, until you realize that vaping will never be cool enough in The Mother of Dragon’s eyes.

But hey! Super frozen Crunch Berries and mad smoke tricks, amiright?!


These Guys Froze Gummies In Liquid Nitrogen And Threw Them Off A Roof

The guys over at Vat19 had a few gallons of liquid nitrogen to spare. What’d they do with it? The  YouTubers took everyday food items and their gummy counterparts and froze them in some liquid nitrogen.

Both items are dropped from the roof of their building to see what would happen. Sure, there’s some science behind it, but these dudes are just doing it for the eye candy.

Everyone loves watching things shatter.

Some of the items dropped in liquid nitrogen were peppers, pizza and a glass bottle of Coke. Their gummy versions (gummy peppers, gummy pizza and gummy Coke) were also frozen soon after.

Check out the video to see if the actual food item shattered more than a gummy when chucked from a great height.

Cover Photo: Vat19


This Parlor Serves Glow-in-the-Dark Ice Cream


Watching a movie and eating ice cream late at night can always get a little sticky. The lights are off and you’re fully immersed in whatever blockbuster Redbox has to offer. The only problem is, you’re so wrapped up in the movie, you spill a scoop of ice cream and make an even bigger mess trying to find it.

Solution: Neon Ice Cream.

196 Below, a Melbourne-based ice creamery, has created a new line of ice cream flavors that are sure to make them stand out. Using a form of UV-reactive liquid coloring, the ice cream takes on a florescent appearance. Currently, the flavors available are line-lime, raspberry-redskin and mango-passionfruit.

It should also be noted that 196 Below is known for making their ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Between that and the neon coloring, ice cream sure has come a long way from churning milk in a barrel.

The idea behind the glowing ice cream came to co-owner, Steve Felice, when reminiscing about his glow-in-the-dark raver days.