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Actress Manon Mathews Talks Death Of Vine, Working Restaurants & What’s Next

Imagine accumulating 3 million followers and billions of views on Vine through the videos you upload. Sounds like a dream for an up-and-coming personality, right? Then imagine the horror when the very platform you shot to fame on announces its closure (Twitter shut down Vine as of January 17th). That’s where Vine Star Manon Mathews found herself. Luckily for her, Vine was just her launching pad and not the destination.

Manon had been pursuing a traditional acting career, attempting stand up comedy where she could, waiting tables, and making comedic videos online in the time she had to spare. Everything changed when an audience member of her standup act suggested she do her Kristen Stewart impression on Vine. Shortly after posting that KSTew impression online, she jumped to 10,000 followers in a matter of hours. As the impression continued to go viral, she ended that month with over 500,000 followers… and the rest, as they say, is history.

In the latest episode of our series Just Warmin’ Up, Manon Mathews reveals the ups-and-downs of rising to fame on Vine, why she quit her restaurant job before she found success, and ultimately, how she stacked the chips in her favor to succeed in Hollywood without being too dependent on the very platform that put her on.

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You Can Build Your Own Cup Noodles At The Official Museum

Cup Noodles are a college student’s best friend. They quickly fed us as kids, and still do on days where we value its versatility and convenience.

Picking your favorite flavor has always been crucial, that’s why it’s pretty cool to hear that there’s actually a place where you can build your own Cup Noodles.

My friend tagged me in this Instagram post, and I flipped out, because it’s probably the dopest thing you can do with the soup cup, besides add ice cream to it.

The video was taken at the Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama, Japan, as the noodle bar is one of its featured exhibitions. For 300 yen ($2.89) you can design your own cup and fill it with whatever seasonings and toppings your heart desires, even an edible little cartoon of their chicken mascot, Piyoko.

A video posted by Chiaki.m (@chii.m112) on

Cup Noodles has been a homie through most of our lives. I know there’s a lot to do in Japan, but I’m definitely putting this on my bucket list, if anything, for nostalgic purposes.


14 Insanely Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Ramen


Nothing against ramen burgers or serious ramen shops, but sometimes all you have is five minutes and a microwave. And sometimes that’s all you need. Believe it or not, the distance between a sad dorm dinner and grocery store gourmet can be as short as the walk to your fridge or kitchen pantry. We rounded up a couple of our favorite super simple, mildly out-of-the-box instant ramen upgrades that will make you feel like the cleverest, cheapest bastard on the block. And isn’t that the dream?


American Cheese


Shout outs to Roy Choi for this little tip. Two slices of American cheese + chicken ramen block = even instant-er mac & cheese.


Peanut Butter


Sounds weird, tastes amazing, like a soupier version of pad thai. A tablespoon or less should be more than enough.


Ice Cream


Okay, hear us out. We understand Japan does some really weird shit. But in this case it pays off. The key is not to mix the vanilla ice cream into the chicken broth, but to let it slowly melt, taking small doses of it in with every spoonful like a dip. The result is creamy and subtly sweet, like eating dessert before dessert.


White Pepper


A staple table seasoning at many ramen spots, but also a total revelation when you have nothing else at hand. Subtler than black, you can sprinkle white pepper generously over any flavor ramen you’d like.


Hot Sauce & Honey


Great separately or together, this combination using Sriracha and chicken ramen tastes a little bit like sweet Filipino spaghetti, though bolder flavors on pork broth might resemble a sweet and sour pork.




Full disclosure here: this combination was gross. Our research told us it should have tasted good, and the reason ours didn’t might have to do with the fact that we used normal butterscotch pudding instead of the caramel “flan” the original version called for. Still, beware, adventurous eaters only.


Coconut Milk & Ginger Powder


Like Thai coconut curry. We used about five tablespoons of coconut milk and sprinkled ginger powder to taste. A squeeze of lime goes in nicely as well.


Tequila & Lime


As you might expect, the tequila and lime juice combination adds a nice burn to chicken broth. Add a half tablespoon of tequila and a tablespoon of lime halfway through boiling to help meld the flavors.




Best with pork broth, tastes a bit like Hawaiian ham.


Bacon Bits


Another no-brainer, we hope. Though, unlike us, you could drain most of the soup to transform the dish into something like ramen carbonara. We are not a smart bunch.


Fried Egg


If you’ve heard of this and never done it before, you might want to re-assess your life choices. If you’ve never heard of this before, you’re welcome.


Red Chile Flakes


Less invasive (and arguably hotter) than Sriracha.


Dino Nuggets & Katsu Sauce


The layman’s chicken katsu. Regular barbecue sauce also works.


Yogurt & Curry Powder


Another one you’ll want to drain most of the soup for, best when paired with either chicken or oriental broth. A dollop of yogurt should be enough. Sprinkle curry powder to taste.


This Curry-Colored Gundam Model Is Everything You Never Knew You Wanted


Imagine a giant robo-mobile suit capable of taking out a whole military base with a single shot of its Twin Buster Rifle. Now imagine it carrying a tea kettle instead of a weapon and tell me that isn’t strangely more badass. Almost as if spilling the blood of your enemies with anything sharper than a tea leaf is suddenly just too easy. Beam Sabers? Pah!

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its Cup Noodle Curry, instant ramen company Nissin has once again partnered with Bandai to bring about a new set of three special edition Gundam-themed curry cups — each with its own miniature plastic Gundam model for our playing or displaying pleasures. (Because face it, if you clicked this article and have any idea what a Gundam is, you know you totally would.)


Best of all, the campaign will also feature chances to win a limited-edition Cup Noodle Curry-colored Gundam, which is perfect for protecting our pantries’ worth of choice nourishment. Now if only they could shoot the noodles into our mouths.

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Packaged Food

New Emergency Ramen Canisters Last Three Years, Probably Won’t Save Your Life Anyhow


Nissin Foods, makers of your favorite instant Cup Noodle ramen have just released a limited amount of special “emergency” ramen canisters designed to last three years and be used in emergency situations.

Wait, you mean my regular old cup noodle ramen doesn’t already last three years? WTF?

Available in two flavors, “Chiken Ramen [sic]” and “Cup Noodles,” each metal tin contains the expected block of noodles, soup base, a paper cup, “a foldable fork for two people” — whatever that means — and desiccant to prevent moisture buildup. The good news is, the new specialized container extends the ramen’s shelf life from its typical six months to up to three years, probably without losing any of its scrumptious umami taste.

The bad news is two canisters already cost about $40, there are only 600 two-canister sets available and Nissin’s only giving away one single can set per person, so chances are most people will have eaten it long before they’re ever caught in an emergency situation. Oops?

H/T Rocket News + PicThx Stomp