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One Of Instagram’s Most Hyped Mexican Spots Just Debuted Carne Asada Cup Noodles

For some of us, our first introduction to cooking could very well have been preparing our own Nissin Cup Noodles®. The process was simple –– boiling water, pouring it into the cup, and letting the noodles sit for a few minutes.

Josh Torres, owner of Cali Tacos in Orange, California, still remembers waiting in anticipation for that hot cup of steamy noods as a kid.

Now as the owner of one of Southern California’s most well-known burrito spots, he’s adding his own spin on the classic recipe.

Cali Tacos is already well known for their stuffed, oversized tacos and burritos – like the Angel Burrito that weighs in at almost a pound, and is packed with fries, shrimp and carne asada.  

So, it was only natural for Torres to use juicy carne asada, shredded cheddar cheese, cabbage, pico de gallo, and cotija cheese in an exclusive Cali Tacos collaboration with Nissin Cup Noodles. His creation is topped off with Cali Taco’s signature Cali Sauce, making this colorful meal an instant classic.

For anyone that loves a steaming hot Cup Noodles – and some of the most incredible Mexican cuisine in Southern California – get ready for the Carne Asada Cup Noodles, only available at NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Nissin Cup Noodles.

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with Original Cup Noodles

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Pizza And Ramen Team Up For Nissin’s New Cup Noodles

Pizza and ramen. It’s a part of every college student’s cheap meal plan, drunk peoples’ go-to snack to stave off the drunchies, and one of our top guilty pleasure indulgences.

But how satisfying would it be if the two foods were to team up to make one super pizza ramen?

The creative geniuses behind Nissan Food Groups have answered that question for us with a new flavor they’re debuting — Cup Noodle Cheese Pizza Potato Tomato Flavor Big.

The name sure is a mouthful, but it’s still not quite as big as the mouthful we want to have of this ramen. According to SoraNews24, the instant ramen will be made up of a tomato-and-cheese broth that’s delicately flavored with basil seasoning, noodles, chunks of potato, cabbage, bits of bacon-style pork, and cheddar cheese squares.

Cup Noodle Cheese Pizza Potato Tomato Flavor Big will be released throughout Japan starting November 13, so if you’re ballin’ on a budget, drunk, simply in need of some serious comfort food, or all of the above, make sure you get your hands on these by any means possible.

Hit-Or-Miss Technology Video

Nissin Developed A Noise Cancelling Fork To Make Slurping Less Annoying

If you’ve been alive since 1958, chances are you’ve probably eaten a Cup Noodles or two in your day. With that said, there’s also a chance you’ve annoyed someone by loudly slurping up every last bite of those delicious instant noodles.

Well, Cup Noodles producers, Nissin, has come up with a high-tech solution to silence the annoyance of the slurp with Otohiko, a noise-cancelling fork, that pairs with your smart phone.

While the sound of slurping is harmless, it makes some people uncomfortable. Yet, there are a few reasons why slurping has become part of noodle consumption. In 2011, Chowhound reported that in Japanese culture, there’s an emotional connection between taste and slurping — as slurping makes it seem eating as more enjoyable, and it’s actually considered to not be rude when done.

What’s even more interesting is that in Japan, the science behind slurping is similar to tasting wine — which helps spread flavor around the mouth.

This noise-cancelling fork was designed by sound designer Shinya Kiyokawa, who explained he wanted to create something that would improve everyone’s noodle eating experience.

“Some people feel that the noodle sipping sound is “delicious,” others feel that it is “not good,” Kiyokawa said. “Although it is said that it is a cultural difference, I think that it is surely a cultural difference.”

Nissin is currently selling the Otohiko on their online store, for approximately $130.00. According to the website, Nissin will begin production on this product once 5,000 reservations have been filled.

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Cup Noodles Doubles Down On Veggies In Their Latest Flavor

If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter studying for a tough exam, or worked into the early morning hours on an important project for work, you already know that Cup Noodles is the perfect companion to satisfy your hunger when time is of the essence.   

After unveiling a new recipe last year with 15% percent less sodium, no added MSG, no artificial flavors, and the same great taste, Cup Noodles continues to innovate their products in tastier ways fans love. This year, they’ve yet again revolutionized the concept of noodles in a cup in a very veggie way by adding a full serving of veggies**.

Cup Noodles has yet again revolutionized the concept of noodles in a cup, and is changing the game in a very veggie way.

Now, your favorite Cup Noodles flavors, like chicken, beef and spicy chicken, are packed with vegetables like broccoli, green beans, edamame, carrots, corn, and more. With this introduction, Cup Noodles Very Veggie is the first noodle cup on the market with a full-serving of vegetables.

Adding more vegetables to this affordable meal is something Leslie Mohr, Vice President of Marketing of Nissin Foods USA, said has been a long time goal for the company.

“We believe in listening to our consumers, and following our recipe change last year, the number one consumer request was more vegetables — so that’s what we’ve done,” Mohr said.

“We’ve taken our beloved Cup Noodles product and kept the noodle amount the same – we’ve just added more vegetables! We all know we need to be eating more vegetables, and we’re thrilled to be rolling out a product that allows consumers to do that easily.”

Cup Noodle fans can now find Cup Noodle Very Veggie at Albertson’s/Safeway, 7-Eleven, Food Lion, Shoprite, BJ’s and 99 Cents Only stores. So be sure to stock up, and slurp away!

***One package of Cup Noodles Very Veggie contains ¼ cup dehydrated vegetables, and when prepared in accordance with package directions provides 1 serving of vegetables (1/2 cup equivalent).

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with Original Cup Noodles

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You Can Eat Japanese Michelin-Star Ramen For About $3, Right Now

Nissin, the noodle company who makes your Cup Noodles, just took one of Japan’s most highly-rated ramen and put it in a cup.

Nakiryu in Tokyo received a Michelin Star rating last year for its Dan Dan ramen noodles, but those in Japan no longer have to go to the restaurant itself to enjoy the famous ramen, as it is available nationwide in Cup Noodle-form, for just 200 yen ($1.80) per cup, according to Rocket News 24.

Being rated by the Michelin Guide is the highest honor a restaurant can get. Anonymous eaters rate all restaurants around the world, and if they’re worthy, they’ll earn between one to three stars in the guide. As you can imagine, Japan has some of the best ramen in the world, and Nakiryu is one of two ramen restaurants to be awarded a Michelin Star rating.

That bowl of Ramen lived up to the hype and then some. Wow!!! ⭐️👍🏼🍜 #Tokyo

A post shared by Jason Gurfink ✈️🌎📷 (@jasongurfink) on

Rocket News 24 tried the Cup Noodles and said the taste is actually comparable Nakiryu. Imagine that, $2 for some of the best tasting ramen in the world. Nissin describes it as a “perfect balance” of sweet and spicy, getting its sweetness from sesame, and spiciness from red peppers.

If you’re not in Japan and want it badly enough, you can order a cup in the secondary market for 360 yen ($3.22), plus some obviously pricey $6 overseas shipping.

For Michelin Star ramen, I think I might just dish out the $10. I’ve spent more on less.

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These Top Ramen Pringles Taste Exactly Like The Real Thing

Photo: Brayden Curtis

Sometimes, you get flavored chips that don’t really taste like the flavor they claim to be. That’s not what we have here with these new Pringles.

The iconic chip brand has joined forces with ramen-making giant NISSIN to develop a Chicken Top Ramen-flavored Pringle that literally brings you back to slurping up bowls of noods in college. Then you remember they’re potato chips, and immediately, your mind gets blown.

Granted, they do taste similar to raw, crunchy Top Ramen, but the fact that it’s a snackable potato chip makes it just a little more appealing than eating uncooked noodles.

If you’re excited to try this college food mashup out, Dollar General is gonna start carrying them this month nationwide. If you do pick up a cylinder, try closing your eyes when biting into one of these ramen-flavored chips. You’re gonna be surprised at how much this tastes like the real deal.

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JEFF’S TABLE: Foodbeast Docu Series Returns With Instant Ramen In A Cup

It’s time to pull up a seat at Jeff’s Table again, where the food is always the focus.

This time, we dive straight into a steamy cup of chicken noodle soup perfection. Join us as we indulge in the one and only Original Cup Noodles from Nissin.

It’s easy to fall in love with this classic-yet-modern take on chicken noodle soup. With its portability and different flavors, this dish is full of possibilities, but perfect just the way it is. And with Nissin’s new recipe, there’s still that same great taste, just with less sodium, and no added MSG. Whatever that is.  

However, as Jeff points out, the preparation can be a grueling process—but the reward is always worth the wait.   

There’s something about this dish that has made it an instant classic, and it’s still highly touted as one of the most recognizably delicious renditions of chicken noodle soup ever created.

It’s easy to see how much Jeff appreciates this new, yet timeless recipe. The comforting warmth of some “hot, steamy noods,” is something we can all relate to—and that’s what makes it so satisfying and special.

It’s also nice to know we can heat up some water, have some time to chat and always feel like we’re eating with an old friend, especially when it’s at Jeff’s Table.

Created in partnership with the Original Cup Noodles from Nissin 

Brand Design

Young & Reckless Clothing Unveils An Official Cup Noodles Collection

Streetwear’s Young & Reckless has just collaborated with an unlikely ally in budget-friendly hero Cup Noodles to release a capsule collection that aptly represents the spirit of both brands.

Fusing streetwear, food, and the passion for staying on the grind, the capsule collection consists of a patched hoodie and pin-heavy dad hat. Influenced by the logo-heavy NASCAR race cars, the white hoodie features a variety of high quality stitched co-branded patches with a bold Cup Noodles logo on the back.

Young & Reckless founder Chris “Drama” Pfaff offered that the project was just a realization of the hustle and hard work that many young creatives are putting in to make their goals happen. For further commentary and an in-depth look on this Young & Reckless x Cup Noodles x Foodbeast capsule collection, check out the latest episode of Foodbeast’s Just Warmin’ Up.

While we’ve given a small preview of the collection in Los Angeles and New York City already, this limited edition drop is expected to release worldwide on March 23rd, exclusively on Forever21. Scroll through for a look at the project’s lookbook featuring actor Shamari Maurice.