How Starbucks Almost Leaked The Next Big Pokemon GO Update, Also PokeFrappes Are Coming


As the Pokemon GO craze hits a pretty drastic low from Niantic’s initial launch last July, the company has been quietly working to integrate the newest batch of creatures in interesting ways.

Some reportedly leaked documents from a few days ago suggest that Starbucks was working with the company to push a major launch of the newest set of Pocket Monsters.


Looks like the company is trying hard since a majority of fans have dropped off after catching the initial set of creatures from the first generation.

The documents hinted that the launch will release a line of Pokemon GO Frappuccino‘s called…Pokemon GO Frappuccinos. Essentially, the frappes start with a vanilla bean base, with the addition of black berries and raspberry syrup. The drinks will apparently launch on Thursday, Dec. 8.

According to Forbes, the partnership between the two companies could also potentially lead to every Starbucks location in the United States turning into a PokeStop.

Another interesting coincidence, Niantic said today that a big announcement will come on Dec. 12. Wonder what it could be?

Fast Food

Nintendo Introduces New Video Game Flavors For Yogurtland


Probably the only thing that pairs nicely with the bright, vibrant, colors of Nintendo games are desserts that are just as colorful. Yogurt, perhaps. The video game company partnered with Yogurtland to create some awesome new flavors for both yogurt lovers and gamers alike.

New flavors include: Mario’s Chocolate Gelato, Luigi’s White Chocolate Pistachio, Toad’s Rocky Road and Bowser’s Dragon Berry Tart.


The popular Yogurt chain has also added some Nintendo-themed toppings to accompany the frozen dessert. You get spooky Boos and Super Stars as tiny little marshmallows.


Yogurtland is also doing a #GameOn contest where you can win a Nintendo Wii U, a year’s worth of Yogurtland and other Nintendo games each week. You just have to show up, buy some yogurt and follow the steps at the register to enter.

The promotion will be available from July 1 through Sept. 8.


There’s A Super Mario Cafe Opening In Japan


In honor of the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., Japan is opening a Mario-themed restaurant in Tokyo. However, unlike most novelty cafes, this one will only be around for a couple short weeks.

In a collaboration with Tower Records, the cafe will feature a variety of menu items inspired by the iconic video game. Among them are a Super Star Rice Omelet, Bowser’s Taco Rice, Ground Stage Waffle, Block Tiramisu, Princess Peach Panna Cotta, Piranha Plant Soda and a Mario Latte.

Sure it’s gimmicky, but some of these dishes look pretty delicious.

The pop-up will be being June 22 and will run through July 5. Anyone in the Tokyo area be sure to check it out, the next one might not happen for another 30 years.



Gamer Mold Lets You Make Sweets in the Shape of Classic Controllers


Every time we see a classic controller, the nostalgia feelings kick in. We remember waking up early on a Saturday morning, finishing the latest quest in Final Fantasy VII and spending our hard-earned GP at the Golden Saucer. The only thing better than recreating those memories would be doing so in cake form. Queue controller molds.

The silicone mold features three different controllers based off the classic Nintendo, Sony and Sega systems. It allows for two of each controller to be made at a single time. One can either create cakes with the molds, ice displays, or even pure melted chocolate ready to harden. The molds are yours to do with as you please.

The Classic Controller molds can be purchased at Think Geek for $10. They’re also dishwasher safe for you lazys.


Baker Decorates Each Cookie by Hand, Resulting in Edible Masterpieces


Whenever I see someone create art on a canvas of baked goods, I have to take a second and admire it. It’s actually incredibly difficult to draw something on a cake or a cookie, whether it’s simply lettering or a picture of Batman. At least from my experience. That being said, a baker recently posted some of her beautiful cookie designs on Reddit.

What’s special about them is that she goes out of her way to freehand each drawing from scratch, instead of retracing a previous piece of work. She even includes a few photos detailing her tedious process of sketching to icing each cookie.

Take a look below at some of the most gorgeous cookie art I’ve even seen.


Star Wars









Ninja Turtles









Full Process







Picthx ButterWinks!


Nerd up Your Boozy Game With This Legend of Zelda Deku Flask

deku flask

From old school NES cartridges turned flasks to Mario “Beerio” Kart, mixing video games and alcohol is always a great decision. The Drunken Moogle, famous for creating signature cocktails, drinking games, and nerdtastic drinkware based on video games, has added this Legend of Zelda Deku Flask to their product line.

The Deku Shield flask is much more durable than its video game counterpart. The design is printed on commercial grade vinyl making it water resistant, scratch resistant, and UV proof so the design won’t fade. Fill your flask with whatever your boozy heart desires, speaking of hearts, might we suggest some Red Potion?

We’re not responsible for any Zelda fans who decide to drunkenly frolic in the forest dancing to Saria’s Song.

Deku Flask, $19.99 @ The Drunken Moogle

H/T + PicThx The Drunken Moogle


Old NES Cartridges Refurbished Into Boozy Flasks


Over twenty years ago the Nintendo Entertainment System was the console to have. Fast forward to 2013, cartridges are considered ancient in the gaming world with CDs and downloadable software replacing these once great rectangular relics. With technology constantly evolving, what’s a gamer to do with their old NES games? Turn them into flasks, of course.nes-flasks-2

Some fellas over at Ink Whiskey have designed the perfect way to pay homage to your beloved NES games, while also making them into practical flasks. The Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment flask is adorned with parody labels of some of Nintendo’s most famous games. The cartridge is about the size of your run-of-the-mill flask and slips easily into a back pocket. These dudes even took it to the next level and decided to conceal the cap as part of the cartridge.

Ink Whiskey developed a Kickstarter campaign for this throwback project and with less than two days left to go they’re already overfunded. Their website states that the store will be open soon, so you too can sip some Grey Goose out of a Castle Vodka flask. If you just can’t wait, you can guarantee yourself first dibs on an Ink Whiskey Concealable Entertainment Flask by supporting Ink Whiskey’s Kickstarter for $15.

H/T + Picthx That’s Nerdalicious

Fast Food

McDonald’s Japan Serves Up Super Mario Happy Meal Toys


Yet again the U.S. is missing out on some sweet swag. These koopa-tastic Super Mario toys are being offered as part of a Happy Meal at all McDonald’s Japan locations. The toys include Peach, Yoshi, and Mario in various power-up forms such as Fire Mario and Penguin Mario. Notably excluded is Luigi. Surprise, surprise.

Nintendo was founded in Japan which is why the fast food chain is celebrating this cultural icon. Oh, and all of the Super Mario toys feature a unique sound effect, like Mario slamming the Hatena block, or an action, like Mario popping out of a Warp Pipe. All the more reason to be jealous of the lucky fast foodies in Japan.


H/T + Picthx That’s Nerdalicious