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A Former Fast Food Worker Is Now Making $500K A Month Playing Fortnite

Fortnite is without question one of the hottest video games in the world right now. Anyone with a Twitch account streaming Fortnite is bound to reel in some coin as a result, but there’s one user who stands out. That’s because Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a former Noodles & Co employee, is making some serious bank right now.

In an interview with CNBC, Blevins revealed that he’s raking in over $500,000 a month as a streamer. He’s predominantly making that money from his subscribers, which come from Amazon, Twitch Prime, YouTube, Amazon, and Twitter. His followings easily number in the millions, with 1.04M on Twitter and 5.2M on YouTube right now. On Twitch, he’s close to hitting 100 million total views.

Blevins also has a number of records to his name that keep drawing the crowds in. He’s got serious skills to back his following up, having just broken the consecutive wins record on Fortnite with 21 straight. Getting a single win in Fortnite is a rare accomplishment itself, showing you just how good “Ninja” is.

Blevins is getting some serious celebrity recognition as well. He recently teamed up with the Champagne Papi — yes, the REAL Drake — to break the record for concurrent viewers on Twitch at over 635,000.

All of that fame stems from some pretty humble roots. Blevins got his initial followings while working at a local Noodles & Co., finishing up college, and playing Halo all at the same time. The fact that he was able to juggle all three and excel is downright impressive. The combination of streaming Halo and working in fast food is easily two jobs in one, and most people would struggle balancing just one job and school.

For Blevins, that hard work was motivated by a drive to secure a future, regardless of whether he ended up as a big-time streamer or not. “All the kids out there, you can’t just drop everything and focus on playing video games for a living,” he told CNBC. “It’s also becoming a very competitive career choice right now, and you want to make sure you’re securing your future and putting in the extra time to try to make this happen as well.”

Ninja has become an inspiration through his journey from fast food worker to Twitch gaming legend. I mean, can you imagine going from cleaning the tables at a Noodles & Co to playing video games with Drake and getting paid for it?

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

IKEA Is Serving An All-Black Hot Dog In Japan

We’ve seen quite a few fast food items with black buns over the past few years. That Burger King Halloween Whopper still haunts us to this day. Now, IKEA Japan is introducing a new dish that’s as dark.

They’re calling it the Ninja Dog, RocketNews reports.

Ninja Dogs🌭 #hotdog #ninja #ninjadog #ikea

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IKEA’s new menu item is as black as the night. Seems appropriate with “ninja” in the name. The dish features an all-black hot dog that’s wrapped in an all-black bun. The only actual color customers will see will be from the condiments they decide to throw on the dog.

Its color comes from edible bamboo charcoal.

You can find it at any IKEA location in Japan for about 300 yen ($2.95 US) until the end of the year.


Watch this World-Class Swordsman Play Fruit Ninja IRL


Things don’t get more samurai than Japanese swordsman Isao Machii. The world-famous swordsman was probably best known for being fast enough to slice a speeding pellet in half mid-flight. If he can do that with such ease, I’m pretty sure he can slice a watermelon or two in half. Perhaps even a barrage of various fruits, a la Fruit Ninja.

Machii is the Guinness World Record holder for a number of different sword skills. The swordsman recently took the Fruit Ninja challenge in front of crowd in Los Angeles. There, a variety of fruits were propelled at Machii as he sliced through them like butter with a katana.

The 41-year-old swordsman made real-life fruit slicing look so easy, you’d think you were finger-swiping an app. Check out the video below and gaze upon his skills for yourselves.


Watch this Real-Life Fruit Ninja Slice 140 Lemons in 66 Seconds


We’ve all logged our share of hours on Fruit Ninja. While were were on our phones slashing at digital fruit, however, this boss was spending his time slashing real lemons. In probably one of the sickest displays of cutting I’ve ever seen, this dude has his citrus slicing technique down to a science.

Watch as he goes through dozens of lemons in a matter of seconds without his knife even touching the counter. The amount of practice it takes to time the cut so quickly mid-air says a lot about his years of experience. Not to mention such clean slices.

Though I’m in awe, I do cringe whenever he misses. Cause then it’d be a different kind of YouTube video.


Chorizo Wontons and More Deep-Fried Goodies at Cha Café [ADVENTURE]


So I was craving tacos like nobody’s business the other day and was recommended to this place in El Monte, Calif. named Cha Café. Since I hadn’t gone on a food porn adventure in a while, I felt like this was the perfect place to jump back in. Cha has been through many changes since it opened in 2009. It started as a Vietnamese coffee house, then moved on to a Tapas restaurant, then a Fusion restaurant and finally found its place serving California comfort food. This hole-in-the-wall establishment was a nice and relaxing surprise in the heart of my former hometown of El Monte.

Taco Tuesday


Let me start off by saying bravo. Although they have daily specials on different menu items every day of the week, Tuesday is always Taco Tuesday. Cha serves delightful fusion tacos at $2 for two and come in kalbi beef, chicken and pork. I love fusion tacos, and this place really hit the spot in terms of flavor, heat and portions. I was a happy man.


My definite favorite of the three had to be the kalbi beef. I almost didn’t want to take a bite and ruin the beautiful sight before me. Of course, I quickly squashed that idea the moment the wondrous aroma hit my nose.

Ninja Fries


I know why they call them Ninja Fries. It’s because they’ve made their way into my stomach, undetected, in a matter of minutes. The Ninja Fries are one of the more well-known menu items at Cha and very much beloved in my own heart after my trip. Served with their special Cha sauce, the fries are made from Kabocha, a Japanese pumpkin packed with vitamin C, iron and fiber. Thankfully, their deliciousness tells you none of that.

Probably because they were deep-fried.

Chorizo Wontons


This is the one menu item I was most excited for when I first heard about Cha. Chorizo is probably one of my favorite types of meats, and the idea of throwing it in a deep-fried wonton? Well, I just had to try it. Cha, from what I heard, has been known to run out of their Chorizo Wontons from time-to-time. But I was willing to take a chance and see if this was worth all the buzz.


A definite: Yes.

Served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce, these deep-fried packets of heaven were music to my ears and poetry for my soul. It was definitely worth the fatty deposits to my heart.

Cha Café is worth looking up if you’re ever in the El Monte area and craving some good comfort foods. Plus, on a hot day you can order their especially refreshing sweet tea mojitos. Make sure to take advantage of their daily specials though, so you can definitely get more bang for your buck.


Cha Café
10308 Lower Azusa Road
El Monte, CA 91731


This Flask Disguised as an iPhone Isn’t Fooling Anybody


Guys, there’s tons different between each iPhone model. Tons. Seriously. Side by side, it’s like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 aren’t even the same brand – the design specs and features and color (!) are just so far off from one another, it’s ridiculous. Which is why the iFlask could never work in the real world. Those Coachella guards would know. They’d knowww.

In other news, can anyone tell this California heat wave is getting to me?

Complete with a collapsible funnel, the iFlask can hold up to 5 ounces of booze in a pretty convincing stainless steel frame. Or at least it will, whenever production finishes. The inventors Ethan and Dan anticipate this happening sometime around late May, but be warned: they probably wrote that little projection up on their “iPhones.”

iFlask: $25 @

H/T + PicThx Cool Material


[WATCH] Fruit Ninja Cuts Watermelon in Under 30 Seconds

watermelon ninja

Some people can shotgun water bottles and some can fit an entire fist in their mouth, then there are people who are fruit ninjas. Like this guy. Apparently taking on the “Matt Jones Cut a Watermelon in 20 Seconds Challenge,” our ninja’s skills and perseverance are put to the test in the back of a commercial kitchen.

Of course, there are several schools of thought when it comes to the proper way of slicing a melon, the most popular being half-moon slices, pyramids or square chunks. In this case, said ninja goes for the latter as his preferred slice of choice.

Watch below as he sacrifices his fingertips to the challenge (he doesn’t, shoot).


This Wasabi Godzilla Breathes Red Hot Sriracha

Since the holidays are coming up, we should probably be reminding you not to play with your food. But in the case of Wasabizilla, we’ll let it slide.

After all, one tiny misstep, one ill-timed eye rub, one over-confident taste test and you could be in as least as much pain as all the miniature screaming citizens of Tokyo.

Unless of course this is really Reptar. Then you probably don’t have anything to worry about.

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