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Nick And Ric Offerman Celebrate Father’s Day In This Hilarious Whisky Ad [WATCH]

If there’s one guy on earth that knows what it takes to be a real man, it’s Nick Offerman. From carpentry to hunting to whisky-drinking, Ron F****** Swanson knows what it takes to be a man’s man. I’d also be willing to bet that his father was the one that taught him all of that, too.

Ric Offerman, father and teacher of all things macho, joins his son Nick in this epic Lagavulin Whisky commercial that breaks down what a relationship between a father and a son should look (and sound) like.

For those who don’t know, Nick Offerman played the hilariously deadpan and morose Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation, a man whose love for the government is matched only by his work ethic (or remarkable lack thereof). The whisky is Lagavulin Whisky, a single malt scotch whisky made in Islay, Scotland.


Witness This Food Boner Inducing DORITOS-Crusted QDOBA BURRITO


Nick of DudeFoods is an OG in the deep-fried, shock-food-but-still-edible dish game around the Internet.

“What can I deep fry next?” he likely asks himself every night before he falls asleep, on a bed of what I assume to be some pizza pattern sheets next to a wife that has to be aggressively supportive of the grease trap that’s inevitably every garment of clothing he traipses into the room after a day of, well, deep frying.

Over a Facebook chat I inquired, “What made you crust this bad boy in Doritos?”

It’s a bit of an asinine question I realize. It seems like nothing is off limits for his deep fried agenda, but the way he lands on his impending subjects is of interest to me. He’s deep fried an entire Reuben Sandwich after battering it in PBR, as well as making bacon peanut butter bites that, you guessed it, get deep fried to a deliciously oozing crisp.

“I did something similar with a Taco Bell Beefy 5 Layer Burrito a while back,” Nick explains. The result was less-than-spectacular, particularly because the Taco Bell wrap was severely lacking in beef. He mentioned he had a “six month old gift card sitting around that they sent me to try their new tacos,” so he did exactly what any self-respecting genius food blogger would do, forgo the tacos, buy a burrito instead, and deep fry it into some ridiculous chimichanga-Doritos-abomination.

There’s nothing more I want to do in this moment than put my tongue deep into the crevices of this crispy, gooey fast food Doritos lovechild:


Introducing the CrupCake — Croissant Cupcake


Sure its name may be a little rough around the edges, but its taste probably isn’t. While the rest of the us were gorging on overcooked hot dogs and warm beer this weekend, mad junk food scientist Nick from Dude Foods concocted this little beauty: a croissant cupcake hybrid called the Crupcake.

The idea, Nick says, came from one his DF readers who suggested Nick simply layer croissant sheets inside a cupcake pan and pour cupcake batter over them to bake. When that didn’t work (since the croissant layers were undercooked), Nick decided to make the croissant parts beforehand and then pour cupcake batter over them before baking the whole thing again.

The result, we’re assuming, was a neat, chocolate covered cupcake that’s slightly more airy than the original, though lacking in the flaky surfaces of a regular croissant. Still, if someone were to come up with a red velvet or Oreo-flavored Crupcake, we definitely wouldn’t be mad at that.


Alphabet Sandwich Includes One Ingredient Per Letter, from Krispy Kreme to Mac & Cheese


Nick Chipman, better known as the “Dude” from Dudefoods, is no stranger to extravagance. In his four year tenure, he’s spawned everything from Bacon Weave Tacos to Deep Fried Mashed Potatoes. This time around, the fearless blogger finagled a way to incorporate each letter of the alphabet into a single, magnificent, 28 (buns included) level sandwich. The beast’s name? Simply, the Alphabet Sandwich.

Funnily enough, the layers aren’t in alphabetical order, but Chipman promises each letter is represented. A, for example, is avocado. B, of course, is bacon. C is cheese, G is garlic bread, K is Krispy Kreme donuts, R is ramen noodles, and X is xylocarp, which he defines as a “hard, woody fruit that grows on trees.” Somehow this became “coconut.” Check out how it all played out below.


Of course, after reading that inordinate ingredient list, one commenter noted she wasn’t sure she’d be down to tackle this monstrosity. Oh honey, not with that attitude.


Doritos-Crusted Chicken Strips Would Make Five-Year-Old You Proud


For Sunday’s Marijuana Bowl, why not take a page from the recess school of cooking by trading your usual chicken buffalo sauce for an egg wash and bag of Doritos?

Mash-up master Dude Foods recently whipped up a batch of Doritos-Crusted Chicken Strips, which are as simple to make as they sound — just two boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips, coated in flour and egg wash, rolled in crushed Doritos bits, and then baked in the oven.

The best part is, if you decide you don’t feel like cooking, plain ol’ Doritos are still a perfectly acceptable dinner option. Yay, sports.

H/T + Picthx Dude Foods


Waffle-Breaded Chicken Nuggets Make for Maximum Portability


Back in September, Popeye’s released their new “Chicken Waffle Tenders” — deep-fried chicken strips with waffle batter mixed into the breading, making for a fluffier, richer piece of poultry than your typical nugget. Early net reviews were largely positive, complaining mostly about the missed opportunity. Popeye’s take on the chicken and waffles trend simply wasn’t waffle-y enough to matter.

Luckily, Nick from Dude Foods made no such mistake with his new Waffle-Breaded Chicken Nuggets. His second riff on the trend, following his waffle-breaded chicken wings, actually manages to make the famous combination even more portable. Think the perfect way to maximize maple sauce packet dunking, should you decide to get your nuggets from a fast food joint. (And, duh, McDonald’s nuggets in waffle batter? Why wouldn’t you?)


Head over to Dude Foods for the full recipe.

PicThx Dude Foods


Breakfast Sandwich Swaps Bread for Hash Brown Buns


Let’s face it. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether it’s ridiculously early at 6 am, kinda early at 10 am, or my usual 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The first thing I think about is always breakfast.

Nick from Dude Foods came up with the idea for the Hash Brown Bun after seeing the Ramen Burger bun take off earlier in the summer. Feeling inspired, he took some metal egg rings and filled them with shredded hash browns. Then it was just a matter of cooking it slowly and carefully so the hash browns would come out evenly.

After that’s done, you can pretty much customize your sandwich however you like. Add some eggs, bacon, sausage, avocados or even a middle layer of MOAR HASH BROWNS. Me? I’ll probably throw in some jalapeños and anchovies to really make my colon work for it.

And ketchup. Ketchup’s fruit, right?

PicThx Dude Foods


Inglorious Desserts: Oreo Cookie Breaded Deep-Fried Ice Cream


Deep-fried ice cream, while it’s been done, is still a glorious contribution to the world of sweets and deep-fryery. But what if you used Oreos as the coating and Oreo filling as part of the ice cream? Goddammit, Nick at Dude Foods thinks of everything.

Nick used pints of Arctic Zero ice cream he had laying around the kitchen as the ice cream base. Arctic Zero is known to only set you back 150 calories per pint. Naturally, he ended up concocting an idea to put all those healthy pints to good use. Though the process was meticulous, the endgame more than made up for it.


First Nick took apart an entire package of Oreo cookies and removed the fillings from each one. He then mixed the cookie creme into the ice cream and formed them into balls, which he covered with egg wash. The cookie shells were then crushed into a fine dust. Nick rolled the ice-cream through the dust, added another layer of egg wash and rolled them again. Everything was then deep-fried in 375-degree oil for about ten seconds, then ready to eat.

I guess you could say it was OREO-gasmic. Sorry, no apologies on that one.

PicThx DudeFoods