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White Castle’s New Sriracha Shrimp Looks FIRE


It seems with the Lenten season upon us, fast food chains are quickly unveiling non-meat choices for patrons to snack on. White Castle has now added new Sriracha Shrimp Nibblers to its menus as a new seafood option.

The nibblers are bite-sized pieces of butterfly shrimp that’s breaded and fried. It seems you can also get the shrimp without the Sriracha seasoning.

It’s great to see they’re not just adding another fish sandwich.

Available at all participating White Castle locations, the shrimp nibblers will be served for a limited time. We’re guessing at least until Easter.

Photo: White Castle

Fast Food

White Castle Debuts Mini Chicken Corn Dog Nibblers


This summer, White Castle is introducing a flight of ‘Nibblers‘ for a limited time. The offerings include the return of two fan-favorite items: Shrimp and Mac & Cheese Nibblers.

New to the menu will be the Corn Dog Nibblers. The mini corn dogs are made with chicken that’s been coated in a honey cornbread before going into the deep fryer.

Fans may remember fondly that the Mac & Cheese Nibblers are made with cheddar macaroni and cheese and deep fried in a cheddar batter. The shrimp, of course, is fried shrimp.

You can find a small order of the Corn Dog Nibblers for $1.99, the Mac & Cheese for $1.79 and $3.49 for the shrimp. Prices may vary depending on location.