‘Nibble’ Pan Lets You Sample Cake Without Ruining The Whole Thing


As a huge fan of baking, I empathize with those who can’t keep their hands off a freshly-made cake. It’s a serious issue because a) it’s near impossible to stop chompin’ and b) the cake becomes ruined with random snack holes. Luckily, inventor Talia Wiener has solved our first world problem and created Nibble.



Although Nibble looks like a standard cake pan, it’s far from it. Notice the small silicone cup attached to the side? That is where things get fun. The cupcake-like addition is the perfect amount of sweet for bakers to taste test desserts without botching the entire thing.

This invention also confirms bakeware can be considered adorable. Aww, Nibble!

Nibble cake pan, $21.99 @Amazon

H/T Quirky