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Snoop Dogg Joins World’s First NFT Restaurant Group, Food Fighters Universe

Snoop Dogg does everything now. Literally everything. Seeing him get invested in the NFT and Web3 industry shouldn’t be a surprise at this point right? The rapper turned entrepreneur has got his hands into everything at the highest level and joining Andy Nguyen, Kevin Seo and Phillip Huynh – the team behind Bored & Hungry, the world’s first NFT-themed restaurant, and Food Fighters Universe – was a no brainer.

Snoop Dogg’s Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration, an immersive retail dessert experience based on his Bored Ape NFT and Dr. Bombay character, will open in Los Angeles under the Food Fighters Universe (FFU) umbrella, making it the first concept to be announced by Food Fighters Universe. More details are still to come soon regarding the specifics of the opening and actual concept.

The Food Fighters NFT collection will mint in June, with 10,000 unique NFT tokens on the ETH (Ethereum) blockchain. NFT sales will go to the development of new restaurants (in the real world) much like Bored & Hungry did.

The benefits of getting a Food Fighters NFT range from tickets to the Food Fighters Festival (IRL), line hopper passes for the aforementioned festival and hidden restaurants just for NFT holders known as Easter Eggs to name a few.

Rapper Bun B, and former NBA star and now entrepreneur Baron Davis are also partners in FFU in addition to Snoop Dogg.

Additionally, one percent of FFU revenue will be donated to Action Against Hunger and Abound Food Care to help fight world hunger.

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Fatburger Offers Fans an Opportunity to Own a Piece of Their Blockchain

Photo: Fatburger

National Hamburger Day was a few days ago and in celebration of one of humankind’s best inventions, Fatburger is giving fans an opportunity to own a piece of their blockchain.

With the growing popularity of NFTs, it’s only a matter of time before big name brands enter the space to offer their own artistic offering. And as early adopters clamor for a digital land grab in this wild wild west stage, it’s good to have entry-point opportunities like these.

Photo: Fatburger

Fatburger fans will have 500 chances to own a limited edition non-fungible token. The idea was brought to life through a collaboration with Supper Club, a Web3 eating community that supports restaurants. Each of the limited-edition 500 NFTs will be minted, unlock access to a free made-to-order Fatburger and are available to fans on a first come, first serve basis. 

Lucky fans who acquire one of the Fatburger NFTs will be able to access it through their Solana blockchain wallet. They’ll also be able to redeem a coupon for a free Original Fatburger online during the month of June. Coupons are only redeemable once per NFT holder.

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Food Fighters Universe Is The First NFT-Backed Restaurant Group

Andy Nguyen, the notable restaurateur behind the world’s first Bored Ape Yacht Club-inspired restaurant, Bored & Hungry, has just announced the launch of yet another first — Food Fighters Universe, an NFT-backed restaurant group founded alongside Kevin Seo and Phillip Huynh. 

Connecting food and Web3, FFU is a collection of 10,000 unique tokens on the ETH (Ethereum) blockchain. For a quick overview in blockchain language, a token is any asset that is digitally transferable between two people. NFT’s, which stand for Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. 

Each purchase of a Food Fighters NFT helps to develop the world’s first NFT-backed restaurant group. With the goal of building gathering spaces in real life and in the metaverse, Food Fighters NFT-holders will gain additional access to useful tools and cool experiences.

Experiences FFU plans to offer members include tickets to their annual IRL Food Fighters Festival along with a “Easter egg hunt” style of hidden restaurants. Keeping with a community-centric approach, FFU will share governance on decisions regarding restaurants and menu items through Discord, Twitter and other platforms.

“We launched Bored & Hungry to show people that NFTs are more than ‘just a JPEG’, that the IP can be used to create brands and businesses,” said Nguyen, co-founder of viral restaurant concepts including Afters Ice Cream, Matte Black Coffee and Trill Burgers. “Food Fighters Universe is an extension of that idea. This project got inspired by seeing all the problems that are currently happening in the food and beverage industry: high food cost, high turnover of staff, quality of service. I saw the Web3 space as a way to fix those problems and save the restaurant industry.”

The FFU community already houses heavy hitters like rap legend Bun B, NBA All-Star/entrepreneur Baron Davis, and also NFT advisor and consultant Josh Ong. The 10,000 unique NFTs were designed by artist frothyoatmilk and consist of individually customized food favorites like pizza, ramen, ice cream and sushi. 

Lastly, one percent of revenue will be donated to Abound Food Care and Action Against Hunger, who both focus on addressing food sustainability and world hunger. 

Look out for Food Fighters Universe to launch in May.

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New Bored Ape Yacht Club Restaurant Hopes to Show the Potential of NFTs Translating Into the Real World

Photo: justborednhungry

Los Angeles-based restaurateur Andy Nguyen is hoping to show the marketing potential of NFT’s with a new Bored Ape Yacht Club restaurant pop-up.

NFT’s have been all the rage recently as the world is moving increasingly towards a digital space. However, it’s easy to understand the confusion behind NFTs in their current form. We spend a good chunk of our day on social media scrolling past jpegs, so the idea of owning a digital picture exclusively doesn’t sound appealing on the surface. 

NFT’s, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens, are cryptographic or digital assets on a blockchain with unique codes that distinguish them from each other. Cryptography is the study of secure communication techniques between a sender and their intended recipient. The unique codes prevent owners from trading or exchanging them, unlike cryptocurrencies.

To clarify, though NFTs are now booming as a way to buy and sell digital artwork, they are much more than static jpegs. Think of them as art that can evolve from its original form, expanding the ways in which it can be used on different platforms and in various settings. When you purchase an NFT, it’s similar to creating a character in a multiplayer game: you start with the original art piece, and as it interacts within the digital space, it gains additional attributes and value. Much like your character creation, you can purchase items for your NFT.  

Another aspect that’s really cool about the NFT space are membership clubs. When you buy an NFT, you’re also joining the club that represents the art piece. Like any club, membership comes with benefits and the opportunity to connect with other members. As a space in its infant stage, the possibilities for curated NFT experiences are endless and allow for strong community building. 

Stepping in to set new standards is Andy Nguyen’s Bored Ape Yacht Club pop-up “Bored & Hungry.” As owner of Afters Ice Cream, Matte Black Coffee, Pig Pen Delicacy, Portside Fish Co., and many others, Nguyen knows how to offer great restaurant experiences. He hopes to showcase how NFTs can translate to the real world by combining his passion and expertise for creating exciting restaurant concepts with the potential of NFT tech.

As one of the most popular, the Bored Ape Yacht Club represents a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs. Over the past year, many celebrities have joined, securing their very own unique Bored Ape. 

Nguyen’s Bored & Hungry opens on April 9th in Long Beach, California and features a smashburger style concept with caramelized onions and special sauce. The branding includes Nguyen’s recently acquired Bored Ape #6184 and two more Mutant Apes.

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Maker’s Mark Enters the NFT Race

NFT creators, Party Horses, recently announced Maker’s Mark will be its official bourbon partner for 2022 and will supply limited-edition Party Horses commemorative labels and NFTs to 1,000 customers in the coming months. 

The premise for the collab? What if horses attended the Kentucky Derby to cheer on the human race? 

The first digital event occurs today, when a list of 2,000 customers will be able to pre-mint NFTs, granting whitelist access. 10,000 Party Horses will mint two weeks later, on March 15, unless otherwise notified. NFT holders will be able to access exclusive events, like an exclusive pre-Derby concert with more to be announced soon. 

Party Horses began as a Louisville-based project by co-founders Justin Delaney, a serial entrepreneur, and Brook Smith, a philanthropist and racehorse owner. 

“We want our mission to be simple to understand,” said Party Horses Co-Founder Justin Delaney. “Use Web3 for good, have fun, create beauty, destabilize the disappointing, and collaborate with others to build amazing things.” 

And what’s more fun than bourbon and horse racing?

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Buffalo Wild Wings Is Giving Away Free Wings For a Year With NFT Purchase

For those that have cracked the code and can understand what NFTs are, you can win free wings for a year from Buffalo Wild Wings with a purchase of their “NF-OT.”

The name is a play on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and is an homage to the fifth anniversary of the last Super Bowl game that went into overtime, thus the insert of ‘OT’. Buffalo Wild Wings will be selling three original NF-OTs that showcase original overtime-inspired artwork by New York City street artist JordanNYC starting on game day.

All of the NF-OTs will be available for auction for 24 hours on from 12 pm ET on Sunday, February 13 until 12 pm ET on Monday, February 14. The first owners of each of the three NF-OTs will also receive free wings from Buffalo Wild Wings for a year.

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Bud Light Goes Next Level With New Beer and NFTs

Bud Light is known for both its flagship beer as well as its seltzers. Now, they’re bringing fans the best of both worlds with its newest brew, Bud Light Next.

Nearly ten years in the making, it is a light beer that boasts 80 calories, 4% ALC/VOL and offers a clean and refreshing taste. Think a beer meets a hard seltzer, which makes sense because it was created for those who want a beer that breaks with tradition and offers the sessionability of a seltzer.

“We are pushing the beer category to new heights with the launch of Bud Light Next, our first-ever zero carb beer,” said Andy Goeler, Vice President of Marketing, Bud Light. “Today’s consumers are all about breaking barriers, being trailblazers and setting their own path. We are proud to introduce this new super crisp beer which is brewed to meet their evolving taste preferences; it’s a truly symbolic innovation that celebrates the barrier breakers who like us embrace possibility.”

To celebrate, Bud Light is launching its first-ever NFT project, “Bud Light N3XT Collection.” The new collection will feature 12,722 unique tokens which are designed with color cues from Bud Light Next. 

For those who purchase a NFT as part of the project, they will have the opportunity to vote on Bud Light Next merch, have access to brand and partner events, and other surprises. Bud Light Next NFTs are available to those 21+ beginning February 6 for $399 per token.

Just in time for Super Bowl LVI, Bud Light Next will be available nationwide wherever Bud Light is sold beginning February 7.