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Win A Chance To Become an Official Food Taster for the NFL

NFL rivalries are serious business. Die-hard fans don’t only stan their favorite players, but their mascots, logos and even their stadium foods.

Pickswise, a free sports picks and betting tips site, is looking or an NFL food taster for this season to rank that last category. They are on the hunt for someone who has experience in game day cuisine to take up the mantle of their Official NFL Taste Tester. Could that be you?

The job description includes traveling to NFL stadiums to taste their concessions including tacos, nachos, burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches, with Pickswise providing $500, game tickets,  and an allowance to buy food at the stadiums. But what about beer???

The Official NFL Taste Tester will be required to report back to Pickswise HQ about their experience and rank the food from worst to first. Will the University of Phoenix Stadium with its pizza box nachos or Soldier Field’s Midway Monster rule the day? Or will Carolina’s Bank of America Stadium, NY’s MetLife Stadium or LA’s StubHub Center (Chronic Tacos anyone?) take the title?

“The NFL is known for great action, great athletes and some incredible food so we want to hire the right person to settle the debate on which franchise has the bragging rights,” says Jake Apperley, a Pickswise spokesperson. “Our Official NFL Taste Tester is an exciting opportunity for the winner to become a member of the Pickswise team and enjoy some of the league’s best action and food.”

To enter, reply to the pinned competition tweet with a picture of yourself at a game, eating food, or both (points for creativity will likely be awarded) or tweet @PickswiseNFL with said photo, the hashtag #NFLFoodTester, and follow their account.

The competition began on August 29 and ends September 9. You must be 21 years-old or older to enter.

Best of luck, football foodies!


Pizza Hut Scores New NFL Sponsorship, Replacing Papa John’s


The National Football League has officially traded Papa John’s for Pizza Hut as its official pizza sponsor.

After eight years together, the dissolution of the sponsorship between Papa John’s and the NFL may have been something to be expected for some time now. Papa John’s has been under fire since November 2017 when former CEO John Schnatter blamed poor pizza sales on the National Anthem protests by NFL players. According to Bangor Daily News, Schnatter blamed poor leadership from higher officials of the NFL for the players who knelt during the National Anthem to protest against racial discrimination, injustice, and inequality. Tension continued to build as Neo-Nazis claimed Papa John’s as the “Official Pizza of Aryan Race,” and eventually, Schnatter stepped down from his position in January 2018.

However, Papa John’s isn’t totally nixed from any involvement with the NFL. According to the Washington Post, there will continue to be partnerships with 22 local NFL teams, and will focus on a “presence in broadcast and digital media and key personalities in the sport.”

Nevertheless, the NFL seems to have made the best, most logical choice in choosing Pizza Hut to be it’s newest official pizza for the next four years, starting April 2018. The pizza giant is the largest pizza chain in the United States, totaling over 7,200 locations, according to the Washington Post.

“We know many of our fans enjoy pizza while watching NFL games and we are thrilled to have Pizza Hut, an industry leader and one of America’s favorite brands, as an official league sponsor,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in an official statement. “With a focus on family, friends and fun, Pizza Hut has the creativity we are looking for in a partner and we look forward to working together with them to make the at-home NFL experience more exciting than ever for our fans.”

If an “at-home NFL experience” is what they’re aiming for, Pizza Hut may already have the ball rolling. After all, Pizza Hut has been testing out beer and wine delivery, allowing consumers to kill two birds with one stone. But sensing from the enthusiasm of Artie Starrs, President of Pizza Hut U.S., that may just be the beginning.

“Pizza Hut has a history of bringing more entertaining food and experiences to the pizza occasion and we plan to continue that through our exclusive partnership with the NFL,” said Starrs. “The capacity for what’s possible is endless and that’s going to make this league partnership great fun for Pizza Hut, the NFL and everyone who loves pizza and football.”

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Bar Offers Free Beer Until Green Bay Packers Score, Team Gets Shut Out

A Milwaukee bar has fumbled a promotion they did to get people in to their place to watch the Green Bay Packers play. Now, they’re giving away free beer for the entire week as a result.

The bar, called The Bavarian Bierhaus, offered up free beer to anyone who came in during game time this past Sunday until the local NFL team scored a touchdown. Unfortunately, their opponents that day, the Baltimore Ravens, swooped in on the opportunity and shut out the Packers on their home turf. Thus, patrons of the Bierhaus went the entire game with free beers to drown the sorrows of their crushing defeat in.

The free beer game time special has been going on all season, ABC7 Detroit reports. Considering that Green Bay hasn’t been held scoreless at home since 2006, it was a good bet that the free beers wouldn’t last too long. Alas, this past evening was not the case.

The Bierhaus is holding up their end of the deal, however. They’ve committed to offering free beer all week long until they score against the Pittsburgh Steelers (who has the second-best defense in the league) in an upcoming bout this Sunday.

That’s a true class act by the Bavarian Bierhaus, but they better hope the Green Bay Packers don’t walk away scoreless in this matchup as well as future ones. The bar could be in for a long, costly remainder of the season otherwise.

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Crown Royal Want Football Fans To “Hydrate Generously” For A Noble Cause

“Hydrate Generously,” the newest platform from Crown Royal, is encouraging football fans to drink responsibly on game day by reinforcing the importance of always drinking in moderation and hydrating between drinks.

The whiskey brand recently debuted its “Hydrate Generously” campaign with a nationally televised 30-second advertisement introducing the Water B.O.Y.S. (Beverage Offsetters at Your Service), Crown Royal’s real-life squad of hydration specialists who tackle the important job of reminding fans and spectators to moderate their game day consumption and drink water between drinks – at the tailgate, in the bar and in the stands.

“Pro football is America’s favorite sport, the most-viewed programming on TV and one of the top occasions for responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages,” said Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of North American Whiskeys at Diageo. “With so many fans paying attention, we saw an opportunity to do something that no brand has done before and take our longstanding social responsibility commitment to the masses, reminding fans to celebrate in moderation in a way that’s rooted in the energy, spirit and intensity of the game itself.”

Crown Royal will further elevate “Hydrate Generously” through a partnership with, a charitable organization within the Chris Long Foundation. To date, the organization has funded 24 life-sustaining water wells for East African communities. Crown Royal will help fund the organization’s 25th and 26th wells by donating $45,000 to kick off the season, and by rallying fans to help raise another $45,000 by donating one dollar for every use of #HydrateGenerously and for every bottle distributed by the Crown Royal Water B.O.Y.S. throughout the season. This upholds the brand’s long-standing commitment to charitable initiatives, with in-kind and monetary donations totaling more than $1 million since 2010.

“We are honored to partner with Crown Royal on the ‘Hydrate Generously’ campaign to bring clean water to communities in desperate need,” said Waterboys director Nicole Woodie. “This partnership exemplifies the uniting power of sports by drawing football fans together to get two more Waterboys wells funded and impact the lives of over 10,000 people. We hope when fans drink responsibly they will also be inspired to live generously by getting involved with the Waterboys’ mission.”

The “Hydrate Generously” initiative will also feature squads of real-life Water B.O.Y.S. distributing water at stadiums, tailgates, sports bars and in rideshare vehicles throughout the season.

The “Hydrate Generously” initiative is part of Crown Royal’s ongoing “Live Generously and Life Will Treat You Royally” platform – which views a generous life as a life well-lived and committed to inspiring generosity in all of its forms. All activations and communications reinforce the message that a magnanimous approach to life is ultimately the most rewarding.

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Lime-A-Rita Kicks Off NFL Season With Brand New Flavor

Are you ready for some football but don’t like the taste of beer? Well, Lime-A-Rita has got you covered.

The Bud Light brand recently announced its debut as an Official Sponsor of the NFL, as part of Anheuser-Busch’s ongoing partnership with the National Football League. With the expansion of the partnership, Lime-A-Rita will now be able to have a larger presence on game day, both on and off screen.

“The NFL has been making a lot of positive changes to highlight and speak to female fans,” says Chelsea Phillips, VP Brand Marketing for Lime-A-Rita, via a statement. “We are excited for Lime-A-Rita to be a brand that can support these efforts and bring even more fun to our consumer’s favorite sport.”

In other Lime-A-Rita news, its Pome-Granate-Rita hit the shelves last week as a Fall/Winter seasonal flavor, available until next Spring. The flavor combines the juicy and tart flavors of pomegranate with a margarita twist. The result is a sweet, refreshing alternative to beer.

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Green Bay Packers Rookies Pranked With A $33,000 Dinner Tab

As the NFL season beings, team veterans will usually find some humiliating way to haze incoming rookies. Well, you can say the Green Bay Packers rookies got their money’s worth, after a photo of a $33,000 dinner bill surfaced over the weekend.

Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari posted a photo to his Twitter account, with the caption, “What a dinner, I’m stuffed. Thanks #Rooks,” thanking his new teammates for the lavish dinner.

green bay packers rookies

Via Twitter/@DBak69

With that said, after looking at the 51-item bill, it’s easy to see how a few hungry pro-football players could rack up such an expensive tab. Some notable standouts include seven bottles of Lafite Rothschild 10 ($2,700 each), 12 glasses of  Macallan 25 Years Old Whisky ($215 each), and one bottle of Harlan Estate Napa Valley California Cabernet Sauvignon ($1,445 each).

After posting the photo, Bakhtiari’s Twitter blew up with comments and retweets, with Twitter users calling it shameful and, “absolutely ridiculous,” arguing that the bill was too expensive to showcase on social media.

Capital Grille even managed to send in a thank you tweet.

However, the internet couldn’t handle the cost of this high-class meal. Thankfully, Packer’s veteran quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, was able to quell the agitation of the masses. To calm everyone’s nerves, Rodgers tweeted that the bill was fake, and was just part of an elaborate prank on Green Bay Packer rookies.

green bay packers rookies


Thanks to a tweet from Jason Wilde, ESPNWisconsin’s Packers reporter, we learned that Bakhtiari was just getting even. In 2013, Rodgers pranked him into thinking he owed $11,000 for a dinner during the offensive tackle’s rookie season.

Although, it’s still unclear who actually paid for the bill or if the photo was even a REAL receipt.

Even if the Packers spent an entry level salary on dinner, between Rodgers’ $22 million a year and Bakhtiari’s $16 million from last season, it’s safe to say someone was able to take care of the damage.

Now that we all know it was a prank, we can go back to buying overpriced food inside most NFL stadiums.

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Show Your NFL Team Pride With Bud Light’s Team-Themed Packaging

Ever been tailgating, wearing your lucky jersey and facepaint is perfectly done, but you’re still not feeling the team spirit? Well, you can once again drink your team pride thanks to the NFL and the fine folks at Bud Light.

Just in time for the return of the season, Bud Light announced it will continue its tradition of NFL team-themed packaging.  This season, the team beers will be available in both cans and aluminum bottles, and will not only feature your team’s logo but also its catch phrase or rallying cry (think: “Fly Eagles Fly” or “Keep Pounding”).

Each can will also feature Snapchat “Snapcodes” that will unlock a chance to win Super Bowl LII tickets, an interactive Bud Bowl-style game, and team-specific Snapchat filters.

What die-hard football fan wouldn’t want a sixer representing their fave team? Yes, even you, Browns fans.

Hit-Or-Miss News

Check Out The Outrageous Beer And Hot Dog Prices At Each NFL Stadium

With the football season underway, now is the opportunity for fans everywhere to catch the action in person. However, you may want to double check your bank account before painting your team’s colors on your face.

Each year, like clockwork, prices for NFL game tickets, along with the cost for beer and hot dogs at the concession stands, continues to rise. The average price of a regular season NFL game ticket during the 2016 season is about $86. The average price for a beer is about $7.40, and a hot dog is more than $5.00.

Just to sit in the nosebleed seats, drink an overpriced 12 oz. beer, and eat a soggy hot dog will cost the average person about $98.00 this season. Oh, and we left out parking.

If you’re planning on watching the Oakland Raiders at the Oakland Alameda Coliseum, bring a few extra bucks for beer. One regular-sized beer at a Raider’s home game will cost you an NFL-leading $10.75. The Raiders should also be penalized for selling the NFL’s most expensive hot dog for $6.75.

Thanks to some insightful infographics from our friends at Sports Interaction, you can see where your favorite team’s beer and hot dog prices stack up against the NFL average.



With NFL concession stand prices continuing to break records, it’s nice to see one team fighting to make a difference. Currently, the Atlanta Falcons are in the process of drastically reducing prices at concession stands inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium, according to ESPN.

Set to begin in 2017, the Falcons are prepared to offer unheard of perks to visitors. Steve Cannon, CEO of the AMB Group told ESPN, “We’ll be able to feed a family of four at our games for $27.”



The Falcons will be offering guests a $2 soda with unlimited refills, along with $3 slices of pizza, among other reasonably priced items, beginning in 2017.

With ticket and concession stand prices already on the rise, the Atlanta Falcons already have a reason to look forward to next season. However, this trend in price gouging raises concerns about the aspect of affordability for fans attending major sporting events. Is there an incentive for fans to continue spending absurd amounts for food and beverage alone, or are people just better off watching at home?