Little Caesars Launches New 4×4-Style Pizza Nationwide

It’s not unusual to ask for a half-and-half pizza in order to enjoy two different flavors, but Little Caesars is now doubling up on that experience with its new Quattro pizza.

The Quattro has four quadrants, each with its own toppings. A quarter of the pizza consists of Pepperoni, another has Italian Sausage and Bruschetta, the third is Italian Sausage and Pepperoni, and rounding out the four sides is classic cheese.

The only bummer is that you can’t customize the toppings, as the Quattro will be available as part of their Hot-N-Ready offerings from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., local time.

With fast food restaurants constantly pushing their apps, Little Caesars fans can get an early taste through the app, from now until August 26, where it will be available for walk-in orders.

The Quattro will be only around for a limited time, and is selling for $7 per pie, which is about average for their premium Hot-N-Ready options.

While the Quattro is sure to turn heads, there have been reports of Little Caesars testing a Quattro Crust, which is a similar concept, except instead of toppings, there are four different crusts consisting of cheddar and jalapeño, cheddar and bacon, Asiago and Parmesan, and Parmesan breadcrumbs.

Hopefully we see a nationwide launch of the Quattro Crust, or even a combination of both, but until then, our tastebuds can go crazy over the current, multiple-topping version.

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Starbucks Secretly Dropping A Tie-Dye Frappuccino

There have been whispers about a Tie-Dye Frappuccino existing in the depths of Starbucks’ secretive abyss, and sources within Starbucks have confirmed to Foodbeast that it is true, and it is coming fast.

The fruity Frappuccino will have a creme base, vanilla whipped cream top, and stripes of red, blue and yellow powder to give it a tye-dye look. While the powders have not been given a flavor description, they are meant to give a fruity taste to counter the vanilla cream flavor of the Frap base.

As of this writing, Starbucks baristas have been given instruction on how to make it, and told to taste it before the scheduled July 10 launch. It will only be available until July 14, or until the stores run out of the powders.

Starbucks has a tendency to just drop new drinks without much notice, and sits back to watch the world burn in front of them. Most notably, they did that with the Unicorn Frappuccino that came out of nowhere and caused havoc at stores, giving baristas headaches all the way until its eventual demise.

Time will tell if this Frappuccino will have that kind of impact, but the name and color are definitely Instagram-worthy, and have the makings of another terrifying Frappuccino phenomenon.


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Roy Choi’s Upcoming Las Vegas Restaurant Has Finally Been Revealed

Prolific Los Angeles chef Roy Choi has famously ventured from a food truck to restaurants exploring varying styles of food pertaining to the theme of the restaurant, like Hawaiian food at A-Frame, and even, his game-changing Korean short rib taco birthed at the Kogi food truck.

With each new restaurant — whether the entire menu oozes with traditional-Korean flavors or is more of a fusion fare — he remains perched in Los Angeles, California. Choi’s status amongst Angelenos attributes to expanding in LA county, but at the top of this year, he announced his big move of opening a new restaurant in Las Vegas where a piece of L.A. will go along with him. After much anticipation for this new restaurant, Choi finally unveiled the entrance, dining area, and the name— ‘Best Friend,’ planning to open this December.


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It is located right on the Las Vegas Strip, in the new Park MGM Hotel, and this piece of Los Angeles pertains to Choi and Angelenos themselves. For Choi, the restaurants he opened in his hometown have a place at this establishment: “It is the only place to sink your teeth into all the flavors from Kogi to Commissary and everything in between, along with fresh new ideas I’ve been cooking up for years.”


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The first step into ‘Best Friend’ is the ‘Liquor Store’, which is essentially, a small neighborhood bodega: mildly quaint and retro — the mild barred by the extravagance of Las Vegas. This remixed version of Los Angeles with bright colors and neon lights makes it as Vegas as it could get.

“It’s Koreatown in a capsule — a portal to the streets of LA, but also rooted in what makes Las Vegas, VEGAS,” says Roy Choi. From the looks of it, the ‘Liquor Store’ boasts relics and iconic figures from the City of Angels along with nods to Choi’s musical tastes: an N.W.A poster, Biggie’s quote ‘It was all a dream’ fluoresced with neon lights, and a ‘Koreatown’ neon sign, too.  An early look at this entrance feels like a game of I Spy, the premise being: How LA is this LA-inspired restaurant?

In a previous interview with Foodbeast, Choi stated: “I want people from L.A. to walk in and be like, ‘FUCK YEAH‘ and ‘OHHH SHIIIT‘, you know? I want you to roll up with all your friends and feel at home. And then I want people from elsewhere to feel like they’re getting a good glimpse into what it’s like to live in Los Angeles. We’re very aware that this is gonna be a Vegas restaurant. So we won’t shy away from the big and spectacular. If they can recreate the cities of Paris and Rome in Vegas, I want to recreate Los Angeles, too, with varied levels of nuance.”

Yes, the food and the origins carry the culture of L.A., but what seems to matter to Choi more is the atmosphere. He wants to mirror L.A.’s laid-back, yet urban vibe; highlighting the quaint, corner-shops and passing cars bumping N.W.A, Tupac, and The Pharcyde (so, expect to hear all of the hip-hop classics blasting throughout the restaurant).

Los Angeles’ food in Las Vegas is a symbol of Choi extending his vision past the L.A. city limits, but beyond that, it is a creation made through collaboration with his own best friends — utilizing Sean Knibb and David Irvin’s design, Patrick Martinez’s neon art, and Travis Jensen’s photography.

As ‘Best Friend’ opens up in December, it will capture the vibe of Choi’s hometown but resonate around the culture — where diversity, is formed by the food and people— and that, is what makes this L.A.-inspired restaurant truly L.A.: “I want Best Friend to energize the minds of people looking to experience the best in life. Whether they are from Hollywood or Hong Kong, D.C. or Down Under, I hope all guests are licking their fingers with their mouths full saying ‘holy shit!’ as they reach across the table for another bite. L.A. food in Las Vegas. Los Vegas. Best Friend. Forever.”

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The Shrinking Screens Of TV Dinners

Whether you’re ready for the five millionth season of Grey’s Anatomy, out for blood while watching Empire, or just hoping that you can navigate the minefield of spoilers while trying to catch up on Game of Thrones, quality TV can be as heartwarming as a cup of hot cocoa.

Primetime television became an additional family member in American households about half a century ago and we took very little time to jump from watching I Love Lucy after dinner to plopping pre-portioned food on mini tables we still call TV trays during a half hour of America’s favorite redhead.

Even though the tradition of watching a show while you eat still stands, you don’t really find frozen dinners outside the freezers of devout Weight Watchers and substitute teachers. Plus, the advents of Hulu, Netflix, smartphones, and tablets have created an anytime, anywhere atmosphere of media guzzling.  So, where does that leave the TV dinner? Can we have TV lunches? Do we even need our TVs? 

TV dinner version 2016. #tvdinner #tv #vegan #dinner #terrasse

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Our morphing social landscape is creating a space for individualism and the ever-popular “me time.” You can really eat however you want, whenever you want with Queen Elizabeth II or the cast of Downton Abbey. If you do find yourself eating alone, your smartphone can keep you company or help you avoid awkward eye contact with strangers/co-workers you don’t know very well.

Gear Up

Support your phone

Whether it’s simple DIY phone stands made via origami or a couple of binder clips to Miso Soup Design’s ramen bowl with a built in phone stand, you’re going to need some help propping up your phone. (

Wireless meals

Dining in public brings a certain noise level to the table and no one likes headphone wires in their food, so invest in a pair of wireless earbuds so you don’t miss a single punchline or plot twist.

Splash zone

Even if you have a newer, water resistant phone, getting your phone wet is never ideal. Be wary of your splash zone and safeguard your phone with a waterproof case or, at the very least, a plastic screen protector.

Eating For One

Focus on what you’re eating

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Just because you’re using a smaller screen doesn’t mean the issues stemming from eating and watching TV disappear. If you’re watching a 22-minute comedy and you’ve finished your meal in the first seven minutes, you need to slow down. Television has a way of distracting us from our body’s fullness signals, so it’s important to reign in your fork.

Stay strong

If you’re chowing your way through a drama, watch out for those tears. They’ll add some unplanned flavor to your meal while dehydrating you and making you hungrier! Comedies are much safer calorie-wise (plus, they offer a little abdominal workout), but too much hilarity might require a self-heimlich maneuver.

Whatever you choose, make sure you relax and take comfort in the fact that you’re supporting an American tradition with a modern edge.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss Restaurants

Taco Bell Totally Revamps Their Restaurants With These New Designs

When I was a small human, we had a Taco Bell right down the street from us that my family would go to at least once a week or two. My parents were in love with that place, and still are. They’re not huge on fast food, but they ain’t mad at Taco Bell. Contrary to popular belief, my family’s obsession with Taco Bell has not caused any rectal harm above and beyond the standard muddy runs from time to time, a small price we’re willing to pay.

The thing I remembered most about the Taco Bell was the pueblo-style walls and the arch at the top with the infamous bell listlessly swinging from side to side below it. That Mission Revival style and look was iconic, and was a part of the company’s image for well over a decade. Well, Taco Bell has decided to try and recreate that memorable appearance by introducing four new designs to their stores’ look: Urban Edge, Heritage, Modern Explorer and California Sol.

  • Urban Edge – This design represents an eclectic mix of international and street style. This style is inspired by timeless design coupled with elements of the urban environment.Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.34.59 AM
  • Heritage – Inspired by its culinary roots in Mexican-inspired food with a twist, this style is a modern interpretation of Taco Bell’s original Mission Revival style characterized by warm white walls with classic materials in the tile and heavy timbers.Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.36.34 AM
  • Modern Explorer – This rustic modern style is a refined version of the brand’s Cantina Explorer restaurants and can easily fit into a suburban or rural environment. This look is inspired by the farms that make the food.Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.36.00 AM
  • California Sol – Inspired by Taco Bell’s California roots and the California lifestyle, this design blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor. It’s a celebration of dining al fresco and embraces a laidback beachy feel both inside and out.Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.35.28 AM

To be completely honest, I’m a bit baffled that these changes are so subtle and miniscule. I can always appreciate some nice subtlety, but in a situation like this, being more exuberant and grandiose would have been much more appealing in my opinion.  I could probably find more differences between the two similar pictures in a Highlights magazine. While the small changes are nice, they’re simply…boring.

These new designs will be implemented into four different Taco Bell locations in Orange County, initially as a trial run, and will be reopened to the public this summer.


London’s Very First Nude Restaurant Already Has 15,000 People on the Waiting List


The Bunyadi, a Pangea-themed restaurant where clothes are optional, is set to provide a totally unique dining experience in London, U.K. from June to August 2016.

Nudity in the establishment is encouraged but non-compulsory as there will be both a naked section and a clothed section, reported International Business Times. Customers will also be provided with gowns, changing rooms and lockers.


According to the restaurant’s website, customers are invited to dine free from all the trappings of the modern world — “no chemicals, no artificial colors, no electricity, no gas, no phone and even no clothes if [customers] wish to.”

Food preparation will be done naturally using a wood-flame grill for cooking and handmade clay crockery for serving. The menu will feature both vegan and non-vegan dishes cooked on wood-fire.

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The Bunyadi, which means “base” or “natural” in Hindi, is a creation of Lollipop, the same company behind the popular “Breaking Bad”-themed bar in London.

“The idea is to experience true liberation,” Seb Lyall, Lollipop’s founder told the Times. “No doubt, this has been the most challenging project for us yet, which makes us very excited about it.”

The one-of-a-kind restaurant, which enforces a strict first-come first-serve basis for tickets, now has a waiting list of over 12,000.

Written by Editorial Staff, NextShark


This Pizza Chart Schools You On 40 Different Kinds Of Pizzas

Click HERE to see the chart in all its pizza glory aka full size!

Food Republic put together this chart showing 40 types of pizza. If you think about it, it’s a pizza pie chart. But don’t think about it too hard, because it’s technically not a pie chart at all. It’s just a regular chart with pizza pies on it. A few concerns: is a calzone really considered a pizza? I thought a calzone was a calzone. Then again, what do I know? Haha! Trick question! Not much, but I do know the hell out of some pizza, that’s for sure. As for the second concern, I can’t remember. Got too hungry with all this talk about pizza. To the pizza parlor!



Written by Brittany High, IncredibleThings

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This McDonald’s Has No Seats Or Tables, Here’s Why


If you’re ever out in New Jersey, you might find a very peculiar McDonald’s. In one of the company’s newest locations, this McDonald’s has no tables or seating for customers to sit down and enjoy their meal.

According to Business Insider, this is because this McDonald’s was designed specifically for customers strapped for time. The McDonald’s can be found outside of the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City. There, customers can walk up to the restaurant’s window and order their food on foot or go through the drive-thru.

There won’t be any seating for patrons to linger. Nobody’s got time for that.

New Jersey’s commuter McDonald’s is most likely an effort to get wait times significantly lower. Currently, the wait time at this new McDonald’s is about 90 seconds.