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Salt Bae Forced To Wear Gloves Because He’s A Walking Health Code Violation

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The entertainment value that Nusret “Salt Bae” Gokce provided at his Turkish restaurant was epic, and no one questioned the man who grabbed a handful of salt and stylishly sprinkled it onto his steaks like a rockstar.

Now that the chef has made his way to the U.S., there are people who may question his antics, particularly the health department.

As Eater New York cited, it is a health code violation for restaurants to handle ready-to-eat food with their bare hands, and, well, part of the attraction of the restaurant was Salt Bae himself walking around to tables, cutting their steaks, and doing his little sprinkle with bare hands.

However, Mr. Gokce has been spotted wearing black disposable gloves at freshly-opened Manhattan Nusr-et Steakhouse this week, as he still approaches customer tables, and does his performance art, but he now does it with gloves.

He still looks good doing it, though, because no glove is going to slow down the swagger of the Turkish legend.

There haven’t been any reports that the health department had any complaints, but it was probably best they nip the bare handed show in the bud.

There’s still the issue of the salt pouring on his hairy, masculine forearms before hitting the steak, but there have been no complaints of that, yet.

The restaurant itself has gotten mixed reviews, being called overpriced, and initially serving overcooked steak, but it has since gotten a little better.

Plus, no one actually goes there for the food, as seeing the amazing Salt Bae walk around and do his thing is what customers are paying for.


Slater’s 50/50 March Madness: The Drunken Guinness-Infused Steak Burger


Slater’s 50/50 is getting it right with March’s new Burger of the Month: The Drunken Steak Burger. The extreme burger joint is putting aside their signature half-bacon, half-beef patty for a 7oz NY strip steak infused with a sweet Guinness marinade atop roma tomatoes and arugula roasted in Jameson Irish Whiskey. The patty is also stacked with thick-cut bacon, melted provolone cheese, roasted red peppers and doused in Guinness and blue cheese dressing. All this sandwiched between a sliced ciabatta loaf.

Keep an eye out for the item starting March 1st. Expect the price tag on this beer-happy burger to be $14.95 and bring a hefty appetite.