NYC Restaurant Pivots To ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ Lunch

The additional unemployment benefits that many received have come to a halt. However, one New York City restaurant is looking to do its part to help out its fellow citizens.

Every Wednesday from 5-10pm ET, Short Stories head chef Jeanne Jordan is preparing vegan curry bowls for those who need them and she’s only asking that you “pay-what-you-want.”

“Our aim is to make this something really sustainable so we can increase how much we do each week, and do it forever,” says Short Stories head chef Jeanne Jordan. “We didn’t expect such a huge response. Don’t get us wrong it is crazy tasty but is even more obvious now there is a big need for help and the state is failing. “

Previously, Short Stories packed up some meals for protestors in New York City. Now, they’re servicing their community in another noble way, ensuring that folks that need a good, healthy meal are able to enjoy one regardless of what they can afford at the moment.

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NYC’s Popular Morgenstern’s Ice Cream Is Now Available Through Nationwide Delivery

Morgenstern's Ice Cream

New York City’s Morgenstern’s Ice Cream is iconic by local standards, what with its unique flavors that don’t over-indulge in excess, yet still boasts much creativity, and most importantly, flavor. Collaborations with the likes of Action Bronson have also helped solidify the shop’s status as a destination for great ice cream in the city.

Now, with the onset of new norms comes a nifty pivot that lets everybody enjoy the frozen treats that only New Yorkers have had a chance to, as Morgenstern’s is now available via nationwide delivery on their website. Here’s a rundown of the goods available:

  • Pick your own pint pack with options for four ($104) or six ($139) pints.
  • A selection of four American Classic pints, including cookies n’ cream, peanut butter cup, schoolyard mint chip and butter pecan ($99).
  • Parlor Favorites of four Morgenstern’s original flavor pints, including chocolate oat, green tea pistachio, raw milk and salt & pepper pine nut ($99).
  • Ice cream cakes, which serve 8-11 in flavors such as Cookies N’ Cream, Honey Vanilla and Salted

Morgenstern’s will be shipping Monday through Friday to the lower 48 states, while all 88 flavors are available for pick-up & delivery via Caviar in NYC.

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A Dosa-Making Robot Is A Highlight At This Modern Indian Restaurant

This past May Dalup Modern Indian opened on 350 7th Avenue in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Featuring a pan-Indian menu developed by Bravo’s Top Chef alum Dave Martin, patrons are invited to create their own personalized korma bowls — or as Dalup calls them, “karma bowls.” With a focus on lighter and more modern versions of traditional Indian cuisine, each bowl includes your choice of base — biryani rice, long grain brown rice or citrus and tomato freekeh — and choice of dairy and gluten-free curry. Nat Loganathan, an owner of Dalup, has this to say:

“Born and raised in Southern India and now long time New Yorkers, we wanted to create a warm and welcoming eatery offering modern Indian cuisine. We wanted to keep the authentically bold flavors, but focus on making it light and fresh with everything prepared in-house.”

Dalup has its sights set on delivering consistency in food quality and operations. To achieve this, Dalup makes creative use of specialized equipment to bake their Naan bread and grill their kebab-style meat, which includes chicken, pork and lamb. One of the most interesting things Dalup has done is incorporate a custom robotic dosa machine that makes dosas à la minute. Yes, robots are indeed taking over. With technology playing a major role, Dalup also donates proceeds to Girls Who Code, a national none-profit organization whose mission is to close the gender gap in technology.

Dalup uses locally sourced meats and produce, housemade dough, spice blends, and supports sustainable and socially responsible production. So if you’re looking for tasty and healthy indian food with a robotic twist, Dalup Modern Indian may be the right fit for you.


Photos: Dalup Modern Indian by Simmer Group
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This Italian Chef Is Using ‘Ancient Pastas’ To Breathe New Life Into The Cuisine


In a city deeply rooted in age old tradition, where heritage holds true, and the mettle of a chef is tested everyday, Chef Jordan Frosolone of 10 Corso Como is breathing new life into Italy’s storied pasta making history.  Applying old school Italian techniques, Chef Jordan brings history to the forefront to resurrect and refresh pasta recipes that date back centuries.  By taking this singular approach to Italian fare, you are sure to find a unique and authentic experience seldom found at most Italian places. Their ever-changing menu takes you through various regions of Italy that inspired these “ancient pastas” to be brought back into the spotlight.

Since 2003, Chef Jordan has worked as a Chef de Cuisine at Hearth, and more recently, the Director of Culinary Operations for the Momofuku Group in New York.  At 10 Corso Como, Chef prides himself with creating an approachable dining experience that is unrivaled in quality and attention to detail.  The thoughtful use of sustainable, seasonal ingredients, and fresh pasta milled in-house guarantees an immersive Italian episode you won’t soon forget.  Located in Manhattan’s Seaport District, the space is refined, trendy and distinctive; a complement to the fine-dining experience.

With respect to tradition and the desire to develop a deeper understanding of Italian culture and cuisine, Chef Jordan spent two years in Florence and Spoleto, Italy to cultivate his own philosophy of authentic Italian cooking.  It was his time there that drew him to the lore of forgotten traditional recipes that were once commonplace hundreds of years ago.

For example, the “Pasta Struncatura” on the menu is a multi-grain pasta from the Calabria region of Southern Italy, known to be the poorest.  Historically, this pasta was made from whatever scraps or “sawdust” leftovers were available from the floor of the grain mill, typically put together with anchovy paste to compensate for taste.  Also, the “Pasta Suddhi,” is a dish made using barley flour. The use of the robust barley grain is uncommon in today’s practice and was typically used when other grains were scarce.

When asked about his motivation in resurrecting these ancient techniques of pasta making, Frosolone said: “It’s a fascinating history… it is great being able to explore the culture and learn how these communities thrived. I wanted to gain a better cultural understanding and a grasp of its significance firsthand.”

Chef Jordan’s inspiration is drawn from the land itself.  He creates multifaceted dishes that portray Southern Italy’s different regions; serving pasta indegenous to certain areas.  It becomes a subtle history lesson, a beautiful case study on the Italian experience, if you will.

“We highlight simplicity above all, without bringing anything unnecessary to the table.” Says Chef Jordan.  While these dishes are unique and modern in their creation, they stay confident in their roots. It can be seen that these dishes are a true testament to the history of the art of pasta making — walking the line of tradition and innovation.

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NYC’s ‘Green New Deal’ Drastically Cuts Meat Bought For Public Programs

New York City is making historic moves in efforts to make their city both healthier and a better contributor to fighting climate change.

As part of their OneNYC 2050 initiative announced today, the city plans to make drastic cuts in the meat it purchases. That food, which is used for public schools, hospitals, prisons, and other such meal programs, is being replaced to improve health in these areas.

According to the New York City report, all beef purchases for these programs will be cut by 50%, while processed meat purchases will be eliminated altogether. Their explanation for choosing these meats over poultry and pork are as follows:

“Beef has a relatively high environmental footprint compared to poultry, pork, and plant-based foods. Beef cattle, managing manure, and manufacturing fertilizer produces nitrous oxide and methane, two climate-warming pollutants 298 and 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, respectively. Processed meat consumption is linked with increased risk of cancer and is often high in saturated fat and sodium which is linked with heart disease. This policy would offer health benefits to the most vulnerable New Yorkers.”

These new policies are some of the most drastic in food policy history. While it does not ban beef or processed meats in the city (private companies can still sell it), it takes a huge step forward in the fight against climate change. By extending it to public programs like schools, hospitals, and prisons, it also ensures that a lot more people in the city get access to more nutritious meals.

Right now, there’s a lot of talking news about meat substitutes like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat that can be used to replicate beef and other animal products for environmental and sustainability purposes. While New York doesn’t explicitly say they’ll change to those, what they’re doing is the policy equivalent of what these plant-based purveyors are trying to accomplish.

New York City will put these practices into effect through updates to their Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) program, as well as through executive action. Other new policies include phasing out single-use plastic foodware and cutting the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent over the next 10 years.

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Mesmerizing Tiramisu Taco Is A Decadent Spin On The Iconic Dessert

Tiramisu is one of the few desserts that I see as a classic. The coffee-flavored confection is made with ladyfingers that are soaked in coffee and stacked with a sweet cream made from eggs, sugar, and cheese. With all the years I’ve been working around food, I’ve yet to see someone attempt an unorthodox approach to the time-honored dessert.

Well, that bar has now been set thanks to these Tiramisu “Tacos.”

Quality Italian, located in New York City, is serving up a decadent spin on the iconic tiramisu dish. Called the Tiramisu Congelati, the innovative dessert is a contemporary love letter to fans of traditional tiramisu. It essentially translates to frozen tiramisu.

Photo: Elloise Kirn

The dessert combines a block of mascarpone gelato and sandwiches in between two layers of sponge cake that’s soaked with coffee liqueur and coated with a spread of espresso ganache and served on a chocolate sablee. Adorned atop this work of art is a cinnamon meringue coupled with chocolate curls and crunchy glass tuiles to add yet another layer of texture. Finally, it is introduced to a waterfall of chocolate-coffee caramel.

Visually, it resembles a decadent dessert taco we’re more than happy to sink our teeth into.

Those with a sweet tooth and a taste for tiramisu will find this on the dessert menu you Quality Italian. For those looking to experience something a little savory beforehand, the restaurant is also home of the original Chicken Parmesan Pizza.

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Bacon Cannoli Exists Because ‘Tis The Season To Indulge


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Oftentimes when we’re braving the cold of winter, thoughts of seasonal nostalgia bring us warmth: family all gathered around the fire, drinking egg nog, with bacon cannolis being passed around for all to enjoy. No, don’t rub your eyes, bacon cannoli is a real thing and of course it should be a part of your holiday festivities. Because bacon and maple ricotta filling.

Probably seeing that very same vision I have of winter indulgence (time to start building up our extra layer of fat insulation for the cold), BarBacon, the hog haven in New York City, is offering up bacon cannolis with perfectly paired maple ricotta filling. If your mind’s eye is still needing the HD turned up, picture a cannoli, only that the shell is a whole piece of BACON bacon. The filling? A rich and creamy maple ricotta that compliments the bacon more than your ex does after you’ve glo’d up and gotten your life together. Oh and let’s go ahead and throw on some powdered sugar in slow-mo to really amp up the seasonal vibes.

The bacon cannolis are now available for dessert and are sold as part of BarBacon’s Holiday packages, 6 pieces for $24. As of now they’re only a seasonal item, but if they do well enough (don’t see why not), they could be a permanent fixture on the menu.

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NYC Restaurant Serves ‘Cheeseburger Kebabs’ Made With A Skyscraper Of Sliders

Venture into the Big Apple and you’ll find eats ranging from exquisite fine dining, to authentic local gems. While several are generous in portion size and many are delectable, few combine that with the sheer height of one of Times Square’s skyscrapers.

cheeseburger kebabs

The multi-floored Latitude Bar & Grill in Hell’s Kitchen brings together all three in its newest special. They serve up “kebabs” of sandwiches stacked as tall as the surrounding buildings.

Chief amongst these is their cheeseburger kebabs, made from sliders dressed up with grilled onions and cheese.

In a true act of Broadway showmanship, the tower of cheeseburgers is served with a creamy four cheese sauce that’s meant for pouring over the entire stack. It’s messy, but you’ll want to mop up every bit of that warm, cheesy lava with the mound of fries that serves as the base.

Latitude also serves different types of sandwich “kebabs,” including one made from fried chicken and waffle sandwiches, and another featuring grilled cheese sandwiches. Their respective drizzling sauces are maple syrup and a maple bacon jam.

Whichever one you pick, you’re guaranteed dinner and a show that makes dreams of sandwich bliss come true in the “Concrete Jungle.”