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10 CBD-Infused Snacks That You Can Start Incorporating Into Your New Year’s Diet

The new year is here, y’all, which means you’ve probably made some resolutions regarding your health. Maybe you want to start meal prepping, or maybe you’d rather indulge in more tasty AF meals throughout the year (#treatyoself). But if one of your goals for 2019 is to chill the heck out, then you might want to incorporate some CBD-infused snacks into your diet. Why? Because they look irresistible. Also, thanks to CBD’s relaxing assets, they’ll also make you feel calm, cool and collected in the new year.

If you haven’t hopped on the CBD train yet, you might be wondering why companies are adding it to their food products. To be honest, the answer is simple. For starters, CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. Meaning, CBD won’t get you high like THC will (so don’t get your hopes up). Instead, cannabidiol is known to help its consumers feel relief from anxiety, pain, and a handful of other medical conditions. So why wouldn’t companies want to add it to their snacks?

Whenever I have CBD in my gummies or through my coffee (yes, that’s a thing), I’m at peak relaxation. However, CBD’s benefits may vary from person to person — so don’t base your reaction off of mine. If you’re hoping to give it a try for yourself, scan the following items and add ’em to your cart.


1. Chocolate Chip Cookies, $22 


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TBH, I’d dunk these CBD-infused cookies by Pure Hemp into my milk any day. If you’re not into chocolate chip cookies, though, you can check out the other flavors on Pure Hemp’s website. There’s literally a ton of them, such as CBD Cinnamon Cookies and CBD Sprinkle Cookies.

2. Potato Chips, $25


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Those of you who are craving something salty can order Jay’s CBD Potato Chips from Earthshine Organics. If I had a bag of these, I’d be chillin’ on the couch without a care in the world.

3. Flaming Hot “Weetos,” $28


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Out of all of the CBD snacks I’ve come across, I think these would be my favorite. I’m a sucker for spicy food, so Flamin’ Hot Weetohs from Earthsine Organics are going on my grocery list ASAP.

4. Cake Pops, $11


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Those of you craving a CBD for dessert can try one of these cake pops from Diamond CBD. IMHO, these are probably the cutest CBD desserts I’ve ever seen.

5. Sour Worms, $35 


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Okay, guys. I’ve tried these ones, and they rule. They’re not too sweet, and they’re not too sour. If a Sour Patch Kid and a Gummy Bear had a CBD baby, this would be it. You can buy a package on Pure Hemp’s website.

6. Caramels, $35


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TBH, I think caramel candies are underrated. They’re sweet, chewy, long-lasting and even better infused with CBD. You can buy a bag for yourself here. (P.S. Could you imagine having a CBD caramel-covered apple? Did I just invent something?)

7. Coconut Bites, $14.99 


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Coconut fans, rejoice: You have a handful of CBD-infused snack options to choose from, all thanks to Weller. The company’s new CBD Coconut Bites are now on the market, and their flavors will make your mouth water.

7. Hard Candy, $20


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Who doesn’t like hard candy? Thanks to Cannabinoid Creations, you can now suck on CBD-infused goodies — and the flavors are hard to pass up. One of them is Cartoon Cereal Crunch, which apparently tastes like your favorite childhood cereal. #TBT.

8. Lollipops, $10


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Anyone trying to really enjoy the CBD goodness can buy one of these Peace Pops from Pure Hemp. Each pack only comes with one pop, which shouldn’t be a problem considering the fact that lollipops usually take a while to finish. They also come in a handful of flavors including Sour Apple, Watermelon, Strawberry and Tangy Orange — so pick your favorite.

9. Chewing Gum, $20


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Who doesn’t want fresh breath? Thanks to Relax Winter Breeze Gum by Earthshine Organics, you can refresh your palate and relax your mind at the same time. With one of these packs in your pocket, friends will be begging you for a piece.

10. Honey, $50


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Whether you’d rather spoon your honey out of a jar or pour it into your morning beverage, you’ll probably dig Colorado Hemp Honey. It contains naturally-occurring CBD, which means your morning cup of tea is about to level up a notch.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and load your virtual carts with these CBD-products and try them out for yourself. Take it slow, though, and make sure you take each product’s CBD content into consideration before indulging. And most importantly, don’t forget to share ’em with your friends when they raid your kitchen for the goods.

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Follow These Instagram Accounts If Meal Prepping Is Your New Year’s Resolution

Every single New Year’s Eve, I promise myself that I’m gonna start meal prepping. Why is that, you ask? There are a few reasons, but I’ll stick to the basics. For starters, planning your meals is definitely healthier than settling for takeout every night (sigh). It’s also a lot cheaper than buying food whenever you’re hungry. If you’re hoping to purchase the right food products that’ll create sustainable meals in 2019, you might want some guidance. Luckily, I’ve rounded up a few Instagram accounts for meal prepping that’ll help you get a head start on your resolution.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or a straight up carnivore, there are tons of meal prepping pages that you can follow. Luckily, various Instagram accounts have created impressive fanbases by mapping out each meal for its followers. Thanks to them, you won’t have to aimlessly wander around the grocery store hoping that everything you throw into your cart will make a good meal. Instead, you’ll be able to plan your breakfasts, lunches and dinners with the help of your favorite meal prepping role models.

Before I dive in, get your phones out. Trust me, you’re gonna want to follow these prepping pages.

1. Workweek Lunch


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A post shared by Talia Koren | Workweek Lunch (@workweeklunch) on

Busy bees with a hungry appetite will love Workweek Lunch’s Instagram account. From breakfast and lunch to dinner and desserts, it’ll have you covered with quick and easy meals for the week.

2. Meal Prepster


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A post shared by 🍴Meal Prep Plans & Ideas (@mealprepster) on

Meal Prepster is perfect for anyone craving an easy-to-do savory dish or a powerhouse meal that’ll keep you going throughout the week.

3. Meal Prep On Fleek


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A post shared by Meal Prep On Fleek (@mealpreponfleek) on

Meal Prep On Fleek will help you prep meals, snacks and desserts while providing your feed with much-needed food facts.

4. How To Meal Prep


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A post shared by How To Meal Prep 🍱 (@how2mealprep) on

How To Meal Prep is the perfect page for prepping beginners (like myself), because it provides you with videos that’ll help you through the process.

5. Daily Vegan


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If you’re a vegan, go ahead and follow Daily Vegan Meal prep. It’ll guide you through a ton of recipes that you’ll be able to eat on the reg. That way, you won’t have to visit your go-to vegan joint everyday.

6. Meal Prep & Chill


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Meal Prep & Chill will help you stay calm, cool and collected while you plan your meals for the week. It’ll also provide you with handy how-to videos and factual food posts.

7. Meal Prep Haven


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Not only does Meal Prep Haven offer prepping ideas, but it also gives followers the option to purchase planning packs that’ll give them a jump start into meal prepping. Convenient, am I right?

As you can see, there are tons of Instagram accounts that’ll help you start your meal prepping journey in the new year. Choose your favorite, head to the grocery store and start planning.

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5 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Might Actually Ruin Your New Year’s Resolution Diet

Most of you would be lying if you say you’ve never had eating “healthy” foods as your New Year’s resolution. If you’re anything like me, that goal is probably already down the toilet.

Despite my daily trips to Whole Foods and Nekter, I wasn’t really eating healthy. But it’s not because I ate ice cream for the last 15 days (which I did). No, that’s not why I failed my 2018 resolution already. It’s because those “healthy” foods I was consuming were actually ruining my diet. All those times I chugged a cup of green juice and snacked on trail mixes? Well, no wonder I can’t diet properly to save a life.

Below is a top 5 “healthy” foods that may actually be ruining your diet.

1. Gluten-Free Food

Yes, some GF snacks indeed are healthier alternatives. But if it’s processed or packaged, even if it’s “gluten-free,” it can be significantly higher in calories and lower in carbs. So if I’m not gluten sensitive, why add the extra calories without the satisfaction of biting into a cupcake?

2. Green Juice

One word. Sugar.

Cold-pressed juices are loaded with veggies and fruits. But a popular bottled green juice has 260 calories, 60 grams of carbs and 52 grams of sugar! That’s more sugar than five Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts!

Alternative? Drink a green smoothie. Unlike the juice alternative, smoothies retain the fibers from the veggies.

3. Fat-Free Anything

Health Tip: If you eat the center, it’s 100% fat free. 😉 🍩#WorldHealthDay

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“Oh, it’s fat-free! It must be healthy.”

No. No. NO! Get that fat-free chocolate pudding out of your cart! Research shows fat-free/low-fat foods have up to 10% more calories and 40% more sugar. By removing fat, food loses its flavor. To compensate for the lack of flavor, companies add additional flavoring and sugar.

4. Trail Mix

Don’t say you never grabbed a handful of trail mix to pick out all the chocolate. Ok, maybe I tried to be a little bit “healthier” and ate the peanut butter chips too. Hey! Peanuts have protein, right? Well, it turns out that you are better off munching on some unsalted nuts. If you’re having a chocolate craving, opt for some dark chocolate.

5. Acai Bowls

You’re tempted. Those acai bowls are so pretty and totally Instagram ready. And you know what? It’s healthy for you, right? Nope.

You’re getting an acai bowl because acai is a superfood. You want that glowing skin and super immunity! Unfortunately, most acai bowls are high in calories and sugary. Why? Some bowls are made with frozen yogurt instead of a puree. It is also packed on with various toppings like fruit, granola, and honey. While acai itself is low in sugar and packed with antioxidants, think of all the extra calories the toppings and hefty portions add!

Fast Food

This Anti-New Year’s Resolution Burger Features a 100% Bacon Patty, Fried Egg, Whiskey-Soaked Onions and an Entire Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Every month, SoCal-based burger chain Slater’s 50/50 unveils a new, completely over-the-top, featured hamburger for the month. In the past we’ve seen donut burgers, chorizo burgers, even orange chicken and kangaroo burgers.

Now, Slater’s wants to remind us that New Year’s Resolutions are hard, and skinny will never quite feel as good as bacon tastes, with its latest Excesstasy Burger and Ice Cream Sandwich, available through January.

The burger (and bear with me, because it’s a doozy): two brioche buns tenuously nestled around an all-natural beef patty, a bed of arugula and garlic tomato confit, another 100% ground bacon patty soaked in bone marrow butter, white cheddar, a WHOLE bacon grilled cheese sandwich, Southern Comfort whiskey drunken onions, and a sunny-side up egg, topped off with Slater’s house made thousand island aioli.


And the dessert sandwich: a fresh-basked peanut butter sugar cookie atop two scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream atop a giant homemade peanut butter cup atop two schools of vanilla ice cream, all atop a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie.


Wash both down with a hoppy pale ale and a porter for a proper start to 2014. Who needs juice cleanses, anyhow?

Picthx Slater’s 50/50

Fast Food

Starbucks Helps New Year’s Resolutions with New Blueberry Oatmeal at 280 calories

Do your New Year’s resolutions involve eating a more nutritious breakfast? As long as you weren’t planning on giving up coffee, check out the new Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal released by Starbucks, a blend of steel-cut and rolled oats topped with fresh blueberries, a dash of agave syrup, and a nut and seed medley. With 7 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, 280 calories and a prep-time of 5 min, you can quickly grab the fuel you need to start the day without pushing pause… so long as that Starbucks line isn’t an eternity long. Airports, we’re looking at you.

Prefer traditional toppings instead? You can still ask for Starbucks Classic Oatmeal, which comes with brown sugar, dried fruit and nuts.


Celebrity Grub

Ne-Yo’s New Year Resolution: ‘I’m gonna try to go Vegan’

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions? Eating better and more healthily — which, for some, means going on a new diet.

And it seems that singer Ne-Yo is definitely in that camp.

On New Year’s Eve, the star took to the Twitterverse to announce that he would shun all animal byproducts and go vegan.

“What’s everybody’s New Year’s resolution? I’m gonna try to go Vegan. Discipline test. NOT looking forward to it. Wish me luck!!” he wrote.

And he’s not the only one. This R&B crooner will be joining the ranks of other famous vegans, including former President Bill Clinton, comedian Ellen DeGeneres, singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and rockstar Ozzy Osbourne. Maybe these other celebs can give him a few tricks on how to stay vegan for the rest of the year!

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Adorable New Year’s Resolution Cookies Will Help You with Everything but Losing Weight

I don’t know about you, but getting to eat an adorable frosting-covered peanut butter cookie every time I accomplish one of my New Year’s Resolution goals sounds like an amazing incentive for getting shit done. Except one of my biggest goals is to get back in shape. Drats.

Oh well, there’s always next year right?

Here’s to new beginnings!

Check out the full recipe and photos at Cake Whiz.

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