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The Navajo Taco At This Long Beach Restaurant Is A Delicious Homage

For Chef Arthur Gonzalez of Panxa Cocina in Long Beach, California, opening up a restaurant that paid homage to Southwestern flavors was a genuine need, as his time in New Mexico along with pride in his Mexican roots were the major driving factors behind it.

One of the more unique dishes that resonated with Chef Gonzalez was the Navajo taco, a staple of indigenous and Southwestern cuisine. “I remember just walking through a local farmer’s market and having it for the first time. There was so much simplicity, yet flavor, to this Navajo taco that I’ll never forget.” Compelled by the spellbinding allure of Hatch green chiles and other bold flavors that he experienced while in New Mexico, Chef Gonzalez set his heart on a restaurant that would extoll the savory virtues of the Southwest to the people of Long Beach.

Check out my delicious dive into learning about the history of how frybread plays a crucial role in the Navajo taco as well as appreciating the layers of flavors that come together so simply.

Food Trucks

MoGro: The Mobile Grocery

In the midst of the booming gourmet food truck movement, mobile eateries have been fighting for curb space and proper branding and identity for some odd years now. While most trucks have a business plan that draws them to major cities and street corners with major foot traffic, the MoGro truck has taken an entirely different plan of action: parking in the middle of nowhere.

Not exactly the middle of nowhere, more precisely, “food deserts”. A food desert is a term that can be attributed to any area where food is too expensive, unhealthy or simply non-existent. The government has even setup a food desert locator as part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! and Healthy Food Financing Initiative.

The initial MoGro Truck went saw its soft launch on April 18th, arriving at Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico. Nearly 100 customers were privy to the trucks healthy, fresh and affordable food during the debut run.

The hope is if you don’t have access to fresh and healthy food options, it can truck on over to you. Good idea?