Starbucks Turning More Desserts Into Drinks, Tests Tiramisu Lattes


Just over a week after they debuted the Caramel Flan Latte, Starbucks has begun testing Tiramisu Lattes in select markets. In keeping with the theme of transforming sweet desserts into even sweeter drinks the coffee chain is asking customers in St. Louis, MO and Jacksonville, FL to sample their latest creation. Reception so far via Twitter has been mostly positive.

The drink is described as “our signature espresso with hints of creamy mascarpone flavor and a delicate dusting of rich cocoa espresso powder.” As always, the drink is avalable hot, iced or as a Frappuccino. Considering coffee paired with tiramisu is a traditionally delicious duo, we’re guessing we’ll see Tiramisu Lattes on Starbucks menus soon.

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Caramel Flan Latte Available for a Limited Time at Starbucks


2014 may have just begun but Starbucks isn’t wasting any time debuting new drinks for the New Year. For a limited time the coffee chain is offering Caramel Flan Lattes. The drink was previously tested last year in select markets with a fairly positive response.

The new drink is available hot, iced or in frapp form and is described by Starbucks as “espresso with steamed milk and caramel flavors of creamy flan. Topped with caramel-infused whipped cream and caramel flan drizzle.” Just for reference, flan is a custard dessert with a soft caramel layer.

Side note, flan is pretty similar to crème brûlée which was also a flavor offered on Starbucks holiday menu. They’re both custard based desserts topped with caramel. Based on Starbucks’ official description of both drinks it’s probably safe to say that the new Caramel Flan Latte and holiday offered Caramel Brûlée are pretty much the same drink just fancied up to make it menu friendly year round.

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Fast Food

McDonald’s Japan ‘American Vintage’ Menu Debuts January 2014


McDonalds Japan is bringing customers back to the good ol’ days with their new “American Vintage” menu items. Similar to McDonalds France’s “Breads & America” promotion Japan has created burgers that supposedly sums up American culture.

The American Vintage menu features “1950’s diner fare, 1970’s soul food and 1980’s pop culture cuisine”. The three menus will make their debut throughout January and February. The 1950’s American Diner will kick off the promotion with menu items available starting January 7 and lasting until about the end of the month.

Items on the 1950’s themed menu includes the Diner Double Beef with Chicago-style steak sauce and mashed potatoes (as seen below). It also looks like McDonalds’ signature round egg also sits atop the retro burger. Other items include the Diner Honey Mustard and Classic Fries with cheese and bacon flavor topping. Seriously McDonalds, if those fries don’t scream America I don’t know what will. How about making those bad boys available on our side of the world?


The 1970’s Soul Food menu includes items that literally have the word “groovy” in front of them to get them in that 70’s spirit. The sandwiches are “Hot & Groovy” and are available in both chicken and beef. The 1970’s menu will run from the end of January until mid-February when the 1980’s Pop Culture menu will round out the promotion until the start of March. Similar to the laziness of the 1970’s menu the supposed pop culture menu includes American BBQ Chicken, which is a fried chicken patty that looks a bit like a McChicken just sitting on some barbecue sauce. Yes, there’s a beef version of this too, the American BBQ Beef is a McDouble with some bacon on top of a barbecue sauce soaked bun. Yum.

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Fast Food

Burger King Kicks off Football Season With New Bratwurst Sandwich


Apparently Burger King has been offering Bratwurst Sandwiches since September and we were none the wiser.

Geared towards football fans, the sandwich features a butterflied Johnsonville bratwurst sausage, raw white onions and yellow mustard on Burger King’s iconic sesame seed bun.

Currently only offered in Wisconsin and Illinois the new menu item unfortunately doesn’t come paired with an ice cold beer. Bummer.

Available for a limited time the Bratwurst Sandwich is part of the chain’s “2 for $5 Mix & Match Deal” which also includes other popular menu items such as the Whopper, the Original Chicken Sandwich and the Alaskan Fish Sandwich.

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