Feel Good

Little Boy Throws Police A Lunch Party Using 7 Months Allowance


There is hope for humanity, as long as kids like 5-year-old William Evertz Jr. keep striving to send out positive vibes into the world, even at their tender age.

The young boy from New Jersey wanted to do some good, some random acts of kindness, and did so in a big way. Part of William’s big plan was to save up his allowance and treat the Winslow Township Police Department to a healthy, Subway lunch. After saving up for seven months, Evertz finally had enough to cater to the police department, as he was hoping to provide a meal for the people responsible for keeping him safe, “even when he sleeps.”

Along with his mom and grandmother, the kid walked into the police department with sandwiches and balloons in hand, as the excited officers waited for his arrival, according to NBC Philadelphia.


Evertz’s reportedly saw a YouTube video where a homeless person was helped, which gave young Will the urge to start helping people. His kind acts didn’t stop at the police department though, as he planned to donate clothes and school supplies to a domestic violence shelter, more supplies to an animal shelter, and even gave his last $25 to help a family pay for their daycare.

This kid’s got the right idea. Never hurts to do a little good in your community, even if you’re not in kindergarten yet.