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Competitive Eater Destroys 10 Pounds Of Pasta During Olive Garden’s PASTA PASS Season

Olive Garden’s Pasta Pass has officially launched and those lucky enough to get their hands on the elusive card will now be able to test the limits of their stomachs. There’s always been a question in the back of my mind every time this season comes around as to how many bowls of pasta someone could actually eat before throwing in the towel?

To answer this burning question, we brought in competitive eater Raina Huang to test a human’s limits on these Never-Ending Pasta Bowls. For science, obviously.

In the short time she’s been in the professional eating scene, Raina’s accomplishments have been pretty sizable. She’s eaten the entire Panda Express menu in a single sitting and even set a world record for devouring a 50×50 In-N-Out Burger in less than an hour.

Here’s what you need to know before trying this at home:

Here’s how Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta works. Guests with the pass get access to unlimited pasta, soup or salad, and breadsticks at any Olive Garden location. You can mix and match your pasta with different sauces and toppings with more than 100 different combinations to play with.

Now, Olive Garden usually serves you a sizable bowl as your meal begins and the following servings come in smaller portions after you finish your previous order. The restaurant was kind enough to serve us as many bowls of pasta as we wanted all at once, however,  just to see how many Raina would be able to wolf down in a single sitting.

Raina explained to us that for starch-heavy dishes, time is crucial. Once a starchy dish, like pasta, is in your stomach, it will expand in size making you full quickly over time. Because of this, she gives herself about a 20-minute window for which she eats her food before her body tells her to stop.

We asked the Olive Garden what the previous pasta-eating record was for that specific location and they told us that someone once accomplished 12 bowls during a visit. Not one to back down from a challenge, Raina took a seat and the pasta challenge was in motion.

You can see how it all goes down during our livestream below:

Over ten and a half pounds of pasta were sitting in her stomach by the end of the challenge. We even caught Raina sneaking a couple breadsticks after all was said and done.

For someone to eat 13 bowls of pasta in 25 minutes is surely a feat that will ring through the halls of the restaurant for years to come. Or at least until Raina’s next visit there.

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This Year, Olive Garden Is Selling 10x More Unlimited Pasta Passes


Every time Olive Garden drops their all-you-can-eat pasta card, they sell out almost immediately. For noodle lovers and pasta aficionados, the fall season’s pretty much Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, all tossed in a zesty marinara sauce. This year, the Italian-American restaurant chain decided to help customers out by adding more passes to entice customers with.

Originally, sales ended with about 1,000 to 2,000 passes. Those unfortunate enough to miss out on them had to go through back channels to get their hands on one.

Now, according to Bloomberg, Olive Garden has dramatically raised availability to about 21,000 passes. The restaurant chain must be real confident in their pasta to make such a massive increase in promotion.

The $100 card guarantees an endless supply of select pasta dishes from any participating Olive Garden location. Pasta season starts October 3rd and continues through November 20th. Pass sales begin on Thursday September 15th.

Photo: Olive Garden


Olive Garden Pasta Guy Has Eaten 95 Bowls in Six Weeks


Six weeks ago, after Olive Garden offered 1,000 customers “Never Ending Pasta Passes,” a North Carolina man pledged to eat at the Italian chain every day until the pass expired. Quite the ambitious enterprise. Alan Martin, who documents his experience on his blog All of Garden, had bought the pass in September for $100.

Since then, he’s definitely made the most of it. According to WGHP, Martin has eaten 95 Olive Garden pasta plates over the course of 44 days. He’s said to have ordered $1,510 in food up until this point, well over his $100 purchase.

Martin said that he would love to be the one who ate the most out of the 1,000 individuals who purchased a pass. So far, Martin has eaten at least twice a day at Olive Garden, sometimes three. The pass allows a customer to order any pasta, bread, salad and Coca-Cola beverages they can handle over the seven-week promotion.

Looks like you’re well on your way, sir.



Olive Garden ‘Never Ending Pasta Pass’ is a Real Thing


If unlimited food passes are the future of dining, count us in. Olive Garden is introducing a $100 “Never Ending Pasta Pass” and offering it to the first 1000 people who sign up for it here.

So, $100 gets you unlimited access to over 150 different Olive Garden pastas, sauces and toppings for a week. Yup, that means that any time during that week, you can go on a Netflix-like binge and just indulge in pasta all day, every day. It also includes unlimited Coca-Cola soft drinks, so you don’t have to pony up anything to help wash down your bottomless spaghetti.

Once you purchase the pass you have between September 22 and November 9 to redeem it at any Olive Garden location.

The only catch is that you have to eat Olive Garden.