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Drumstick Unveils New Ice Cream Bar Coated In Cookie Crumbs

It’s hard to improve upon the classics, but that’s exactly what Nestle is doing this spring with the release of their Crushed It! Ice Cream Bars.

Pivoting from the usual faux-Oreo crumb crust that dominates the ice cream bar game, the new bar’s coating features cookies that have been ground into a fine powder. Because of this, the bar has a unique melt-in-your-mouth sensory element uniquely different from Cookies ‘N’ Cream bar’s usual crunchy shell. 

The bars will be available in two flavors: vanilla fudge, which features vanilla ice cream with streaks of chocolate, and Cookies ‘N’ Cream. Both flavors have a component, a gooeyness from the fudge and the crunch from the Cookies ‘N’ Cream, that give the treat some depth beyond the new shell. 

In an economy as expansive as that of the ice cream bar, innovations aren’t necessarily rare. A new ice cream bar pops up in the freezer aisle as commonly as new tweets come on the timeline. Seeing as most of their sole innovations are to slap the face of whatever Marvel superhero has a new movie out on a vanilla flavored bar, an ice cream bar that tries to play both flavor and senses is distinctive. So, it could have some legs to stay around for a longer than most variations of classic flavors.

Crushed It! Ice Cream Bars will be available nationwide, rolling out into supermarkets everywhere between now and April for the price of $3.99.

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Kit Kat USA Launches First New Flavor In Nearly A Decade

In the United States, Kit Kat is owned by Hershey’s while the rest of the world gets these treats made by Nestle. As a result, the US doesn’t always have all of the flavors everyone else gets, but we’re finally getting one of the more coveted ones: Mint Chocolate.

Starting in December 2019, Mint + Dark Chocolate Kit Kat Duos will be available in retailers nationwide. This is the first of several different Duo flavors that Kit Kat USA plans to be releasing in the near future. The Mint Chocolate Duo flavor works by using dark chocolate for the lower half of the Kit Kat and a mint creme on top.

Kit Kat USA is making this their first flavor release in over a decade, and has confirmed that they plan to be making more in the future. Whether that means we’ll finally get to taste trendy global varieties like Ruby Chocolate remains to be seen.

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Some Major Food Brands Are Joining A New Service That Recycles Used Containers Effectively

As the food industry looks for more and more ways to reduce its waste, a new service called Loop is making it easier on both the industry and consumer end to recycle re-usable containers.

Photo courtesy of Nestle

The service is a mashup of Amazon Fresh and your old-school milkman. When you order products through Loop, you’ll receive them in new, reusable containers inside a special renewable tote. Once the contents are used up, you can schedule a delivery of new products as well as a pickup of the old containers. You just place them back into the tote, and they’re taken back to their respective companies to be thoroughly sanitized and reused.

Loop encompasses multiple industries and product types, including food. Several major food brands have signed on already, including Nestle (under Häagen-Dazs), Hidden Valley Ranch, Nature’s Path, Hellman’s Mayonnaise, and vegan producer Teva Deli. Other recognizable products on board include Tide, Axe, Dove, Degree, Clorox, and Gillette.

The service is powered by global recycling organization TerraCycle, who already has the capability to help recycle these packages on an international scale. As a result, the implications for waste reduction are numerous, since producers no longer need to utilize as much plastic and raw materials for packaging, and consumers will send less of it to landfills as a result.

Other services also exist that are helping to combat packaging waste through recycling. In Southern California, for example, startup BottleRocket will give you money for all of the recyclables you save. You can schedule a pickup through their site, and each time they collect, the resulting sum from the refund values can be converted into cash, gift cards, or a charity of your choice.

Loop is scheduled to launch its service in the spring of 2019 in the United States and France. You can register on the company’s site to join a waitlist and be notified when it’s ready to go.

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Nestle Just Sold Its Chocolate Brands To Ferrero, Here’s Why

There were rumors last week that Ferrero was going to buy the Nestle U.S. confectionary unit, and the speculation is now over as the deal officially went through, as of today.

The deal doesn’t mean that Nestle is selling off it’s entire operation, though, just its U.S. sweets division.

For $2.8 billion, Ferrero will now be in control of Nestle’s chocolates and candy such as Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Crunch, 100 Grand, Laffy Taffy, and Sweet Tarts.

This immediately makes Ferrero the third largest candy brand in the U.S., as the company seems to have a bit of a sweet tooth itself, also buying Ferrara Candy, who makes Lemonheads, for a cool $1.3 billion.

Nestle brought in over $900 million in sales from its U.S. confectionary products in 2016, so why sell it?

According to a press release after the sale, Nestle CEO Mark Schneider said the company would rather focus on building its coffee, bottled water, pet care, infant nutrition, and  frozen meals.

While its chocolate seemingly sold a lot in the U.S., that 900 million seems paltry when you see that Nestle’s overall sales, from all its brands, were over 27 billion in 2016.

Sure, when you think Nestle, you think chocolate, but they also own brands such as Gerber baby foods, Purina pet food, PureLife water, and even Stouffer’s frozen meals.

On top of that, thanks to some tricky loopholes, the U.S. is the only country where Nestle doesn’t own Kit Kat Bars (Hershey owns it in the U.S.), the 5th highest selling candy in America. Outside of the U.S., where they have full control of the Kit Kat brand, it is the 3rd highest selling chocolate in the world, so they’re still doing well with the sweets, globally.

You can add the fact that candy sales have been slowly declining as Americans become more health conscious. Not to mention the growth of self-checkout doing away with last-second impulse candy buying, costing candy companies billions, according to QZ.

It’ll be up to Ferrero to add or detract from the established candy brands, but knowing that they own a particularly popular chocolate hazelnut spread, we can only hope some cooler Nutella chocolates will be coming to the U.S. soon.

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Ferrero Reportedly Buying Nestle For A Whopping $2.8 Billion


It was just last December that news broke of Nestle trying to sell off its U.S. confectionery unit, and while it seemed that Hershey’s might be the favorite to buy its rival’s popular chocolates, an unexpected player has swooped in, and looks to be crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s on a deal.

Ferrero — yes, the Italian company that makes Nutella and those delicious little hazelnut Ferrero Rocher chocolates — is closing in on a $2.8 billion acquisition of Nestle U.S., according to Bloomberg.

We could hear official news of the sale as soon as Sunday, and would seemingly help both companies, as Ferrero wants to build its confectionery presence in the U.S., while Nestle is trying to back off and focus more on its coffee, drinks, and basically every other product that is not candy-related.

Ferrero’s impending purchase of Nestle U.S. is huge news, if only for the prospects of having Nutella infused in some of our favorites sweets, such as Crunch, and even Butterfinger bars.

If Ferrero wants to dominate the chocolate world, and throw Nutella on everything, we won’t be mad at them. Do your thing, Ferrero.

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Nestle Acquires Chameleon Cold Brew To Expand Its Craft Coffee Portfolio

Nestle is jumping headfirst into the craft coffee market this year. Just months after acquiring the popular Blue Bottle Coffee, the food and beverage giant has netted another specialty coffee producer with their new acquisition of Chameleon Cold Brew.

nestle acquires chameleon cold brew

Photo: Nestle

Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but a Nestle spokesperson told Bloomberg that they wanted to help Chameleon Cold Brew “grow into new markets and channels.” Currently, Chameleon sells organic cold brew coffee in ready-to-drink bottles, concentrates, whole bean coffees, and other various coffee products. Chameleon CEO Chris Campbell says that the company will retain independence, however, including when it comes to payroll and benefits. Nestle’s deal should help “accelerate what we do,” Campbell said.

Nestle also has another vested interest in their Chameleon acquisition: a spot as top dog in the global packaged coffee business. Nestle currently holds that position, but rival JAB Holdings has recently picked up companies like Keurig Green Mountain and Peet’s in a bid to challenge Nestle’s leadership in the packaged coffee market. Picking up a brand like Chameleon, which has grown 2500% in the last three years, bolsters Nestle’s footing as top dog in that sector.

Nestle does plan to boost Chameleon Cold Brew’s production in the coming months, meaning that you can expect to find it in more stores in the near future. Apart from that, we’ll have to wait and see what this new partnership will bring to both Chameleon and its massive new owner.

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Japan Loves Exotic Kit Kats So Much They’re Finally Getting Their Own Factory

Photo: Charlna Duenas on Flickr.

Japan is home to some of the most innovative and interesting Kit Kat flavors you can find in the world. Wasabi Kit Kats, Custard Pudding Kit Kats, Green Tea Kit Kats, Sake Kit Kats… the list goes on. They’ve become wildly popular across the world, so much so, in fact, that Nestle has finally decided to dedicate a brand-new factory to the production of these specialty treats.

While you can find some unique Kit Kat flavors basically everywhere except the United States, Japan is home to a host of higher-end and seasonal flavors that will be pushed out on the regular thanks to this new manufacturing plant. It’s the first one to be built in Japan in 26 years, according to Bloomberg, and aims to capitalize on the massive tourism boom the island country is experiencing right now.

Many tourists bring back hosts of Japan-exclusive flavors back with them, some of which can cost up to 10 times the price of a normal pack of Kit Kats. So it’s safe to say that Japan will be making a hefty sum off of the more unique flavors that the new facility will produce.

While it still doesn’t mean we’ll be getting massive shipments of these in the US, it’s always possible that Nestle could work out a deal with Hershey to make that happen. One can only hope.

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This Is Why Kit Kat Never Has Cool Flavors In The U.S.

For years, we’ve written about amazing Kit Kat flavors such as sake, green tea, chocolate mint whirl, and even cookie dough, but none of these offerings have ever appeared on American grocery store shelves.

Upon closer review, it’s not just that the U.S. doesn’t want to incorporate these flavors, it’s that the U.S. Kit Kat isn’t even owned by the same company as global Kit Kats.

It gets a little confusing, because you’d think all Kit Kats would be the same, but if you ever look at the U.S. Kit Kat packaging, you’ll notice it’ll say it’s produced by Hershey’s, while any Kit Kats outside of the U.S. have Nestlé printed on it.

You’re probably wondering how the hell this happened, but when Nestlé bought out Kit Kat from Rowntree (Kit Kat’s creator) in 1988, the Hershey Company already had a previous contract to produce Kit Kats in the U.S.

Nestlé couldn’t pry those rights away from Hershey’s, so to this day, ‘Merica is the only country in the world that has non-Nestlé produced Kit Kat bars.

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Because of this, all those cool flavors in Japan, Australia, Canada, and everywhere else in the world, come from the minds of Nestlé, while the U.S. has to be content with the minimal flavor efforts of white chocolate, strawberry, and the ever-daring “Dark” chocolate bars that Hershey’s goes with.

Kit Kat might eventually break out and start giving U.S. customers cool flavors, but until then, we’ll have to envy the rest of the world as we bite into our basic milk chocolate bars.

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