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Coffee Protein Shakes – The Quick and Delicious Breakfast of the Future

As much as I love coffee there are times when home brew just isn’t good enough, but the trip to the café isn’t worth the time. There are other days when I wish coffee could constitute a meal (and at times it has to).  Well, now’s the time to rejoice coffee lovers, for Nescafé plans to deliver with something new! Starting January 2019 Nescafé is bringing Coffee Protein Smoothies and Whipped Shakeable Lattes to the market.

These protein smoothies are plant-based with 15 grams of protein per bottle, non-dairy, and no artificial sweeteners. It’s a combination of 100% Columbian Arabica coffee, oats, and almond butter and will be available in Banana or Mocha flavors. It’s delicious and filling, perfect for the coffee enthusiast on the go and easy on your wallet for $3.49. Plus, it is a vegan friendly option for our plant-based friends.

Lattes are not typically available outside of the café, but Nescafé has really shaken things up with this new invention — literally. All you have to do is give the bottle a good shake for a few seconds and you get the frothy and creamy experience of a latte on the go. These are available in delicious Coffee and Vanilla flavors. It’s also cheaper than your typical latte, priced at $2.49.

Be sure to keep an eye out at your local markets in the New Year, because Nescafé is looking to switch up your morning routine.


Nestlé Using a Robot Capable of Responding to Emotions to Sell Nescafé in Japan


What better way to sell a machine than with a machine? Nestlé Japan is set to begin selling Nescafé Dolce Gusto single-cup machines and Gold Blend coffee using Pepper, a humanoid robot capable of responding to human emotions. Yep, the inevitable future featuring robots has finally arrived.

The first of its kind, the robot will be able to read and respond to emotions to sell the products. The robot is equipped with voice- and emotio-recognition technology, as well as being able to read people’s facial expressions and tone of voice. Pepper takes all these factors into account and analyzes how its customer is feeling. The robot also moves pretty fluidly. Scary, actually.

Nestlé is planning to have a robot in 1,000 stores nationwide by the end of 2015. So basically a semi-sentient robot legion.






NESCAFÉ: Introduces Single-Serve Packets (+ Free Samples)

NESCAFÉ brand has introduced some single-serving instant varieties that are perfect for those with on-the-go-lifestyles, or simply those who never know how much to put into a single cup. Available in House Blend, Decaf House Blend, 100% Colombian, Hazelnut and Vanilla flavors, they definitely have a nice amount of variety in their initial launch. While NESCAFÉ has long been a respected player in the instant coffee game (since 1938), recent competitor ventures into these single-serving packets (note: Starbucks Via) have prompted a renewed initiative to remind consumers to make educated decisions on their coffee. In that vein, they’re giving away free samples via their website. You be the judge! Just got some of these in at the office, so stay tuned to our behind the scenes blog to find out which flavor we liked best, and where it ranks among other instant coffee competitors!


Nescafe Instant Coffee Straw

Don’t want to wait for your fancy coffee maker to grind your coffee beans, brew, and pour you a hot cup of coffee? I got things to do, and I’m sure you do too! This is why Nescafe Instant Coffee Straw makes it even quicker for you to get your caffeine on! Simply open the top end of the coffee mixture pouch, pour into water and use the same pouch as a straw for stirring & sipping the drink. Check it out!


Good Morning Dunkin' Donuts (Lebanon)


In continuing coverage from Lebanon, today we explore the Dunkin’ Donuts that has become so heavily prevalent over there. While I awoke to this heavenly six-pack on my uncle’s living room table and enjoyed the fine feast on my lonesome with a side of Internet and Nescafe, you definitely want to actually go and sit at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Lebanon to get the full experience. Like most restaurants and locations in Lebanon, they put an extra focus on location and aesthetic, smoking is allowed indoors, and for the most part, waiters are very friendly. People often go to these restaurants to kick back and spend some time.