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‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ Cup Noodles Have Released


Super fans of the iconic mid-90’s anime classic, Neon Genesis Evangelion, have plenty to get hyped about when it comes to Nissin’s latest box set of Cup Noodles.

To help celebrate Nissin’s 50th anniversary, A “Nissin Cup Noodles x EVANGELION limited collection Cup Noodle Gift Box” will release exclusively in Hong Kong from the end of August to the beginning of September. Each box set contains an assortment of Cup Noodles flavors with each adorned with characters and designs from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

A “Limited Collection Cup Noodle Gift Box” contains five special edition EVA Cup Noodles and one rare Ayanami Zero or Limited Edition Asuka ramen. For more information, check out Nissin’s website.

Check out below for a peek at the Cup Noodles designs.