Australians On High Alert Over Finding Hidden Needles In Their Fruit

When you go to the grocery store and buy fruit, you usually check it for quality, color, and other key attributes. In Australia right now, folks also have to take the disturbing step of checking it for needles.

An unknown party is hiding the needles inside of strawberries and other produce all around the country, according to Over 100 different incidents have been reported to date, since becoming an alarming issue around two weeks ago. The activity has even prompted local supermarket giant Woolworth’s to take needles off their shelves entirely until the crisis is resolved.

So far, the fruits involved also include mangos and bananas, and police have caught at least one suspect they believe to be a copycat criminal.

It’s unclear at this point why the needles are being hidden and why strawberries have been the chief fruit targeted by the perpetrators. But Australia is taking drastic steps to try and mitigate their threat.

For starters, they’ve cracked down on food tampering, imposing a 10-15 year sentence to anyone caught committing the crime. There’s also a social media campaign encouraging people to smash their strawberries. This way, they can still enjoy the seasonal berry without the fear of biting into a needle.

It’s outlandish and bizarre that this type of serial criminal activity is happening, but until the needlers are caught, Australian grocers and consumers are going to be on their toes when shopping for fruit.

Featured image courtesy of the USDA on Flickr, CC 2.0.

Needles Found in Burger King Burger

The last thing you would want to find in your burger is a couple of needles. Such was the case of a Hawaii-based soldier sitting down to his meal. Army Staff Sgt. Clark Bartholomew purchased a Triple Stacker from a Burger King in Schofield Barracks back in December and took it home. When Bartholomew ate the burger, he found that a needle in the burger had pierced his tongue. Another needle was found in his small intestine, leaving him hospitalized for six days.

Bartholomew filed a lawsuit this week in Honolulu against the restaurant. Hopefully he gets some compensation for all that trouble. Talk about scary.

(via: Huffington Post)

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