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Watch How Honey Is Made

Honey is such a versatile ingredient. We throw it in our tea, we use it in baking, we even throw it on our desserts. The nectar that comes from bees is one of the most iconic foods around, dating back millennia to early humans foraging for the sweet natural substance.

We found ourselves drawn to another Discovery/Science Channel segment on the captivating process on manufacturing honey in bulk.

The video takes us through the journey of honey from bees drawing nectar from flowers and honeycomb creation. Beekeepers maintain their bees until the honeycombs are filled and ready to be removed. They’re then taken into the factory and scrapped and spun until the honey is separated from the honey combs.

Some factories even package honeycombs as is for consumers to eat.

Check out the video to see the fascinating process behind honey. The next time you douse your oven-fresh biscuit in the golden manna, take a minute to appreciate where it came from. Then, you have our permission to bite.


Science Says Caffeine Helps Improve the Memories of Bees


It’s a common finals-week legend that if you load up on coffee, you’ll magically be able to remember everything you crammed on the night before the test.

Well, science says it doesn’t really work like that for us poor mammals. But that’s pretty much exactly how it is for bees!

A new study headed by Geraldine Wright, a neuroethologist at Newcastle University in England, reveals that the natural caffeine in the nectar of certain citrus plant flowers had a strong positive and lasting effect on the memories of honeybees. According to the experiments, bees were much more likely to remember the exact locations of flowers if their nectar contained caffeine, up to three times as much.

Granted, NPR reports that while caffeine does help improve the memory and functionality of sleep-deprived Navy Seals, it doesn’t really do much to improve the memories of folks who are already well-rested. So I guess it’s a good thing I’m tired all the time!

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